Snatched Zee World Full story Plot Summary, casts, teasers

Snatched Zee World Full story Plot Summary, casts, teasers

Shreya is a beautiful girl who can’t wait to start her life as a new bride, things start to take a turn when she comes to the daunting realization that married life is not what is made out to be, Catch the season Premier of Snatched Zee World on 13 February Replacing Lady luck Series.

The show will try to break the myth that youngsters today are not comfortable with a joint family. The show will be about a huge family and the relationships that every member in the family would share with the other.

Full story/Plot on Snatched Zee World

The story revolves around the Pethewala family. A family that hails from Agra consisting multiple generations staying together under one roof. Bhushan , the second son of the family is in love with Shreya . Before he can tell his family, they pretend to have fixed his marriage elsewhere but the girl turns out to be Shreya. The lovers are happily married.

Ajay is the youngest son of the Pethewala family. His best friend Ajju is in love with Sanjana. Ajju gets a job in USA and he and Sanjana decide to marry in the court given Sanjana’s father’s objections. Being just under 21 years of age, Ajju cannot get married. To stop Sanjana’s father from getting her married forcibly to someone else, Ajju requests Ajay to marry her till he returns from the US.

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Ajay marries Sanjana. Unknown to their families is that their marriage is a contract for a few months. The Pethewala family takes time to accept Sanjana. Meanwhile, Shreya, after getting brain washed by her mother, wants to divide the house and gain control over it. Sanjana comes to know of Shreya’s true colours and tries to expose her. But Shreya exposes the truth behind Ajay’s marriage. This creates huge problems in the family and Sanjana is thrown out of the house.

Trilokchand asks Ajay to go for a divorce. But Sanjana’s father, who has already accepted the marriage makes her realise her love for Ajay. Ajay likes Sanjana but hides his feelings as he does not want to hurt Ajju. Sanjana tries to win Ajay’s love. Meanwhile, Dadi comes to know Shreya’s true face. She brings back Sanjana to the house as a negative person. Sanjana tortures the family so the torn apart family will come together to fight against her. She finally succeeds in exposing Shreya who is thrown out by Bhushan.

Shreya tries to commit suicide by jumping off from the cliff. Bhushan saves her but she loses her vision and becomes blind. Shreya regrets her mistakes and asks forgiveness from the family. Everyone forgives her except Bhushan. At the same time Ajju returns from USA. Ajju comes to know of Sanjana’s love for Ajay. He tries to drag her out of the house but Ajay stops him and confesses his love for her.

This creates a huge fight between the friends. Ajju tries to rape Sanjana, when Ajay’s sister Mishri saves her by hitting Ajju on his head with a vase. Ajju dies and Mishri gets scared. Ajay and Sanjana hide Ajju’s body. The cops come by and tell Trilokchand that they’ve discovered Ajju’s body and that the entire Pethewala family are suspects in the murder, but Ajay and Sanjana are the main suspects. In college, Mishri notices that she is being followed. It is actually Ajju in disguise. Ajju’s sister Shaina, Ajju and even Shreya try and manipulate Mishri into thinking she’s going mad but Ajay and Sanjana protect her.

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Snatched Zee World Cast

In the meantime, Shreya has faked a pregnancy to stay in the family but Bhushan suspects her and finds out her lies. Ajay and Mishri catch another man, Anuj, who claims to have fallen in love with Mishri at first sight. Anuj’s family asks for Mishri’s hand in marriage. On the day of the wedding, Sanjana is arrested for Ajju’s murder. Sanjana confesses and the only way Ajay can save her is to get married to Shaina. Finally bhushan enters and exposes all the villains and made Sanjana and Ajay Married. Shreya, Ajay and shaina are arrested. sanjana requests bhushan to brought back Shreya and Bhushan agrees. shreya gets happy to learn that Sanjana forgives her. The story ends with whole family dancing.

Brief Information and Details on Snatched Zee World

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 13 February 2020
  • Total number of episodes: 128
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Tum hi ho bandhu sakha tumhi
  • Tele Country: Indian

Snatched Main Cast, Real Name and Picture

  • Chandni Bhagwanani as Sanjana Ajay Pethewala

    Sanjana Realname Chandni Bhagwanani Actress cast on Snatched Zee World

    Chandni Bhagwanani as Sanjana Ajay

  • Kabeer Kumar as Ajay Pethewala

    Ajay Realname Kabeer Kumar Actor cast on Snatched Zee World

    Kabeer Kumar as Ajay Pethewala

  • Neil Bhatt as Bhushan Trilokchand Pethewala

    Bhushan Realname Neil Bhatt Actor cast on Snatched Zee World

    Neil Bhatt as Bhushan Trilokchand

  • Sreejita De as Shreya Bhushan Pethewala

    Shreya Realname Sreejita De Actress cast on Snatched Zee World

    Sreejita De as Shreya Bhushan

  • Dimple Jhangiani as Avni Pethawala

    Avni Realname Dimple Jhangiani Actress cast on Snatched Zee World

    Dimple Jhangiani as Avni Pethawala

  • Lavina Tandon as Shaina

    Shaina Realname Lavina Tandon Actress cast on Snatched Zee World

    Lavina Tandon as Shaina

  • Madhu Malti Kapoor as Dadi
  • Tushar Dalvi as Trilokchand Pethawala
  • Aishwarya Narkar as Elaichi Trilokchand Pethawala
  • Vineet Raina as Amar Pethawala
  • Aalika Sheikh as Vinati Amar Pethawala
  • Rehaan Khan as Samar Amar Pethawala
  • Mahesh Tanwar as Utpal Trilokchand Pethawala
  • Ravjeet Singh as Aayush Pethawala
  • Neha Dangal as Mishri Trilokchand Pethawala
  • Neeraj Goswani as Ajju

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