Saturday Update The Promise Zee World July 21

Saturday Update The Promise Zee World July 21

Bani burns the Walia family photograph once more and Deb urges her to continue fostering feelings of revenge. Bani immerses the ash-filled urn in the river. Aditya gets hold of the torn family photograph floating in the river while they are performing the rites for Bani. Pia is very impressed with the opulence of the girls’ home. Just when she is about to see Durga’s photograph, Pia receives a phone call and she leaves. When Rano informs Jai that his son Atharva has gone out grandma, Jai gets furious but Rano assures him that grandma would take care of Atharva. But Atharva manages to escape while eating an ice candy. A couple in the garden kidnap Atharva. Jai gets furious when grandma informs him that Atharva has gone missing. Jai lodges a police complaint.

Bani goes to Lord Krishna’s temple and prays to bring her children back to her. Atharva bites the hand of his kidnapper, escapes to the temple and clings to Bani. The kidnappers then come to Bani and say that Atharva is their child. They put him in a sack and escape but collide against Deb’s car. Bani takes the child with her. Jai sees a lady taking Atharva away in her car and follows them. He calls the police to track the lady’s car. Bani brings an injured Atharva to a hospital.

INTRODUCTION OF DEB’S WIFE DIYA Deb requests Bani to leave the hospital and assures her that he will take care of Atharva. When Deb hears the doctor saying that Atharva is Jai’s son, Deb tells the doctor that Jai is his friend. Deb takes Atharva away and Jai follows him. The girls inform Bani that their mother has gone away on a pilgrimage. They introduce Dev’s wife Dia to Bani. Jai hires hoodlums to trace Deb and bring his son. A dejected Jai looks at Bani’s photograph and promises her that he will find Atharva.