Snatched Sunday update 15 March 2020


Snatched Sunday update 15 March 2020

Dadi comes out of vinati’s room and cries. Sanjana says dont worry I have an idea. Shreya and elaichi are working in the kitchen. Elaichi says whats wrong? She says sorry I dont know where is my focus.

Vinati comes and says rishab is coming angoori help me with stuff. Elaichi says to shreya i think we shoulg give kitchen to vinati rishab is coming. Shreya says that is not our concern we will leave when our work ends. Elaichi says dont say that. If your parents were coming she would have give us too. Rishab is our son in law. shreya says in heart this is yesterday’s effect.

Shreya goes to her room. she sees the skates and says I will make you dance on it shreya. she hears dadi says i will join gym after everything is done.
Shreya puts skates in dadi’s way so she trips but Dadi watches out her way and walks away.

Rishab comes in. Kirlok says he is so punctual. Rishab meets everyone including bhushan. Kirlok brings him in. Vinati asks how are you? He says i am good. She says you have to wait avni will wait a little. Sanjana comes and says i have brought a tea as well. Sanjana whispers who knows there is an animal behind this smiling face. Avni has told me everything. Dadib says come i will take you to avni’s room wash it there. Dadi says avni look who is here? Avni says rishab you. He asks how are you? She says good. Dadi says he has to wash his clothes. He spilt tea.

Dadi comes to store to turn the light off. There is too much dust. Shreya hits on back of her head. Dadi falls down and faint. Bhushan asks elaichi have you seen shreyaa? She says no. Sanjana says on call to her sister these people are just pretenders. Ajay takes her phone and says what are you doing now? Sanjana says couldn’t you find someone worst then Rishab? Don’t tell me you haven’t seen scars on avni’s face. She has been slapped and there is a bruise on her head too. Vinati says yes there was a mark on her head. she didn’t say anything. She said its because of pimple.

Rishab says to avni what have you said to sanjana about me? Avni says one second let me conceal this scar. He says how dare you not to answer me. Tell me what you told sanjana or i will hit you so hard. He is about to slap her bhushan comes and holds his hand. He says how dare you to hit my sister. Rishab says i am her fiance. Bhushan says you were. Rishab says leave me or i will be worse.

Shreya says what should i do? dadi will tell everyone. thank God she didn’t see my face. Shreya is scared what to do? she ropes dadi.

Amar says to rishab avni has 5 brother and we swore to protect her. We will kill whoever bats a wrong eye on her. Bhsuhan says i will kill him. Kirlok says leave this house i am breaking this engagement. Rishab says you cant find her a better guy. Elaichi says you were a mistake and we are rectifying that. He says I will find a new girl but I will defame her so much that she couldn’t be able to find someone. You will have to pay for this.
Avni says you hit me and treated me this way but i tolerated but dont you dare to cast an eye on mamma mami. If you ever see them i and my brother wont leave you. If you love your life then get lost. Tomorrow everyone in city will know what you are like. Whoever loves their daughter will keep them away from you. Out now. She is crying. Elaichi hugs her.
Elaichi says why didn’t you tell me? Avni says i am sorry. Vinati says and whom will I tell? Elaichi says you mom in law. Vinati hugs her. Sanjana wonders where is Shreya and dadi.

Shreya sets the rope in ablaze. Amar says to elaichi please pardon me mammi ji. Shreya comes out and is shocked to see all this. Amar says if i knew mishri met an accident. Elaichi says let it go. I became so selfish. I don’t know what i uttered. Pardon me. Amar says don’t embarrass me. You have every right on us.
Avni says where is nani maa? No one knows. Avni says she brought him in my room and i didn’t see her after that. They all start looking for her. Sanjana goes upstairs.
Bhushan asks uppal and mishri to look in garage.

Sanjana calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Mishri says there is some smell in store room. Shreya says we will check that later first go out and check dadi outside. Dadi starts moving. She sees her phone. Her head hurts.

Elaichi says where can she be? Vinati comes in and says she is nowhere. Ajay says there is some smell. Turn off the gas lines. I am going to store room to check. Ajay and sanjana comes to store room. Sanjana says ajay nanai is there. Sanjana’s hand gets burnt while going in. They all come in and take dadi outside.
Everyone is in tears. Ajay says i have called the doctor. Shreya says she is still fit. Before she wakes up and expose me with sanjana I have to kick her out.

