Saturday Update on Twist of Fate Sept 15

Saturday Update on Twist of Fate Sept 15

Abhi comes to Pragya and sees her sitting angrily. He gives her water. Pragya says I will not drink. She sees him. Abhi asks if you will drink boss blood, and says he is taking care of his cheeks. Abhi asks her to take water. Pragya thanks him. He checks her hands and nails, and says you got very much angry. Pragya says you gave me strength. Abhi says will you do as I says. Pragya says yes. Abhi asks do you have rice bag? Pragya says 7-8 kgs will be there. Abhi asks her to go home and count it. Pragya says I agreed for sensible things. Abhi asks her to count the dal grains. He asks her to go home and relax, says he will collect her salary and compensation. Pragya says I don’t need it. Abhi asks her to give compensation to him, says I need money. He asks do you get angry often. Pragya says don’t worry, this will not happen with you. Abhi thinks why did she tell this.

Aaliya coming to Tanu’s house and asks her to do something to cheer her mood. Tanu says boyfriend cheers up mood, but you don’t want to make and asks her to splash water on her face. She says I have become single because of you, and can’t mingle with anyone. Aaliya asks her to make drink for her, to cheer her up. Tanu makes drink and thinks why Aaliya is angry. She is hiding something big, I have to find out. Purab tells Abhi that he is happy and became his fan no. 1 for the justice. Abhi says but I was in loss. Purab says that loss. Pragya comes and says what loss, asks him to tell. Purab asks him to forget the loss and asks him to drop Pragya home as she is his fan no. 1. Pragya says I will go home by myself. Purab says it is his duty to drop you home. Purab says
today is her last day at office and your last day too, don’t know when you will meet each other or not, asks Abhi to drop her. He leaves. Abhi says okay, Purab was right and asks her to come.

Pragya in his car, thinks don’t know if we will meet again or not. She gets sad. Abhi asks her to teach him silent talk, and thinks why she is sad. He asks what is your problem. Pragya says nothing. Abhi says your problem seems to be big. Pragya says nothing is in control of us, and says whatever we wants couldn’t get. Abhi says I have become rockstar and says anyone can write his/her own destiny. He says you are worried as you lost job, what you will tell to Sarla, etc. He asks her not to worry, and get a job in any company taking his name. Pragya says you will not be with me for recommending me. Abhi says yes, you are right and asks her to feed her name in his phone so that he can call her back if there is a good job for her. Pragya gets happy. Abhi asks her to save her name as Miss Hawa Hawaii, and asks her not to call him often. Pragya says she uses phone only for important work. She thinks it is good now we can talk.

She comes home. Sarla and Beeji asks her to cry and lower her heart. Pragya asks why shall I cry? I am fine. Sarla says Purab told us everything and told that Abhi saved you. Pragya says I am happy that he supported me and went against everyone. She says he gave me happiness knowingly or unknowingly. Pragya says he promised to find a job for me. Beeji says she will work, but Sarla says Pragya will not go out for work. Beeji says I can guarantee you that Abhi will be with her. She asks her to think positive and says it is all destiny and God’s game. She asks her to have faith on God and says he will unite them. Pragya promises Sarla that she will take care of herself wherever she works. Sarla gets happy.

Abhi talks to Purab on phone and says I dropped her till home and not inside, I am not their damad. Aaliya comes and tells about his appointments tomorrow, and says then you are free. Abhi thinks to call Pragya to builder and thinks to get a job for her. He calls her. Pragya thinks he asked me not to call, but now calling me. Abhi asks what you are doing? Pragya says I was going to sleep. Abhi asks her to stay awake and fulfill her dreams. Pragya says only ghosts stay awake at night. Abhi says he is not afraid of ghosts as he has chudail like fan. Pragya gets angry. Abhi asks her to reach builders office tomorrow. Pragya says I couldn’t believe. Abhi asks her to leave her attitude and ego at home while coming. Pragya nods her head. Abhi asks her to say something. Pragya says I nod my head. Abhi says I am not infront of you. Pragya says but I am seeing you and says I will come. She smiles.

Abhi comes to the builder’s office and asks him to talk to Aaliya about his work. Builder asks about Pragya. Abhi says she is sweet, special, efficient and praises her a lot. Builder gets impressed. Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks why didn’t she come till now. Pragya comes to office and collides with someone. He scolds her for making his papers fall down. Pragya offers help. Abhi thinks she has lower her impression. Pragya asks the man not to shout. Abhi praises her and tells Builder that this is the girl. Builder asks are you sure? He says I thought she will be modern being your no. 1 fan. Builder checks her certificates. Pragya says I am double Ma. Dadi is there itself and sees her. She calls Pragya…Pragya hides seeing her.

Dadi wondering where did Pragya go missing suddenly. Abhi comes and asks what happened? I am here. Dadi says she is looking out for the girl. Abhi says I came for my fan no. 1 job, and tells that her name is Nikita. Dadi thinks if you are sure? Abhi says yes. Pragya thinks how I will give interview now and thinks to leave immediately. Abhi tells Dadi that he will drop her to temple. Dadi says she wants to go home now, as she is feeling unwell. Purab tells Beeji that Abhi told me that he left Pragya home, but didn’t tell me about his promise to find a job for her. He calls him. Abhi thinks Nikita is strange. She went without saying anything. He picks Purab’s call and says I came for Nikita’s job. Purab asks why you was pretending yesterday that you don’t care about
her and says you have hidden fact from you. Abhi asks who told you this? Purab says someone told me, and the bottomline is that you didn’t tell me. Abhi says there is something wrong with you, and sees Pragya there, ends the call. Beeji asks Purab to show his hand to a good palmist and wear ring.

Tanu couldn’t believe Aaliya and says you gave me surprise suddenly. Tanu says how you will react when I will tell you that Purab is going to propose you. Aaliya says shut up. She asks her to do something so that Abhi falls in her trap. Tanu says you have given me green signal, now see what I will do. Abhi sees Pragya and asks her to statue. He asks what do you think of yourself and asks why you are leaving silently. Pragya says I was leaving because of Dadi. Abhi asks what? He asks her to tell about the number of hairs on her head. Pragya tells 6 lakhs and change. Abhi thinks she is clever and have answers of my questions. He asks why you was leaving? Pragya says I didn’t like the office, as it is a construction company. She says I have no interest in construction company, and says I thought it is a music company. She asks him to get her a job in a music company. Abhi asks you like music and teases her. He gets Aaliya’s call and she asks how is the meeting? Abhi says it is good and asks her to come and check out once. Aaliya asks him to come for a casual meeting in the evening with her model friend Tanu. She says Tanu invited me and I thought to take you too. Abhi says what I will do with you both. Aaliya asks him to come suddenly and check her. Abhi says okay. Tanu gets happy, but thinks what will happen if he don’t come. Aaliya says I will go mad with you, and says I will cancel the meeting. Tanu says I was just sharing my feelings. Aaliya says I am least interested and asks her to change her get up, says it is now or never.

Abhi asks Pragya, what you was saying? Pragya says I told that I like music company. Abhi says I will slap you under your ears and teases her. He asks her to go. Pragya thinks if Dadi saw me, then thinks she didn’t see me. She comes home and sees Sarla talking to someone, who was insisting her to return his money. Sarla promises to return his money soon. Pragya thinks what I am doing? I forgot why I am doing job, so that I can meet the house expenses. She thinks to find job as soon as possible.