Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate 29th December 2018

Pragya teasing Sangram Singh. Police comes there. Purab asks Inspector to arrest Sangram and his goons. Sangram runs and escapes. Inspector says we will catch him. Disha thanks Munni for saving everyone. Dadi apologizes to her for thinking her wrong. Dasi says you have proved that you are our Pragya. Aaliya thinks if she is thinking herself to be Pragya and thinks to handle her. Mitali says I know what she was doing? Abhi tells Dadi that Sangram eloped, but will be caught soon. Dasi asks Munni to get him punished. Abhi tells Munni that she is his strength and inspiration, and says at once, even he got confused. Purab asks how did you make plan alone. Munni says when she went to room to call her, but her heart was not agreeing to it. She makes plan with Disha to put vibhuti
in the havan from her locket. Purab says you are same Pragya di for me who showed me right way and helped me always. Dasi says Pragya gave you Disha. Purab thanks Munni and Abhi and asks them to be together always.

Inspector tells Abhi that Sangram Singh fled, but will soon be caught. Aaliya wonders where is Tanu? If she knows that Sangram Singh was coming here. She comes to room and sees Tanu unconscious. She wakes her up and asks why she is sleeping down. Tanu says Sangram hit on her head and made her unconscious. Aaliya says he escaped, and tells that Munni did something because of which Abhi and Purab will make her sit on their heads now. Tanu asks what? Aaliya tells everything and says Munni became heroine in his sight. Tanu says she likes Abhi, I won’t leave her. Aaliya says I will not leave her, she helped disha and not sangram and will be punished for the same. Tanu says Munni shall see Abhi like he is seeing her brother.

Dasi asks Disha and Purab to marry first. Munni says we both will handle. She says we both are teachers and asks them to be quiet. Abhi says who is copying whom? Disha says sorry and says they want them to rest for a while. Disha and Purab gets ready for marriage again. Aaliya sees his pic on the projector. Sarla places chunari on her and asks her to be happy always. Abhi warns Aaliya and says he won’t let her bad eye fall on them. Raj says now he will be a married man now.

Pandit ji asks Purab to make Disha wear garland. Disha makes him wear garland then. Aaliya looks on upset. Sangram thinks he will not leave Pragya now and asks his wounds not to leave him till his revenge is done. Munni ties the ghatbandhan. Purab and Disha takes rounds. Sangram thinks he will celebrate after Pragya’s death. Abhi and Munni throw garland on each other. Aaliya fumes as she witness the marriage. Tanu asks Munni to come with her.

Tanu takes Munni to room. Aaliya asks what she is doing and with which right. Munni says you have only brought me here. Tanu accuses her for not letting Sangram take Disha and says you have ruined Aaliya and my life. Aaliya asks her to stop it. Munni says she tried to save everyone. Aaliya warns her and blackmails taking her chutka and chutki. Munni says she is Munni and not puppet like Tanu. She says Sangram would have killed you all, and asks if she want to marry Purab after death. Aaliya holds her neck and says she is ready to kill anyone and can die also. Disha asks where is Pragya. Mitali says Aaliya and Tanu are also not there.

Purab filling Disha’s maang with sindoor and making her wear mangalsutra. Abhi congratulates them. Disha asks where is Pragya? Mitali says even Aaliya and Tanu are not here. Abhi gets worried. Munni asks Aaliya to leave her. Aaliya threatens to kill her chutka and chutki. Munni says she don’t want to be threatened. Tanu asks Munni to stop her nonsense and says you haven’t saved us from Sangram. Munni says if she had let Disha marry Sangram then everyone would have understood that she is not Pragya and would have kicked her out, and also them. Abhi wonders where is Pragya and thinks Aaliya don’t harm her. Munni says she has proved now that she is Pragya. Tanu asks her to ask them before doing anything. Munni says she can’t take their permission infront of goons. Aaliya
says when she can kill Pragya, she can kill her also. Abhi comes there and asks who wants to kill whom.

