Snatched Sunday update 22 March 2020


Snatched Sunday update 22 March 2020

Mishri says i will talk to you tomorrow.
The lamp in mishri’s room starts blinking and the door slams. Mishri gets scared. Horror music plays on her player. Ajju comes out of a bag. Mishri gets scared. She says ajju?

Ajju says to Sanjana that i love you more than your Ajay, he tries to harass her but Mishri hits him, they put his body in bag and put it in back of car, they drive to some isolated, Mishri and Sanjana opens back of car to find bag missing from there, they are shocked.

Shreya calls ajju And says we have to send ajay, sanjana and mishri jail in these days. Ajay says see how i ruin this wedding.
Ajju comes to Mishri’s room and puts cd in player. he hides himself in bag, he plays Ghumnam hai koi, Mishri comes in her room and finds bag there, Ajju comes out of it, Mishri is sacred and tries to open door, its locked, she faints, all family members come to her room and opens door, Ajju runs from there before they come in, family finds Mishri unconscious, they put water on her face, she becomes conscious, all are Mishri why she is afraid? what happened to her, why did she scream?

Ajju is hiding in cupboard and thinks that i will make Mishri so mad that she will accept the crime of killing Ajju but she doesnt know that Ajju is alive, Mishri says that i saw Ajju, Shaina says what rubbish are you saying? my brother died, you people didnt let him live peacefully and now saying all these things after his death, Ajay says she didnt mean that, Krilok ask them to stop all this and let Mishri rest, Shreya thinks Mishri likes this step Bhabhi more than her real Bhabhi, now i will make her mad till marriage.

Shreya meets Ajju and says what a good performance you gave, Ajju says Mishri was so sacred, i went to her room, i controlled her doors, music system, when she came in room, i played music and opened, closed doors, she was so scared, Shreya says we have to make her totally mad, Ajju says i have not seen such a girl like you who is hell bent to make her nand mad, Shreya smirks.
Mishri talks to Sanjana and says i saw Ajju, Sanjana says its your imagination only, you are getting married, you should look good else people will say that your bhabhi looks more beautiful than you, Vinati comes and says we will apply facepack on her face, they take her.

Sanjana and Vinati are applying facepack on Mishri’s face, Vinati leaves as Samar called her, Sanjana leaves too as Ajay has called her, Mishri gets afraid in her room, she goes to wash her face, Ajju comes from behind and puts her face in bucket, he drowns her in water, she screams, he leaves from there, Sanjana listens screams and comes to Mishri’s room, she finds her afraid and ask what happened? Mishri says i went to wash my face but someone pushed my face in bucket of water, i couldnt see anyone, Sanjana goes and checks room, she doesnt find anyone there and tells Mishri to not worry, Mishri faints, Shaina sees all this from far and smirks, Sanjana ask Ajay to come and see what happened to Mishri.

Mishri is sleeping, all are worried, Elaichi ask if we did mistake by arranging marriage so soon? Dadi says dont worry, she will be fine, let someone stay with her at night, Vinati says i and Sanjana will be with her, Shreya thinks i will make her mad totally before marriage, Sanjana thinks i cant see Mishri like this, Shreya leaves.
All are checking sarees, Mishri comes and starts checking it too, lights go off, it comes again, Sanjana finds Mishri missing, all goes to check her.
Mishri is brought in corner by Ajju, Ajju has makeup of deadbody, he says to Mishri that you have killed me, my soul will keep disturbing you till you dont accept your crime, he leaves, Mishri says if Ajju is ghost? Ajju comes again and says yes i am ghost, i will kill you and your family like you killed me, she says no dont do anything to my family, Ajju says then you have to do what i say, Mishri says ok i will do anything, he shows her glass piece and says but your veins and let blood fall, if you do it then i will not hurt your family, he leaves, Mishri takes glass piece in her hands, she is about to cut her veins but Ajay comes and stops her, all ask what are you doing? Mishri says i wanna die, i cant live like this, Dadi says what you were going to do, what is the matter, Shaina says to Shreya that till when this girl be safe, tomorrow is Mishri’s marriage and she will be mad till that time, Shreya says Ajju is very good actor.
Ajay says to Mishri that you didnt think about us for a minute, Vinay ask what was the need to take this step? Ajay says we should take her from here, they leave with Mishri, Sanjana thinks i have to finish Mishris’ fear before her marriage, her marriage shouldnt stop.

