Snatched March Teasers 2020


Snatched March Teasers 2020

Sanjana learns about Shreya and her mother’s treachery, Meanwhile Sanjana’s father plans to  kill Ajay,How will Sanjana save Ajay? Read Snatched March Teasers 2020 below.

Zee Word Snatched March Teasers 2020.

Sunday 1 March 2020 


Shreya calls her mother up and informs her about all the activities that are occurring at the Pethewla house. Shreya’s mother asks Shreya to execute a plan through which she will be able to create havoc at home. What plan is Shreya going to execute the day of Avni’s engagement?

Monday  2  March  2020 


Sanjana finds Shreya handing over Avni’s necklace to her mother. On the other hand, the Pethewala family is alarmed to find Avni’s necklace missing from home. Shreya uses this opportunity to create another scene .

Tuesday 3  March  2020 


Sanjana tails Shreya’s mother to a jewellery shop. When Shreya’s mother is just about to sell the jewellery, Sanjana intervenes and stops her from doing so. What will Sanjana do ahead?

Wednesday 4 March  2020


Sanjana tells Shreya that her evil deeds have come to light. She asks Shreya to change and repent. Shreya gets angry but is asked by her mother to stay calm and not to play their tricks for some days.

Thursday 5 March  2020 


Ajay goes to the location to handover some sort of courier as asked by Sanjana’s father,. His vision soon starts getting blurred as the result of the eye drops that he had recently used. Sanjana learns from her sister that their father wants to kill Ajay. Sanjana immediately rushes off to save Ajay. How will Sanjana save Ajay?

Friday 6 March  2020 snatched

Episode 94

Shreya is proven guilty in front of the entire family and on learning this, Bhushan gets emotional and angry as well. He drags Shreya to the door and throws her out of the house. Bhushan then apologizes to his family and personally apologizes to Ajay.

Saturday 7 March  2020 


Shreya is thrown out of the home by Bhushan and she is emotionally hurt. She walks on the road and hails a taxi. Shreya’s mother spots her and calls out to her. Shreya does not respond to her mother, her mother finds out that she has been thrown out of the house and now she is going to commit suicide. Shreya’s mother then calls Bhushan and tells him that Shreya is going to commit suicide. Will Bhushan be able to save Shreya before she takes this extreme step?

Sunday 8 March 2020 


In the process of saving Sanjana from Ajju, Mishri hits him on his head and Ajju starts bleeding. Soon it is found out that Ajju has succumbed to his injuries and is dead. At the same time, the Pethewala family returns home and starts ringing the doorbell. Mishri reaches the door but only opens it after Ajay and Sanjana put Ajju in a sack bag. Sanjana starts suspecting a fourth person who might be involved. Will Sanjana be able to find out who the fourth person is?

Monday  9  March  2020 


A woman shows up at the Pethewala house and claims to be Ajju’s sister. She claims Sanjana to be Ajju’s murderer. This infuriates Ajay and he speaks up to defend his wife.

Tuesday 10  March  2020 snatched


Shreya finds Shaina stealing something from the cupboard. It is finally learnt that Shaina is just pretending to be Ajju’s sister and is hired by Shreya to trap Sanjana and Ajay. Shreya also asks Shaina to stay in her limits as she has been paid much for what she is doing and there is no need for her to steal.


Wednesday 11 March  2020


The Pethewala family is happy with the wedding proposal that has arrived for Mishri. Mishri’s parents ask for her consent. It is time for Mishri’s engagement Shaina is able to mix the powder into Mishri’s drink but before she could have her drink, Ajay comes out of nowhere and drinks it.

Thursday 12 March  2020 


Ajju, who was kidnapped by Shaina, is brought to a warehouse where Shreya shows up. It comes to light that Ajju did not die and instead he was saved by Shreya and now he has been planning all along with her. Shaina gets an intoxicated Ajay to tell the truth. Ajay claims that he murdered his best friend. While Ajay is confessing, Shania captures it so she can bring down the family.

Friday 13 March  2020


The wedding preparations of Mishri is carried out at her house. Amidst this, Shreya, Shaina and Ajju decide to create havoc. Ajay, who is recovering from his injury, experiences watching blurred images of Ajju. Sanjana asks Ajay to relax and he claims that he had been chasing a car, trying to catch a wanted person.

Saturday 14 March  2020 


The police arrive amidst the wedding and declare that they are here to arrest, Mishri. They claim Mishri to be the murderer of Ajju. Hearing this, Sanjana steps forward and claims that she is the murderer of Ajju and not Mishri. Sanjana handovers all the proofs to the police and on the basis of the proofs, Sanjana is declared the murderer.

