Snatched Thursday update 12 March 2020


Snatched Thursday update 12 March 2020

Sanjana calls ajay and says i have signed the papers. Come and take them from me. He recalls his moments with sanjana. End all this. He is dazed.

Dadi says to elaichi she wont listen to anyone but amar. Amar comes and asks vinati did you fill the form? Samar says i wont go to new school. Amar says your new school is bigger and better. Your dad is MD now you wont study in small school. Everyone is dazed.
Shreya says what is wrong with her. Elaichi says i have always been wrong about vinati.

Snatched Wednesday update 11 March 2020

Ajay meets Sanjana and says how are you? She says good. sanjana handovers him the papers. She leaves. Ajay says in heart this is all i wanted why i feel it then?

Vinati comes and says why are you spending so much? Dont worry about avni i will buy her new branded sari and for myself. some people come to meet amar. They are interior decorators. Samar says mummy papa and redesigning their room. Elaichi says what is wrong with them both. They are not even asking us.

Vinati and amar come to room. Vinati is crying. Amar says dont cry we have to do this. Vinati says i cant do this, its really hurting me. He says i understand. We are doing this for our family. I can’t see us being broken. Vinati says lets give them back everything. Amar says mama wont ever take it. Amar says we have to do this. I am doing anythin to get bhushan what he deserves. Vinati says i dont see an end to all this. He says we leave this house, this is the end of this drama. We have to keep it going.

Dadi says they cant do this. I have raised amar he can’t do this.
Kirlok says what is all this you have spent 5 lac in one day. So much is happening you didnt even ask me. Amar says you are saying so much to sign a cheque. kirlok says you have become proud after being an MD. Dadi says whats wrong? Vinati says mamma ji is making fuss on nothing. Elaichi says talk in lower tone. Bhushan says this is what i was talkin about. Amar says i am elder than you in every possible way. Dont argue with me. dadi says enough. What are you people fighting for? money? Go to your rooms.

Shreya says mummy you saw how he talked to bhushan? Dadi says everyone back to your rooms. Elaichi says she is right maa.
Dadi sees ajay and says why he didn’t come downstairs. Dadi sees the divorce papers beneath his hand.

Amar is consoling vinati. Door knocks. Its kirlok. Amar says you here? kirlok says these are not your words and you are not a very good pretender. Amar says dont mind please dont talk about all this stupid things. Its late let us rest, good night. Kirlok says i dont really know why you both are doing this but i know its a drama. The drama shouldn’t effect the business. Amar says good night.

Ajay wakes up in his room. he feels tired. he looks for the divorces papers they are no where. Ajay says where can they go? he calls sanjana but she doesn’t pick up. he says i lost the divorce papers. She says i signed them and gave them. He says i will get new papers, sign them. She says you asked me to sign i did and i gave it to you. Now its up to you. I wont do it over and over again. She hangs up. Ajay says what will i do now.

Dadi comes to sanjana’s place. Sanjana is dazed. Sanjana takes her in.
Ajay comes to breakfast table. kirlok asks papers ssigned? he says yes but Ayush says amar is not opening the door. Amar and vinait come out. They have luggage with them.
Ayush says you going somewhere? Amar says we are going to live somewhere else. Everyone is dazed.

Ayush says where are you going? On holidays? Amar says no we are going to live at a different place. Elaichi says what are you saying? You wont go anywhere. Ayush put their stuff back in. Come have the breakfast. Vinati says no we are goin to place where we can live our life on our own. Amar says and we can spend howvere we want. Samar says i dont wanna go. Vinati says we are doing this for you. Bhsuhan says what are you saying? Amar says the cab is outside.

Dadi says I came here to meet my daughter in law. I considered you my daughter in law. Where are you bangles? Sanjana says I returned them and all the jewelry to Shreya. Dadi says dazed she says shreya came here? Who asked her to come? Sanjana says she said you and mami ji sent her.

Vinati gives the keys back to elaichi. Avni says please bhabhi and bhaiya dont go. Avni says let us go. Ajay says you have always been our role model. You told us how much mamma mami love us and we should always be responsible towards them. Ayush and uppal also stop them. Bhushn says i am really sorry if you are going because of tomorrow’s spat dont. You can spend as much as you want we wont ask you anything. We will always listen to you. You can admit samar wherever you want. You can do any renovations. Bhushan says our family cant be separated. amar says its about time mamma ji should divide business. Bhushan says what are you saying? Amar says we should all get the profit. Bhushan says how can you change. AMar says i have changed okay. He says vinati lets go from here.Samar hugs elaichi and says i wont go. Vinati takes him forcefully.