Bhushan says to Vinay that i hope Mishri’s fear is about her marriage only, there is no other reason for it, Vinay ask if we did hurry in arranging her marriage? if we are repeating mistake what we did in Avni’s time? Ajay comes and says i am sure her fear will go away after this marriage, Anuj will keep her happy.
Mishri says to Sanjana that i am thinking to tell everything to Anuj, i feel i will get peace by doing this, Sanjana says you wont tell anything to him, if you do it then you will see my dead face, Mishri says dont say it, i will not tell him anything but dont talk about death and all, Sanjana ask her to sleep, Sanjana thinks i will not let any problem come in Mishri’s marriage.
Sanjana prays to lord and says give me power to fight all odds and keep my family happy, Mishri did so much for me, she saved me from Ajju, it was not her fault so why should she live like criminal, let her get married peacefully, keep her safe from all problems, Dadi comes and says dont worry about anything, everything will be fine, i feel tomorrow’s sun will bring new life for Mishri, the house which has daughter in law like you, will not fall in any problem, she ask her to sleep, she leaves, Sanjana prays that i wont problems come in this house.
Sanjana is leaving to her room, she finds Shaina talking on phone, Shaina says on call that yes inspector, Postmortem report has come, she says what Mishri has murdered Ajju? you come here tomorrow and catch Mishri, she ends calls and smirks seeing Sanjana listening this, she leaves, Sanjana says no this cant happen, tomorrow is Mishri’s marriage, i wont let her go to jail, i wont her get punished for the mistake which she didnt.
Shaina says to Shreya and Ajju that tomorrow Mishri will go in jail, Shreya says this time on Dushera, evil will win, Mishri will go to jail for murder of Ajju, ajju says but i am alive, Shreya says even then she will go to jail, Ajju says Ajay was my friend and he snatched my Sanjana from me, i will snatch happiness of his sister now.

In morning, Marriage preparations are going on. Mishri is getting ready as bride, Elaichi comes and ask Sanjana to go to Ajay, Sanjana leaves, Elaichi gets emotional, she hugs Mishri, both cry, Dadi says you know daughters have to leave, dont cry, this is not the time to cry but celebrate happiness, Mishri and Elaichi hugs her.
Sanjana says to Ajay that i dont want to bring any problem in Mishri’s life, i will be in guilt of all this, Ajay says nothing will happen, he hugs her and says you have always fought with problems so dont worry now.
Baraat of Anuj arrive, Elaichi does Anuj’s tilak, Shreya calls Ajju and says Baraat have come, you come here but be careful, he says ok, she ends call and says only last stroke is remaining then alongwith Sanjana whole family will get shock.
Ajju hides in baraat and comes in house.
Anuj ask Ajay where is washroom, Bhushan says take him to washroom else he will miss something, Anuj leaves, Vinay ask what will he miss? Bhushan says there is surprise for you too, he leaves.
Anuj is getting fresh in washroom, someone (seems like Ajju) comes there and hits him with rod, Anuj faints, he wears Anuj’s sherwani and Sehra, he locks Anuj in washroom and leaves.
Gurmeet Chaudary comes in marriage function and dances Jogi mahi song, Ajay sees Mishri and recalls how she tried to take her life, he sings for her, Sanjana joins him, she ask Mishri to smile, Mishri smiles, Bhushan dances too with Mishri, all family members joins dance, police come in function, he calls Krilok and says we know there is marriage in your house but we have to do our work, Krilok says come with me inside, all family members leave.
Krilok ask inspector what is the matter, inspector says Ajju’s postmortem reports have come and someone from your family has killed Ajju, Krilok says what are you saying? inspector says your daughter Mishri have killed him, Krilok says this cant happen, Vinay says Mishri cant kill anyone, its not possible, Inspector says we have proofs against her, he shows him reports and says it has come from lab, Elaichi feels dizzy listening this, inspector says we have to do out work, we have to take Mishri from mandap, we have to take her to police station, Vinay says we will talk, maybe there is some mistake, Bhushan says yes, we dont think Mishri can do this, inspector says i didnt take any action because i respect Krilok otherwise i could have arrested Mishri till now, we have to killer from here, all cry, Sanjana says i am killer, all are shocked, Sanjana says i have killed Ajju not Mishri, ajay ask what are you saying? Sanjana says i am saying truth, inspector says how can we trust you? we have proofs against Mishri, maybe you are lying, Sanjana says i am not lying, you can come with me to store room where i have hidden weapons from which i have killed Ajju and those weapons have my finger prints.