Sunday 15 March 2020 


Sanjana is accused to have killed Ajju and has been arrested. Ajay and Bhushan visit the police station to meet the inspector. The inspector does not notice Ajay and Bhushan and is busy on the phone. Ajay is left emotionally broken as he watches his wife get ill-treated by the police officials. When the inspector does not respond to Ajay, the latter gets angry. Bhushan tells the inspector that that Sanjana has been arrested on wrong charges. The police tell Ajay that Sanjana can only be released when she procures a bail. Will Ajay and Bhushan be able to help Sanjana out?

Monday  16  March  2020 


Ajay drags Shaina before the Pethewala family and claims that she is cheating the family, acting as Ajju’s sister. He adds on that, Ajju is not yet dead and all this scene was created to put Sanjana in trouble.

Tuesday 17  March  2020 


Shaina meets Ajay and proposes to him. Ajay asks Shaina not to talk rubbish and ignores her. Shaina then informs Ajay that his very own sister-in-law, Shreya is cheating the family.  Ajay is flabbergasted to hear that and asks Shaina to prove this. Shaina then calls Shreya up and asks her to meet at a warehouse. Will Ajay finally learn the reality of Shreya?

Wednesday 18 March  2020


Sanjana’s father meets Ajay and informs him about the meeting with the police inspector. He tells Ajay that after two days the court would pass its statement and before that they need to collect evidences, which will prove that Ajju is alive. Later, Shaina meets Ajay and tells him that she is willing to help him but only when he agrees to marry her. Ajay accepts Shaina’s wedding proposal but asks her to disclose Ajju’s whereabouts.

Thursday 19 March  2020 


Mishri reaches the police station and meets Sanjana. Both of them share an emotional conversation. Sanjana asks Mishri to have courage and fight with her. Mishri then narrates the story to Sanjana as to how Ajju married her.

Friday 20 March  2020


After Sanjana is released from jail, Shaina confronts the Pethewala family with a bundle of papers and gives it to Nani. Upon checking the papers it is revealed that they are the divorce papers of Sanjana and Ajay. The family is flabbergasted to see the divorce papers. Trilok and Elaichi question Ajay as to what these papers mean. Ajay does not speak a word and leaves Sanjana in shock. Later, Ajay accepts that he has decided to divorce Sanjana and marry Shaina.

Saturday 21 March  2020 


Shaina has her next plan under her sleeve where she decides to hurt Sanjana and Ajay emotionally.Ajay soon wakes up and learns that Shaina has visited his room to get his permission to take bath in his bathroom. After the bath, Shaina hugs Ajay and forcibly romances with him. This scene is witnessed by Sanjana. What will Ajay answer Sanjana now?

Sunday 22 March 2020 


Sanjana and Shaina take the challenge of preparing the Biryani. Shaina has a plan up her sleeve, where she decides to spoil the Biryani prepared by Sanjana. While Sanjana is away from her stove, Shaina pushes her pot off the stove. But in the nick of time, Ajay and Sanjana reach the scene and save the pot from falling.

Monday  23  March  2020 


Shreya finds some papayas on the table and stealthily eats few pieces of it. She fails to notice that Bhushan is peeking from over the wall. Witnessing the scene, Bhushan gets suspicious.

Tuesday 24  March  2020 


Bhushan plans to get a doctor to collect Shreya’s blood sample for a pregnancy test. What will Bhushan realize that Shreya is faking her pregnancy?

Wednesday 25 March  2020


Sanjana and Shaina confront each other and have an argument. Sanjana claims that tomorrow is Karva Chauth and she would get her husband back. Shaina then pulls out a wedding card and places it into Sanjana’s hand, claiming that tomorrow is her and Ajay’s wedding. Sanjana is flabbergasted seeing the wedding card.

Thursday 26 March  2020 


The kitchen is a buzz with activity and Vinathi hears Shreya’s phone ringing. When she picks up the phone, Shreya grabs it from her. This causes Vinathi to be suspicious of Shreya’s behaviour. Later on Shreya finds out that Shaina killed Sanjana and she justified this saying that there was no other way. Is Sanajana really dead?

Friday 27 March  2020

Final Episode

Bhushan tells the family about who Shaina and Ajju joined hands to ruin the Pethewala family. Bhushan then tells everyone that Shreya too has been working against the family. Ajay stops the wedding ritual midway and tells Shaina that he won’t go ahead without seeing that Sanjana is safe.

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