Mishri is trying to stop Amar’s car. he leaves. Another car comes and hits her.

Dadi says now the rest is up to you. dadi gets a call from ajay. He tells her about mishri’s accident.
Bhushan and everyone takes mishri to hospital. Elaichi is worried. Kirlok says nothing will happen to her dont worry. Nurse says arrange O- blood. Bhushan says i am going to bloodbank. Elaichi says amar is O-. Call him please.
Ajay calls amar, he is in car with vinati. Vinati says pick up the call. Amar says i can’t. I have handled myself with such difficulty. Amar doesn’t pick up. bhushan says blood is not available. Elaichi says please call amar and ask him to come.
Doctor says it can be lethal if you fail to arrange blood.
Vinati says please pick up the call.

Ajay goes out to look for Amar and Vianti.
Sanjana says to dadi i will drop you to hospital. They sit in the car. Shreya says how can they be so heartless. They are not callin back.
Dadi says to sanjana i will leave here i dont want someone to see you.
Ajay is looking for them. Ajay meets her, he says i am going to get amar. She comes back soon. The man ajay asks says there are two ways from highway and from market.
sanjana says i should do it too. She hides from ajay.
uppal tells bhushan we tried but couldn’t find it.
Sanajana finds them. She says how to stop them. She covers her face and comes in front of their car. she says you hit me. Amar says please forgive us. vinati says amar give her money. She says you were taking my life. Ajay sees them. He tells them that mishri has met an accident.

Ajay tells amar and vinati that mishri has met an accident and is fightin for her life. Vinati says lets go. They sit in the car.
Elaichi is crying, She says will Mishri be okay. Amar comes in and says nothing will happen to my sister. I will save her. Vinati is crying her heart out. Avni tries to console her.

Amar gives her blood, he recalls how she was stopping them. Vinati recalls teasing mishri for her wedding. Everyone is in tears and praying. The song ‘ruth k hum sy’. Sanjana is there too hidden behind the pillar.

Doctors go in the OT. Doctor comes out and says we had to take out her uterus and she will never be a mom. Everyone is taken aback. Elaichi says what are you saying? This is not possible. He says I am really sorry. She says no.
Kirlok says we should be grateful that her life is saved. Elaichi says she will never be a mom and that too because of someone else’s mistake.
Nurse says you can meet her. Elaichi stands on the door and says only her parents and reals siblings can meet her. Kirlok says what are you saying? Elaichi says blood is thicker than water. amar is responsible for this condition of Mishri. Kirlok says what are you saying? She says I and my kids are enough for Mishri we don’t need outsiders. Vinati says mammi please forgive us we didn’t do it deliberately. Elaichi says what has to happen has happened. Elaichi says bhushan, shreya and uppal come with me lets go see her.

Later at home. Dadi asks vianti where is mishri? Is she okay? Vinati says she is asleep. Kirlok says where is elaichi? Shreya says she said she wont eat. Kirlok goes in and asks her to come and eat. She says i dont want to. He says I know you are in pain but it will take time. You have to be strong for your kids. Elaichi says that is what i will do. For my kids i will become home and strength. Now I know that I have been unjust to my children. I gave love to others. I made them second priority and thought they will understand. I loved your sister’s children more than my own. When it was time to do something for my daughter. They were sitting with their phones off. Whose mistake was it? She says amar and vianti didn’t even listen to you. He says they were just pretending. They did this so we take everything back from us. I always had a clue of all this. Kirlok asks amar is it right amar? Elaichi says i know you will take their side. Why didn’t they say no to it. Kirlok says try to understand. This is all because of me. I am responsible got this. Tell me what can i do to bring back peace. Elaichi says divide this house and our business. Krilok is taken aback. He says what are you saying. How can i do this? She says you can’t? I will take my kids and live somewhere else. I will live in a camp but i can’t live with these people. He says we will decide everything. Come eat first. she says i wont until you do what i ask. .

Elaichi says give them whatever you want but I wont live with them anymore. Because of them my kids were deprived off their rights. Kirlok says elaichi please dont do this. He goes out.
Amar says never thought it would end up this way. Ayush says she is just mad, she is not saying by her heart. Avni says she didnt even talk to me. Amar says i am responsible for all this. I wanted to return peace of this home. Ajay says we will all go to her and ask her for parddon. She love us she will forgive us for sure.

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