Snatched Tuesday update 10 March 2020


Snatched Tuesday update 10 March 2020

Snatched Tuesday 10 March 2020:  Ajay eats the sweet dish. she says you looked so funny while eating. she says oh i think i forgot those papers home. He says i want sign. she says i wont leave you that easily. He says i really hate you. She says okay, no love then be it hatred. Sanjana says at least i will stay in your life. Ajay sits in his car and leaves.

shreya and elaichi are buying vegetables. shreya says papa is really happy going to the shop. We shouldn’t take his happiness from him. Elaichi collides with sanjana. Sanjana touches her feet. She says mami ji how is everyone in the house? Elaichi says everyone is happy, like we were before you. And i have two daughter in laws that handle the house. She asks shreya to leave. Sanjana says i trust myself i will win your hearts.

Kirlok asks elaichi says what are you thinking? She says nothing much. How was your day? He says it was good and next days ahead will be even better. I have decided to retire. She says why? He says i thought you will be happy to know this. Its about time, everyone has grown up. So i thought sit home and enjoy rest of the life with you. Elaichi says when did you start concealing things from me? He says what did i conceal? She says some customer didn’t want to talk amar but you. He says are you spying on me? She says i get to know. he says yes that is why i have decided this. Elaichi says how can you decide on basis of this. Kirlok says till i am there no one is going to bond with the boys, they should get a chance. Elaichi says this shop is your dream i think you should reconsider. He says i have decided and i have even decided the new MD. It will be amar. Shreya is overhearing. Elaichi recalls what shreya said.

Shreya’s mom checks the jewelry she says you didn’t give up shreya? Shreya calls her. Shreya says how can they do this to their child? Mom asks what happened? Shreya says i wanted bhsuhan to get papa’s chair. He gave everything to amar. He gave it to and outsider. Why can’t bhushan handle this? her mom says clam down. I am here for you. Sleep we will decide something tomorrow.

Next morning ajay says the website will be ready by the evening. Kirlok says we will show it in the party. I have to tell you all a news. you will all be glad to know it. Mishri says i can’t wait. Kirlok asks bhushan to invite everyone. He says there should be no shortcomings. Ajay says i am leaving. Vinati goes to the kitchen. Dadi asks kirlok did you tell elaichi? He says yes about retirement. She says about the other thing? He says no i will tell her with everyone. She says what if elaichi doesn’t agree? He says i know her very well.

Angori says to elaichi i want new sari. Elaichi says i have bought something else for you. she gives her PM investment certificate. Angori says thank you so much.
Shreya comes to bhushan. he says wow you look so good. She says why you wore this? He says its just home party. She says i expect there is going to be something special. Papa is going to make an announcement maybe he is going to give the business to you. bhushan says okay tell me what should i wear? She gives him a blue kurta.

Ajay is working, he recalls sanjana saying you have to complete your dream project. He says thank you for pushing me sanjana, i wont have done this without you. I wish you were here. Samar says everyone is calling you downstairs.

The party starts, kirlok welcomes the guests. Mishri comes to elaichi and asks what is gonna happen? I know you know. elaichi says i dont know anything papa will tell you all. A guest asks ajay where is sanjana? Vinati takes him to a side and says don’t talk to these people much. Kirlok says welcome everyone and thank you for being here.
This day is special to me and my family and my business. I started from a small venture. I want to thank my dad who gave me this privilege. I wanted to work on it and my sons have same fire to work. I will give them this responsibility now. They are going to make us proud. Its about time that i should retire from MD position. only one person can sit on the MD’s seat. The one that is the most brilliant. Shreya says to bhsuhan he is about to call you. kirlok says all my sons are talented.
But the one i have chosen has more of these qualities. I want my elder son to come here, Bhushan steps forward. Kirlok says my son amar pethywala. Bhushan stops in a shock. Everyone claps for amar.
kirok says from now, my son amar sits on my seat. Everyone congratulates amar. Bhushan says I am really glad today. He hugs amar and says congrats. a woman says you made your nephew MD. Kirlok says they are all my sons and amar is eldest. Amar says i am not worthy to sit on your position. We want you to work. Kilrok says let me rest now.You all can handle this now. Elaichi is going to retire from all responsibility. And after that vinati will take all the responsibilities. Everyone congratulates vinati. kirlok says elaichi give her the keys. Elaichi gives the keys. Kirlok says its a special day.

