Snatched Wednesday update 18 March 2020


Snatched Wednesday update 18 March 2020

Shreya texts him again trust me and take the dead body and throw it somewhere. Mishri says should i do this? mishri gets a text before morning throw the dead body away. Or tomorrow they will get you arrested.

Elaichi says how can you doubt us? inspector says we need to complete our investigations.
Kirlok says last time too we told you that ajay and ajju had a fight but then he never came here again. Inspector says if we need ajay and sanjana will come to police station for investigation. Kirlok says if needed i will bring them there but they have nothing to tell you.
Sanjana says how can we play with trust of everyone. Ajay says how did the dead body got misplaced? Mishri comes in and says i took it form there. Ajay says what? Don’t you trust us? Police found it. Mishri says I didn’t leave it there. I was so scared i got a text from an unknown number then i heard you talking. I did as the texting person asked. They asked me to drive the car. When i drove and reached there, the dead body wasn’t in there. I don’t know where did it go. Sanjana says who can that person be? Mishri says i deleted all of those texts i was so scared. Mishri hugs sanjana and says please forgive me i didn’t trust you people. Sanjana says it is normal.

Elaichi comes in and asks why are you crying mishri? Because inspector said ajay and sanjana might have to come to police station. Mishri says yes. Elaichi says nothing will happen to them. Now come and take your medicines. Sanjana says who is that fourth person?

Shreya says in heart now my real game will start. Sanjana ruffles ajay’s hair. She gets a text, she gets really worried. She says who is this who knows everything? sanjana comes out and calls the number. Shreya turns it off and sleeps. Sanjana says the bell rang for a second and it came from near shreya’s room. She tries again but the number if off. sanjana says is shreya behind all this?

Elaichi asks sanjana to come, she says shreya’s hand is burnt. Elaichi says you could ask me to make you coffee. Shreya says i don’t like to bother you people for everything. Sanjana says vinati bhabhi do you have the burn heal? Vinati brings it. Sanjanaa says in heart i am so mad i was doubting her. A lady comes in and say heal us too shreya bhabhi. She says you are living here so peacefully in your family? You don’t repent my brother’s death? Everyone stands up. Shreya says who is it? amar says what are you talking about? and why are you blaming sanjana? She says my name is saima. Dadi says who are you? She says your daughter in law is a murderer she has killed my brother. Sanjana says I haven’t killed anyone. She says you have killed my brother ajju. Ajay says sanjana have not killed anyone and ajju never had a sister. Saina says we were not allowed to go out of family. That is why he never told you about me. He left his gf with you and you backstabbed him. Sanjana says dont say that about my husband. Saina slaps him.

Sanjana says dont say a word about my husband. Shaina says you are the real culprit i should talk to you. I thought i would talk to you in your language. she slaps sanjana. she says you married ajay when you got tired of my brother. sanjana says i know what i am i dont need you to tell me. get lost with your thoughts. Shaina says i will find my brother’s murderer. Someone from this house has murdered her. Elaichi says this is too much you are no one to accuse us. Do you have any proof? She says yes i do. I will find ajju’s murderer. She takes out a ring and says this is the proof. I found it near his deadbody. Vinati says what does it depict? Shaina says whoever’s finger fixes the ring is the culprit. You all have to try. Shreya says why should we? she says i have proof should i call cops? Shreya says okay call cops. Kirlok says we understand your pain. We would have reacted the way you are. Do whatever you want. Shaina starts asking one by on to wear the ring. Dadi is about to wear it, she says you don’t have to wear it. She comes to mishri. It doesn’t fix any of her fingers. Its sanjana’s turn. Shaina says you know why i came in the end to you so everyone knows your reality. You are not what you look like. You are a murderer. sanjana tries it doesn’t fit her fingers. Shaina says try again. Shreya says in heart how can her own ring not fit her fingers? Sanjana tries again, its lose. sanjana returns it. Shreya says now you can leave. no one is the murderer here. Dadi says it happens we knows your pain. Ajju was like our son. You doubted us. Shaina says this is my belief that the murderer is here. And i wont give up.
Elaichi says we haven’t done anything then why should we bear all this?

Scene 2
Ajay and sanjana are looking for her ring. Ajay says how does she get it? Ajay says yes mishri went there you never went there. Ajay says why didn’t it fix? Sanjana says it was already lose. Shreya says i gave it to her some time back.

Shreya says on call mishri is so irresponisble i stole it from her room and she didn’t even know. But it didn’t even fix sanjana’s finger. But i will ruin their lives. I will keep giving proofs to shaina, she will do my work. Thanks to shaina. Shaina comes on her doorsteps. Shreya pretends blind again.

