StarLife-Forever Yours Full Story Cast Real Name Summary


StarLife-Forever Yours Full Story Cast Real Name Summary

Rebroadcast StarLife-Forever Yours Full Story Cast Real Name Summary.

Forever Yours is a tale of loyalty and strong devotion of women to their husbands. Paakhi(Shradda Arya) marries Anshuman(Mohammed Iqbal Khan) under the circumstances surrounding them but their union develops into a strong bond which couldn’t be broken till the latter’s death.
Anshuman was first married to Paakhi by his father . However, the marriage refused to work out due to problems arising from the families. Anshuman later marries another woman he loves but she looses her life in an accident and leaves him with a son, Ayan. Anshuman decides to marry Tanya but his plans are not successful when the news of Paakhi, his first wife is revealed. He is then forced to accept Paakhi as his wife. Lavanya, Anshuman sister and Anshuman himself try to force Paakhi into singing a divorce but she refuses and Anshuman slowly starts to love her. Paakhi takes the divorce blame on herself to protect the reputation of her husband. After finding out about Lavanya’s involvement in the divorce plans, Paakhi sets to exit from the house but her brother in law, Girish counsels her to stay. She agrees but demands for a challenge from Tanya. Tanya wins it but Anshuman refuses to let Paakhi leave. It is then revealed that Tanya cheated and plotted to win the challenge. Out of desperation, Tanya tries to kill Paakhi but Anshuman throws her out of the mansion and confesses his love for Paakhi. Tanya is out for revenge and she somehow manages to make Anshuman believe that Paakhi is being unfaithful to him. Out of anger, Anshuman humiliates Paakhi and she leaves the house. He later realizes he was wrong and begs her to return but she refuses. Paakhi moves to another town and she meets Devki. Devki is Anshuman’s long lost mother who also suffered the same accusation from Anshuman’s father. Paakhi then forgives her husband and returns home. She hopes for a new life but her dreams are shattered when Anshuman is murdered by his younger brother, Aryaman. After mourning and grieving, Paakhi becomes a strong woman and looks after Anshuman’s properties and son, Ayan. Due to family pressure, she decides to marry Veer, Anshuman’s cousin. But, she is still unable to forget her dead husband.


Pakhi’s life in danger, Ayaan shows his concern.

In the upcoming episodes of Forever Yours, the entire family especially Anshuman will be shocked when Ayaan strictly disapproves of Paakhi’s presence in the house. He even stuns everyone the more when he brings Tanya to the house to remain as his mother. This attitude infuriates Anshuman but as always, Paakhi handles the situation with patience. So she, alongside Lavanya and Girish decides to know the reason behind the sudden change in Ayaan’s behaviour.

Going further, it will be seen that Tanya emotionally blackmailed the poor Ayaan into thinking that his father would kill Paakhi if she stayed in the house. Therefore, Ayaan feels he has no other option but to adhere to Tanya’s instructions. What a bravery the little boy has shown!

Tanya’s new plans to get rid of Paakhi.

As always, Tanya is hell bent on humiliating Paakhi in front of the Rathore family so she brings up some new plans up her sleeve once again. During the Holi celebrations, Anshuman applies colours on Paakhi lovingly and they are seen having so much fun. This ignites Tanya’s hatred and jealousy so she confronts Paakhi and informs her of the evil surprise she has planned to embarrass her in public. Amidst all these drama, someone delivers a gift containing vermillion to Anshuman and he fills it on Paakhi’s forehead. Enraged with anger, Tanya’s father asks Lavanya to break up the duo from getting closer.

However, what could be Tanya’s motives and plans to end Paakhi this time? Stay tuned on Forever Yours!!!

Tanya being exposed: Anshuman grows closer to Pakhi.

