Saturday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 9th Feb 2019

Aaliya asking Munni to tell the truth and asks how did she come out of house. Munni shouts for help. They tie her mouth, hands and legs. Abhi saves Pragya from falling and asks where is she going? Pragya says she was going downstairs and felt weak. Abhi says he didn’t hold her hand to leave. Pragya hides her feelings and asks him to drop her downstairs. Disha and Purab comes there. Abhi says she is fighting with me. Pragya argues with him. He takes him. They have an eye lock. Song plays. Disha and Purab get happy and says they love each other a lot. Abhi gets upset and goes to his room. Pragya asks him to open the door and asks him to tell why he has locked the door and asks him to let her come inside. Abhi says you are doing, what you shall not do and says I will not tell

you. Pragya says it is my room and let me come inside. Abhi says it is my room. Pragya comes to room and looks at him. Saiyyan song plays…..

Abhi says I am upset with myself and you, and I started feeling for you. He says when I touch you, I feel like I am touching my Pragya. If you are not my Pragya then I will hate myself. He says you aren’t my Pragya. Disha wonders what happened to him. Purab says it is Pragya’s mistake and asks him to find out why is Pragya lying.

Tanu is angry with Munni and says she will let agree to us. Aaliya says blood haven’t come out and scratches her hand. She says I will convince her by hook or crook. Tanu shouts. Aaliya says she will agree seeing blood on this handkerchief. They come to Munni and says Pragya had planned to kill you and asks her to help them by taking her place. Munni shouts. Aaliya opens cloth from her mouth. Munni tells that she will never go against Pragya and says she can’t do anything with her. Aaliya shows the handkerchief and tells that it is Chutka’s blood and says she has cut his finger. Munni cries. Aaliya blackmails her and asks her to decide kids future. Munni asks them to leave her kids. Aaliya says we will leave them once you agree. Munni cries and nods. Aaliya smirks.

Pragya makes Chole for Abhi and tells Disha about old incident. A fb is shown, Abhi eats the food made by Pragya and likes it. He didn’t let her go. Pragya asks him to finish it. Abhi says now I will have lady finger, and says I want to taste the fingers.