Amar says i don’t know whats happeneing. Ajju is dead and his sister is doubting us. Vinati says now she will live here until her doubts are clear.
kirlok says none of my kids can do this. Dadi says no one form our family can do this. Lets get post mortem reports till then we have to stay calm.
Mishri says because of my mistake shaina got it. What have i done.
She slaps herself and says i am mad. Sanjana says who is this person who knows about our truth. The number is off.
Shreya says sanjana you are too innocent you keep calling one number. I use a lot of numbers i am smart.
Mishri says i should rather than living like this. yes this is better. She takes out sleeping pills.

sanjana says to ajay i am really worried for mishri. They knock at her door. Sanjana sees in from the windows. She says stop mishri. Ajay breaks the windows and says are you out of your mind. Someone comes at the door. Elaichi and everyone comes in. They ask what happened mishri? Mishri is on bed? dadi says ajay sanjana why were you both shouting? Sanjana says she didn’t open the door. i saw from window she was on floor. Vinati says is there some tension? Tell us. Kirlok says let her rest. Sanjana says he is right. I will stay here with her.
Sanjana says to mishri why you did this? Didn’t you think about us. Mishri says this is beacause of me. Sanjana says don’t blame yourself. I know you are worried. we are with you. We won’t let anything happen to you. Promise me you wont do this again.
Sanjana says to ajay mishri should forget all this? she is really tensed. Shaina asks what should she forget?

Shaina says to ajay and sanjana I am here to find out the murderer of my brother. Ajay takes sanjana with her.
Shreya drops the vase herself and says I dropped something. It sounds like the same vase that was found under the sofa. Shaina is about to pick it up. Shaina says why didn’t you let me pick is there some secret with this vase. Shreya says how did it come here? Did you bring it. Sanjana says no. Shaina says can I see it? Shaina takes the vase and says why weren’t you giving it to me. Sanjana says its just a vase give it to me. Shaina says if its just a vase then why aren’t you giving it to me, go now. Sanjana says give it to me, I have to place is on its place. Shaina says what is so special about it that you are dying to take it from me? I want to know the story too. Sanjana says there is no story, just that it fell so many times. Shreya takes the vase and says why you both are fighting I will place it. Shaina says why are you worried sajana? Sanjana says I am not worried about the vase I am worried about Shreya bhabhi.

Elaichi says to kirlok why is this girl not going from here. Kirlok says think from her point of view, she has lost her brother. She wont find anything here anyway.
Shaina says on call to someone i wont go from here without doing what i have to. He says obviously you never change. She says the ajju who never I cared about, i am taking his death’s advantage. I entered here. She says we don’t have much time we have to do it together. Sanjana comes in her room and overhears. Shaina says it was my husband. I don’t know what ajju saw in you that he wanted to marry you. What listen in to people talking on phone. Sanjana says you’re sitting in my house and teaching me manners. You are lucky that you have messed up with a good family they wont kick you out and have mercy for you. Whatever you are doing, do it carefully. Today or tomorrow you will be exposed. Shaina says you better care about yourself. I know what you have done. Sanjana leaves.

Shreya comes downstairs with the vase. She places it on the stairs. Vinati comes and says shreya’. Why are you sitting on stairs? She says my saari ha stuck in railings. Vinati comes to help her out. Vinati says you should ask me to help you. Vinati takes her saari out. Vinati says we are here to help you. Will you drink chocolate shake? Vinati takes her downstairs, shreya leaves the pot on stairs.

Sanjana tells ajay I heard shaina talking to someone on phone. she was talking about some plan. Ajay says i knew she is here for some purpose. Sanjana sees her coming. she says to ajay she will try to talk to you and interrogate don’t listen to her. Shaina hits the vase shreya left on stairs.
She screams. She says you people did this deliberately to hurt me so I leave this house. Shreya says in heart idiot girl making a fuss and not checked the vase. She hold ajay’s hand and says make me sit on sofa, it really hurts. Dadi says help her ajay. Shreya says what is she doing. Let me steal the vase again. Vinati dresses Shaina’s wound. Dadi says vinati take her to her room. Shaina says I can go i am not blind like your daughter in law. Shreya wants to pick the vase, Ajay picks it and sanjana says shreya i will leave you to your room

Shaina is stealing gold and money from locker. Shreya comes in and says what are you stealing from my room. Don’t try to act smart with me. shaina says i will tell everyone. Shreya says this was my plan i brought you here. Shreya says you cant earn this much in whole life. I wont take a moment to expose. I made you shaina from a normal thief. So do as i ask. Shaina says leave my hand, don’t forget this was your plan and you are behind it. shreya says yes because i have brain. I brought you in this house.

The money I am giving you is enough for you. If you try to do this again i will tell everyone that you are a theif not ajju’s sister. Shaina says you need eyes to see proofs as well. I will expose you sa well. Shreya says you can never reach bottom level of my thinking capacity. if i can burn my hand to clear sanjana’s doubts then I can burn half of my body. But I have a lot of money i can get treatments. If i kick you out of here you wont be even abe to beg. Don’t try to act smart with me. Now you will do as I ask. Now give it back to me. Shaina returns the gold. Shreya says wait for my next orders. Shreya leaves. Shaina says in heart this time i have to be careful.

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