Shreya slaps sanjana and says dont act smart. You did this. She says i saw her with dadi last time. sanjana says stop lying. Shreya says how did you know she was in store? sanjana says i went there because of the smell. why would i do this to dadi? Shreya says you try ti burn her. Sanjana says how much will you lie? Bhushan says don’t dare to accuse my wife. amar says we should call cops. Sanjana says i didnt do anything. Bhushan says kick her out. Sanjana says i wont go anywhere unless nani ji is conscious. Shreya says ajay kick her out. SAnjana says i wont go anywhere. Shreya drags her out.

Sanjana takes out the CD from the mattress. Shreya says give me the CD back. Sanjana says why is a CD scaring you so much, sanjana says i have proofs against her. Shreya says she is blaming me again. sanjana says i have proofs. Just play this CD once. Bhushan says get lost from here. He steps forward. Ajay comes in front of her. He says i saw sanjana trying to save dadi while risking her life. Lets play the CD everything will be clear. Bhushan says okay we will play it. But shreya has not done anything. Go play the CD. Ajay says i promise you. Shreya says but why do i have to give test. Elaichi says ajay play the CD.

Ajay plays the CD it has the recording of shreya giving jewelry to her mom and her mom selling it. Everyone is dazed. Sanjana says i told you all. Shreya says she is lying. This video is moffed. Dadi wakes up and says video can be moffed but I am not. Your game is over shreya now get ready. Your sins are enough. You did so much how could you do this. Shreya says what are you saying? dadi says we have just opened our eyes. dadi says shreya put bribe money in ayush’s bag. she tells everyone everything.

Elaichi she used to poison your mind too. Where is jewelry you took from sanjana? you said we sent you. Didn’t you do this? There was only one mission to break this family. To divide us.
She says i wanted to tell family but you were all divided. There was only one person it was sanjaana. I went to her and brought her here. No one liked her but everyone started hating her. And this made them all one. sanjana saved avni from rishab and agreed everyone mishri’s dance competition. I agree, that ajay and sanjana’s wedding is just a contract but she did everything a daughter should. Shreya says what are you saying dadi. Bhushan says enough shreya.

Bhushan says you are the most unlucky girl shreya who can’t see love. When was I and my family bad to you? What was less in my love? Shreya says I did this all to you. Papa only cares about Amar. I wanted to be the most important person in your life. Bhushan says this is not love. This is utter selfishness. She says I wanted your love. I did this for you. He says if it was about me and my happiness I would have pardoned you. But you have hurt my family. I trusted you blindly and this is what you returned me with. You betrayed my family. You have to got from here. Shreya says please i love you don’t do this. He drags her out of the house. He throws her out and locks the door. shreya says i love you please open the door. He says its too late now. just shut up.
Bhushan says to everyone I don’t know how and what to say. You all had to suffer because of me and Shreya. I can only ask for pardon.
He says to ajay I shouldn’t be called a brother. I did so much to you and never said a word. Please forgive me. Ajay says just give me right to call you a brother. thats all i want. Bhushan hugs him. Bhushan says sanjana I have always been rude to you. I thought you don’t deserve to be part of us. But you saved us all today and saved my dadi. Forgive me if you can. He goes crying in his room.

Sanjana goes out as well. Ajay comes and stops her. The song ‘darmiyaan’ plays in background. Ajay says I.. I wanna.. I wanna thank you. thanks. She nods. He says please don’t go. Sanjana says why? Why should I stop? I don’t deserve to be here. I am characterless. He holds her mouth and says I am all that. I am the bad one. You should never forgive. Who was i to say all this. the girl who got me back to my family, i dod this to her. He holds her hand and takes her in. He heals the burn on her arm. She says I am fine. He says but I am not. I couldn’t even say sorry to you. He caresses her face and says I can’t tell you what I feel. He hugs her. Ajju is standing on the door. He is taken aback. Sanjana sees him. Ajju says wow you are taking your responsibility so seriously. What is it? I am so glad you both are not fighting. You are both friends now. He hugs ajay. He holds sanjana’s face and says I missed you. Ajju says i told you ajay she is not that bad. My gf and my best friend are finally friends. Ajju says where are mamma maami? Dadi comes. Ajju meets her. Dadi says where have you been? sanjana tried to call you over and over again. He says I was stuck with responsibilities. Dadi says sanjana was your responsibility too. He says this is why i am here to take her back.
Dadi says I want to talk to ajay. Dadi says take him out. I know you care about ajju but care about sanjana too.

Bhushan says never thought my shreya would do this to me. Elaichi says we are all with you.
Sanjana says to ajju you didn’t pick a single call. He says i missed you but I was busy. Everything was new. She says you could contact me. You didn’t have a moment for me. Ajay says to ajju lets go. AJju says yes i want to eat pethy. He holds sanjana’s hand and says lets go. Sanjana says leave my hand.

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