Snatched Thursday update 19 March 2020


Snatched Thursday update 19 March 2020

Sanjana sees mishri and is worried. she turns on lights of her room. she says look mishri i brought you such amazing food. Will you watch dance india dance? She shows her the ad. Ajay is seeing them. Sanjana says none of them can compete you. Ajay says sometimes you talk sense. Shreya says i always do. Ajay says Mishri forget what has happened lets start a new life. Sanjana says you entertain everyone in the house. Now eat this. Mishri says i dont wanna eat nor do i want to go out. Ajay says why are you worried we are with you. Mishri says i dont wanna talk to anyone. Sanjana says okay just eat please. Mishri shoves it away and says I dont want to eat. Mishri says why did this happen to me. Sanjana says you did that to save me. Its not your fault. Sanjana says believe me i will do whatever i can do save you. Mishri says would that change the truth? Sanjana says we can fight it. Mishri says okay i promise i will fight all my fears and dance as well. Sanjana says that my sister. Now go tell ajay where you wanna go, what college you wanna join.

Elaichi says to sanjana mishri looks worried these days. sanjana says she i my sister i will take care of her. Everyone sits down for tea. Kirlok asks bhushan did you bring papers? Bhushan says yes. Shaina calls someone and says that girl has left do as i asked you. she makes done sign to shreya. There is a parcel for shaina on the door. She receives it. Bhushan and kirlok are about to leave. Lights turn off. Kirlok says what happened. Shaina says i turned them off. What i have to show you, its important to turn lights off. kirlok says don’t forget that you here because of ajju. You will stay here till post mortem reports. Till then don’t do anything that forces us to kick you out of here. He says lets go ajay and bhushan.

Mishri comes to college in rickshaw. She drops something from her purse. Someone comes and picks it up. Its her ID card.

Shaina says I didn’t tell you one thing about me. Elaichi says what now? Shaina says this is crystal ball. It tells you future and past. I can use this and find my brother’s murderer. Elaichi says we dont believe in such stuff. Shaina twists the ball.

Mishri is in college. she says someone is following me this, guy. I feel so scared. Should i call ajay and tell him. The guy is following mishri. Ajay gets a call from mishri. He says are you okay? Mishri says come to my college, there is some guy he has been following me since so much time.
Shaina says this will show who is the murderer. Ajay says I am coming.
Ajay tells sanjana everything and says i have to go right now.
Shaina says to the ball tell me why my brother fought? She says the ball says because ajay married sanjana and ajju was taking her with him. Sanjana wonders how does she know

Ajay comes to Mishri. The guy is standing in front of him.
Shaina says there is something wrong.
Ajay hits the guy and says why were you following her? Mishri’s passport and ID card falls from his hands. Mishri says how did you get it. He says it fell from your purse and I was following you to return it.
Shaina says the ball tells me shoe number of the murderer. She checks Shreya’s, vinati’s and then sanjana’s. Shaina says the person who killed Ajju his sandle number is 7. Dadi says go in rack and see everyone’s shoes.
Vinati says is she mad. Shaina takes out and says whose sandle is it? Sanjana says in heart thats mishri’s.

Mishri apologizes the guy. He says its okay and every guy is not same. Ajay says to mishri you are so stupid. she says I felt like someone is following me. Ajay says lets go in the college. Someone steps out of plants. Its ajju.
Ajju says now i will ruin your life. You thought I am dead. But I am back.

Shaina says whose sandle is this? This is mishri’s. Elaichi says keep your mouth shut.Dadi says you think we would agree to whatever you say. Mishri considered him her brother why would she kill him. Shaina says sanjana this is mishri’s? Sanjana leaves.

Shaina comes to lounge and says i want answers. Kirlok says we wont hear a single word more. Elaichi says we gave you all respect, let you stay here and you are accusing us. Mishri and ajay come in. Shaina says come, mishri try this sandle.

Kirlok says what you are trying to do wont work here. And all you of you don’t pay attention to her. Shaina says yes go everyone. Who will bring my brother back? No one knows what i have been through. My parents ask me how is ajju? what should i tell them? That ajju is no more here. She starts crying. She says how will i face them tell me. Elaichi comes and consoles her, she says don’t cry. We just wanted you to.. anyway leave it. Shaina says you people wanted proof? I will give you proof. Kirlok says if anyone from this family is involved in the murder i will hand him over to law myself.

Shaina says you need proof? I will give you. I will prove that someone from you have killed ajju. what will you do? Kirlok says if anyone my family members in involved in murder i will hand him over to police and i wont eat until he/she is behind bars. That person would be dead for me.

Shreya says to shaina you forced him to promise that papa will disown the murderer. Now all we need is one proof to kick sanjana out of this house. Shaina says how was my acting? shreya says i wont give you more money for over acting.

sanjana is in tears. She says you saw how mamma ji was angry. What if he gets to know the truth. Its no Mishri’s mistake. She was trying to save me. I can’t let this happen. I will take the blame. Ajay says i wont let anything happen to you and mishri. God is with us because he knows we didn’t do it delibrately.
Shaina says to shreya give me reward for my acting and successful plan. shreya says do as i ask. she gives her the money. Shreya leaves. A man comes and grasps shaina’s face. she says what are you doing here? get lost from here. He says you changed your colors after getting money. Give it to me. she says i wont. He grasps her arm. She says leave me.Shaina says leave me Raghav. He says if i expose you this money wont be yours either. she says i wont give it. She snatches it. He says this is such less amount. Arrange more money for me. She says i wont. He says you forgot you were on road, didn’t have money or food. I took you. He shoves her.

Sanjana and ajay collide. He says where are you going? she says i am going to bring milk. He says i will bring it. She says i will. He says you work all day. Ajay picks her up. She says you wont call me babe again. He says okay as you. Ajay hears someone crying on the way. He goes to store and sees shaina in tears. Ajay asks what are you doing here? She says this room attracts me towards it. Like there is some connection of this room with ajju. I slipped when i came here. He says i can help you going to your room. Ajay helps her in walking. He makes her sit. Sanjana is seeing them. Ajay says ask me if you need something. Ajay says to sanjana she slipped. sanjana says i trust you but not her.

Someone walks in the house at night. Its ajju. He goes to Sanjana and ajay’s room. Ajjy faints Ajay who is asleep. He shows his face to sanjana. Mishri wakes up. It was her dream. she goes running downstairs. she ajay and hugs him. Mishri says are you okay? Ajay says i am fine. sanjana says what happened? Mishri says i saw ajju. Elaichi comes and says what did you say about ajju? Why are you so worried? Did anyone tell you about ajju? Mishri says ajju came and stabbed ajay because we killed him. Ajay says mishri quite. Sanjana says she is in slumber. I asked you not to watch horror movies. Forget the nightmare. Sanjana says this is all because of shaina, mishri is scared. I will take care of her don’t worry. Elaichi says we are all her Mishri. sanjana says lets go to roof.
Sanjana says to mishri forget what happened. Focus on your studies. You will forget the incident. Mishri goes downstairs. A man comes in. Its the same guy to who returned her ID and passport. Kirlok welcomes him with his father. Manohar ji is Kirlok’s friend. He introduces his son to the family, his name is arach.
He says I am a judge and quite busy in cases so i don’t get to meet kirlok much. He says this is my son arach, he studies in london. My son met your daughter outside college, he fell in love with mishri the moment he saw her. I am here for her proposal. Kirlok says this is an honor for us. Kirlok says we let our kids decide it themselves. we are both happy about it. if mishri is happy about it then we have no issues. can we get time till tomorrow morning? He says why not. They leave.

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