Shreya asks Elaichi are you okay mummy? Elaichi says yes.
Sanjana calls ajay but he doesn’t pick.Ajay leaves his phone. Everyone gathers. Kirlok asks shreya to bring the pooja plate. Shreya sees broken chair there and takes it for bhsuhan. Elaichi does amar’s arti. Shreya exchanges bhushan’s chair with the broken one. Bhushan falls down. Amar picks him up. A woman says bhushan you need to learn how to handle chair after that you can handle the business. a man says this is why kirlok made his nephew MD.

The guests taunt at Bhushan. Kirlok says i don’t want you all to care about bhushan because amar is there for him. Amar asks are you okay bushan? He nods. Shreya says are you okay? And don’t listen to these people. You are the best. Kirlok says ajay has made a website for our shop through which you can order online.

Ajay will give a presentation on it. sanjana keeps calling him. samar picks up ajay’s phone. Sanjana says where is ajay? He says ajay is presenting his project. Papa became MD and mummy got dadi’s seat. Sanjana says wow, he says when are you coming back? snajana says pray that i come soon. He says i do. Sanjana is so happy. she says ajay i am so happy for you. This is your first step. What if we can’t meet but i have to congratulate you. I am stubborn too, i will meet you today. but how?

Ayush comes and congratulates ajay. Samar says sanjana called on your phone. Sanjana text ajay i have to congratulate you please come and meet me. Ayush says you should go i will handle everything here. Ajay says thank you bro.
Sanjjana is waiting for ajay some thug comes and starts teasing her.Sanjana says don’t come near. He is about to touch her, Ajay holds his hand. The thug says i am not scared of you. Ajay says don’t you love your life? Ajay slaps him. The thugs hits back.

Ajay beats him down. The thug says please forgive me i just came to act. Madam your hero is so powerful. Ajay says what is he saying? He says yes she asked me to act.
Sanjana says ajay stop please. He says what are you doing? She says stopping you. He says what you want? Its starts raining. Sanjana says should i still you? Look in my eyes. you will get all the answers. They come close.

bhushan is in the room, shreya comes and says i know what you are feeling right now. He says i am sad because papa doesn’t think i am as brilliant as amar. I dont want to make fuss of it. she says if you are fine i am fine.
Shreya calls her mom. She asks is bhushan bugged? Shreya says i will call you tomorrow. Mummy says i want to talk to him. Shreya says bhushna is tired. bhushan takes the phone. Mummy says our relatives want to order sweets from your shop. No one is attending them. Please look into this matter. bhushan says don’t worry i will look into this and we will get their order ready.
Bhushan goes out. Shreya asks what happened? He says one minute.
Bhushan says i am going to shop mummy ji ordered. She says ask chandu its late. He says its a big order i will do this. Don’t worry. Elaichi sees him going. Shreya calls her mummy and says this has worked. Whom are you going to send this sweets? Eaichi comes in shreya’s room. Shreya starts pretending, She says bhushan seems hurt, he is not well i think. Elaichi asks shreya is everything okay? Shreya says no bhushan looks upset. he is not talking properly. Elaichi says where has he gone? Shreya says he said he wanted to stay alone. Elaichi says when he comes back i will talk to him. He has a delicate heart. Elaichi says you his friend and wife. you have to handle him. shreya says i will. Elaichi leaves.

sanajna says i know what you feel for me. He says i dont feel anythin. she says don’t lie. He says i don’t lie you you lied and forced me to come here. She says yes i lied but there is a reason behind it. I wanted to congratulate you. You have no idea how happy i was to see that you are finally taking steps towards your dream. I had to be with you on this happy moment. He says enough stop all this. I know you motivated me and I will thank you for that. She says don’t thank your wife it was my responsibility. If you want to thank, then i will tell you how to do it. She takes him with her. Ajay says where are you taking me? She says temple. You know when we went to temple we didn’t do the pooja there our relation was a lie but its not like that now. He says i am sorry but our relation is still a lie and will always be. Ajay takes her hand she says where are you taking me? He takes her under a roof and says out and end to this relationship that is a lie. He takes out divorce papers.Still you want me to sign them? He says yes. She says i can’t do this. He says i want signature on them right now.

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