Tanu makes a story that Aaliya was talking about Sangram. Aaliya says she thinks Pragya shall safeguard herself. Abhi asks them to stay away from her and asks her to come. He takes Munni with him. Aaliya says everything is finished, Purab married Bulbul first and now Disha, why can’t he marry her. Abhi asks Munni to bless Disha. Munni says how to bless her. Dadi asks her to bless her. Munni blesses them. Dasi teases saying Abhi and Pragya will give them good news first. Purab tells that they haven’t seen their jungle wedding. Abhi asks if he wants him to call them to jungle theme wedding. Purab asks Abhi to get married in the same mandap. Munni thinks what is this drama, if marriage happens then I will become his wife. Abhi says I am ready and asks if she remembers their wedding vows. Dadi, Dasi and Sarla tell that she knows all wedding vows. Abhi says lets see how much she remembers.

Abhi asks Pandit ji to get ready to do another marriage. He asks Munni to sit. Munni thinks she can’t marry as this is of Pragya’s right and not mine. Abhi asks why she is tensed? Munni says why to show it off. Abhi says it is needed and says he took upon the challenge, and wants to show that they are even now excited to marry. He asks Pandit ji to tell rounds mantras, and says they will take their own wedding vows. Mitali thinks Aaliya and Tanu will be shocked now.

Aaliya tells that she couldn’t stop Purab and Disha’s wedding. Tanu says I know you won’t let them united for long. Mitali comes there and tells that Abhi and Pragya are getting married. Aaliya and Tanu get shocked. Aaliya tells Tanu that they have to stop fake Pragya into becoming real. Mitali tries to hear them, but Dasi calls her and Aaliya and Tanu gets alert.

Munni tells Abhi that everyone is tired. Abhi says last time we got married in jungle, and says we shall marry here so that they can know our wedding vows. Munni says why remarriage again. Abhi says he is her husband and that’s why boss also. He asks pandit ji to do the marriage fast. Dadi covers shagun chunari on Munni’s head and ties ghatbandan. Pragya is shown making movement at Doctor’s place. Pandit ji asks them to stand for rounds. Dadi, Dasi and Sarla ask them to take rounds. Aaliya and Tanu stand shocked. Abhi happily starts taking rounds with Munni thinking her to be Pragya…Allah Wariyan song plays….Dasi says this day have become special for them now. Abhi promises to support her all life and will share happiness and pain with her. Allah Wariyan plays.

Pragya is about to gain consciousness from coma. She responds as she gets flashes of her marriage with Abh and opens her eyes.

Pragya gaining consciousness. Abhi and Munni are taking rounds. Munni thinks how to stop the marriage. Tanu asks Aaliya to stop the marriage anyhow. Aaliya says if we tell her truth then marriage will stop, but we will be exposed. She says let the marriage happen for now, we will think later what to do. Munni thinks if she takes one more round then marriage will be completed. Just then ghatbandhan catches fire and Dadi alerts them. Munni opens the ghatbandhan and asks if he is fine. Mitali says it is a big abshagun before last round. Pragya tells Doctor that she wants to go to her husband as something wrong happening with her husband. Doctor says you can’t walk properly, travelling is far. Pragya says she is nothing without her husband and have to go. Abhi takes Munni
with him.

Aaliya says marriage is stopped. Tanu says she is relieved. Purab says they will go after checking Pragya. Mitali teases them telling about wedding night. Doctor makes Pragya have water. Pragya says something wrong happening with my husband, let me go to him. Doctor says I can understand your feelings, but you are weak and just now came out of coma. Pragya says my husband is in trouble. She asks her to help her and treat her so that she gets fine. Doctor promises to take her tomorrow and asks her to lie down for now. She says I will take you, as I kept you with me and took care as a sister. She says we will leave tomorrow morning. Pragya says he is excited.

Munni tells Abhi that his wish of remarriage was not fulfilled. Abhi says it was not important than her. Aadha ishq song plays. Abhi applies ointment on her burnt hand and says it was my mistake. He says he is always scared thinking what he will do if anything happens to her, then thinks because of fear only, love gets increased. He says when you were shot, everyone said that you will not return, but because of our love, we are together. Dadi and Dasi hear them and says everything is fine. He asks her to tell him if she needs anything and asks her to rest. Aadha Ishq plays. Munni starts feeling for him. READ SUNDAY> 30TH ON TWIST OF FATE