Sanjana says i have killed ajju not mishri. Shreya says i was drying to listen this. Ajay says what are you saying? Sanjana says i killed ajju its not mishri’s mistake. Inspector says how can we trust you. We have proofs against her. Sanjana says you can check the weapon i killed him with, it has my finger prints on it. Sanjana shows them the pot. Vinati says neither of them has killed him. Ajay says what are you saying and you are doing this deliberately. Sanjana recalls that she cleaned the vase and put her finger prints on it. Inspector says according to these proofs sanjana is the murderer.
Elaichi slaps sanjana and says why you did this? We were all with you. Ajju was like our son. Inspector says arrest her. Sanjana says i am ready to go, please let this wedding wrap up. After that you can take me, i have surrendered and given you all the proofs. I beg you. As soon as the wedding is done i will come with you. He says okay we permit you. Bhushan says please wait in guest room. They all leave.

Sanjana hugs ajay. She says you will forget everything. You have to stay strong. We have done this for our mishri. They go out. Sanjana is holding ajay’s hand. Shreya says now you will know how it feels like when whole family hates you.

The wedding is on going. Anuj fills her hairline. Anuj says to pandit ji please hurry up i am bored. Mishri says in heart whats wrong with him. Sanjana and ajay look at each other in tears.
Mishri’s bidaai happens. Everyone is in tears.

Shaina says to kirlok you promised me that you will hand over the murderer to cops yourself. Its time to give sanjanaa to police. Before that i wanna give a prize to murderer of my brother. Shaina is about to slap sanjana, ajay holds her and says dont you dare. Cops arrest sanjana. Ajay tries to stop them an says you dont know the complete truth. Bhushan says we are going to police station ajay dont worry.Bhushan hugs ajay.

Mishri enters her new house. Anju says i am tired and goes to his room. Mishri wonders why his voice sounds different.
Police is stuck in traffic. Sanjana says i saved mishri’s wedding. i know everything will be fine. Its a religious festival. They take sanjana out of the car too. Sanjana sees ajay there. She is dazed. sanjana says i wanna go there please. The lady cop go with her. Ajju tries to run sanjana looks for him. Cops takes sanjana back to the jeep. Ajju runs on his bike. sanjana sees him and says ajju you are alive.

Ajay amar and Bhushan are in police station. Ajay says sanjana is innocent. she has not done anything. Please take her out. Inspector says she is the culprit for now. If you wanna get her out talk about a bail. Amar says the courts are closed. Ajay says let me go in i wanna meet my wife. The cops stop him. Ajay says you can’t stop me. The constable hit ajay with a stick on his feet. Sanjana says ajay go home please. Bhushan says ajay before we do something that worsen the situation lets go home. Ajay says no one can stop me from meeting my wife. Inspector says you love your wife so much? Go meet her. Ajay comes to sanjana. Ajay says I can’t see you like this Sanjana, i love you. sanjana says i can’t see you like this either. I wanna tell you something ajju is alive. I saw him at the festival I don’t know where he went.

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