In a mind blowing turn of events, Anshuman finally sees the true colors of Tanya. After Tanya’s confrontation with Pakhi, she implemented her devilish plans by locking Pakhi up in a bar with the heating system on, making her suffocate. She also tries to harm Pakhi by throwing her off the ledge but fortunately, Lavanya and Girish arrives in time and Anshuman also sees Tanya for the dangerous woman she is. Anshuman manages to rescue Pakhi from Tanya’s clutches and he leaves no stone unturned in throwing Rana and Tanya out the house.

This incident leaves the thoughts of Pakhi in Anshuman’s mind and he begins to understand how important she is in his life. After a long while of realization, Anshuman finally knows that he has feelings for Paakhi but he doesn’t know how to pour it out to her. Lavanya notices this and decides to distance Pakhi from Anshuman until he accepts his love for her. When he discovers that Pakhi is missing, he goes out in search for her and he is stunned when he sees her dressed in a western attire.
With this melting pot of love working it’s magic, Forever Yours fans should be ready to welcome #Anshukhi romantic moments soon!

 Death toll on Anshuman and Aryamaan

After Anshuman-Paakhi love confession, the couple are shown to be dwelling in their new found happiness. Misfortunately, their joy is short lived. It all happened when Anshuman, Aryamaan and Ayaan find themselves in danger. Some unknown goons chase them so Anshuman tries to protect his brother and son but he gets severely injured instead. Meanwhile, Paakhi is told by the police that only one person survived between her husband and brother in law. We are also shown Anshuman and Aryamaan lying in a pool of blood.

Who could be dead between them? Find out on Forever Yours!!!

Brief Information and Details on Forever Yours on StarLife.

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode:27th August 2018
  • Total number of episodes: 269
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name: Tumhari Paakhi
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil

Forever Yours Actors/Cast, picture, and Real name Star Life Tv Series.


Mohammed Iqbal Khan as Anshuman

Mohammed Iqbal Khan as Anshuman Rathore. Anshuman is the lead actor and Paakhi’s husband. He loves his wife unconditionally till his death.


Shraddha Arya as Paakhi

Shraddha Arya as Paakhi. Paakhi is the main protagonist in the story. She married Anshuman but after his death, the family got her married to Veer.


Rukhsar Rehman as Lavanya

Rukhsar Rehman as Lavanya. Lavanya is the sister of Anshuman. She is the one who instigated him to file a divorce against Paakhi.


Sachin Shroff as Girish

Sachin Shroff as Girish. Girish is Lavanya’s husband. Unlike his wife, he is kind-hearted and stands in the righteous ways.


Madhura Naik as Tanya Rana

Madhura Naik as Tanya Rana. Tanya is the antagonist who plots to separate Anshuman and Paakhi. She even manipulate Ayaan against Paakhi to get her way into the family.


Varun Badola as Veer

Varun Badola as Veer Pratap. Veer is a lawyer and a cousin to Anshuman. He married Paakhi after Anshuman passed away.


Indraneil Sengupta as Rohan

Indraneil Sengupta as Rohan.


Divyam Dama as Ayaan

Divyam Dama as Ayaan Rathore. Ayaan is the only son of Anshuman. His mother died after giving birth to him so Paakhi takes all responsibilities over him and treats him like her own son.

More on their Height, Weight, Figure, Age, Biography & Wiki Coming soon.

Recurring cast

  • Vijay Kalvani as Ashok
  • Tej Sapru as Mr. Rana, Tanya’s father
  • Priyanka Bhole as Veer’s sister, Anshuman, Aryaman and Lavanya’s cousin
  • Pushkar Goggiaa as Prithvi
  • Indraneil Sengupta as Rohan, Paakhi’s ex-boyfriend
  • Rishi Khurana as Paakhi’s brother
  • Dolly Minhas as Girish’s aunt
  • Vijayendra Kumeria as Vikram
  • Parakh Madan as Suman
  • Anita Raj as Anuja (fake) / Devki Rathore, Anshuman, Aryamann and Lavanya’s biological mother
  • Unknown as Anshuman’s 2nd wife, Ayaan’s mother (Dead)
  • Jasmine Avasia as Priya Veer Pratap Singh, Paakhi and Veer’s adopted daughter

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