Saturday Update on Twist of Fate 11 July 2020


Saturday Update on Twist of Fate 11 July 2020

Bulbul asking Pragya to propose Abhi. Pragya says she will not as she is happy the way it is going. She tells how Abhi denies to drink coffee in front of her, but then drinks later, calls her chasmish/fuggi, etc. and continues praising her. Bulbul says she has to propose jiju in 2 days, else she will break engagement. Pragya says she knows she is acting and will not budge for her demands. Bulbul angrily walks out.

Akash discusses with Abhi about new business deals and client wanting to do business in old rates, so he kept him on 1 week hold. Purab praises him that he learnt business so soon. Abhi says he is his brother. Aaliya asks Abhi to give 50% of his profit. Abhi says she can keep 100% as he is earning for her and Daadi. Bulbul comes there and takes Purab from there.

They both go to Pragya’s room. Pragya is hiding behind the curtain. They find her and say they have both decided not to get engaged until she proposes Abhi. Pragya says she will not. Purab says they tried to make her propose thrice, but she did not. Pragya asks when did they try. He tells how he hired Abhi’s mad fan and other 2 incidents. Pragya says Abhi likes her and tells the incidents where Abhi priased her, etc. Bulbul tries to convince Pragya to propose Abhi.

Purab says as a childhood friend, he can say that Abhi will neither accept nor deny Pragya’s proposal as he will compare her to Tanu and will eventually accept that she is better than Tanu. Pragya says she will not take risk. Purab and Bulbul say she should take a risk and Bulbul says she has challenged Tanu that she will unite Pragya and Abhi in 3 days and Tanu challenged that she will separate them. She says if she does not propose, she may lose Abhi. Purab says they both want her to unite with Abhi. Pragya smiles in happiness.

Akash asks Abhi to accompany him to Gurudwara. Taji says she already went in the morning. Mitali says if she would have taken her, she would have also prayed for Raj. Abhi gets sad and walks out from there. Tanu says Aaliya that she will calm down Abhi. Aaliya asks her to be patient as Pragya wants her to do any mistake and make Abhi hate her, says she used same strategy against her, but now she knows her plan well. Tanu says she does not have patience.

Abhi comes towards Daadi’s room and sees Pragya in lawn. Pragya acts as cleaning vase, etc., sees him getting restless and asks if he has any problem. He says she is his biggest problem and asks her to stop troubling him. Tanu and Aaliya come there and see him scolding Pragya. Doc comes and Abhi takes her into Daadi’s room.

Pragya goes to kitchen. Bulbul asks if she proposed Abhi. Pragya says she did not and says he is acting as a big rockstar. Bulbul says he is. Pragya says he scolded her in front of everyone. Daasi comes and asks if she gave Daadi’s medicines and says doc is questioning. Bulbul says Abhi was nervous thinking of Dadi and not her, so she should go and propose him.

Doctor scolds Abhi for not taking care of Daadi well and blaming doctors. Daadi says she is fine. Doc says she is losing weight and it is not a good sign. Abhi says he would have taken care of Daadi. Aaliya tells that Pragya did not allow her to take care of Daadi, else she would have take care of her. Abhi asks her to call Pragya. Pragya comes there just then. Abhi looks at her angrily.

Abhi scolding Pragya and asking how can she be so careless. Tanu and Aaliya smirk seeing that and discuss that Abhi and doc will take Pragya for a task now. Pragya asks Abhi what did she do. He says she did not take care of Daadi well. Doc says Daadi’s weight is decreasing and it is a big concern. Pragya says she gave oats and nonoily food to daadi and stopped her tea/coffee and instead gave juice, now Daadi’s leg swelling has gone down and she is climbing stairs herself without shortness of breath. Doc says she will believe only after checking reports, checks them and praises that Daadi has recovered fast and walks out with Abhi. Pragya thinsks Doc scolded her and did not even apologize. Abhi thanks doc for Daadi’s good recovery. She says he should thank his wife instead. She sees Pragya and says she knows to take of people well and Daadi’s recovery is because of her, everyone house should have a family member like her.

Pragya starts scolding Abhi that without knowing the fact he scolds her always and continues. Abhi asks her to save her lecture for her college and says he wants to apologize her. She gets happy. He says she is flying before hearing sorry, so he will not. She says without hearing his sorry, she forgives him. Tanu gets irked seeing them toghether.

Tanu gets her mom’s call. Aaliya asks what did aunt say. She says she wants me to marry, but does not I am still waiting for Abhi, hope Abhi divorces Pragya before she comes back.

Pragya tells Bulbul over phone that Abhi did not even apologize her. Bulbul asks her to stop her ego and propose jiju within 2 days, else Tanu will win challenge. Pragya sees Abhi’s voice and acts as sleeping on couch. She falls asleep. Abhi drapes blanket over her. She wakes up and sees Abhi on bed. She tries to speak, but gets stops seeing him in deep sleep, thinks she will talk to him tomorrow and falls back asleep.

During breakfast, Daasi says Daadi that it is Pragya’s first lohri after marriage, so they will celebrate it lavishly. Daadi says yes of course. Cousin daadi says they cannot celebrate it like her village lohri. Daadi asks Akash to arrange it. He says he will arrange with bhangra, sweets, etc. Cousin daadi gets happy. Bulbul comes there and takes Pragya to her room. She asks if she proposed Jiju. Pragya says she slet before Abhi came. Bulbul says today is best day for her to propose Abhi during lohri celebrations. Pragya says she is very shy and cannot. Bulbul says lohri is an auspicious day for the couples to express their love and she should not lose this chance.

Daasi tells Daadi that she forgot inviting Pragya’s family for lohri. Sarla on the other side asks Purbi to go to the nearby locality to celebrate lohri. Purbi asks daadi to accompany her. Daadi says she is tired and will not come. Abhi’s daadi calls Sarla and invites her to come with her family for lohri celebrations. Sarla informs Purbi and daadi. They both get excited and sing folk song.

Mitali informs Aaliya and Tanu that daadi has planned Pragya’s first lohri grandly with bhangra, etc., and asks them not to wear heeled sandals for dance. Once Mitali leaves, Aaliya says she was waiting for this day and says instead of Pragya performing lohri with Abhi, she will make Tanu perform lohri with Abhi. Tanu says she is getting exited just hearing about it, she will kick Pragya out today.

Bulbul provokes Pragya to propose Abhi at any cost and says if she does not, Tanu will win her challenge. Pragya says she will.

Pragya taking out coin from under her pillow. Abhi taunts that she was stealing coins and saving them. She shows him a small silver box. He asks if she is saving coins in this. She shows kumkum in it and shows coin. He asks if she will apply kumkum with coin and dream about becoming richer than him. He continues his baffoonery. Pragya gets angry. He says he knows to calm her down, dips coin in kumkum and applies it on her forhead. She gets happy. He says she is no 1 dramamaaz and walks out asking her to continue her drama. Pragya says she will propose him and tomorrow he will happily apply kumkum on her forehead.

Abhi sees Daasi and cousin daadi practicing bhangra. He asks them to stop, else they will get tired. Daasi says she is more energetic and dances well in her village lohri. He asks her to continue and goes to Daadi’s room to bring her shawl. Tanu comes there and says she has a surprise for him tonight. He thinks she must have got a new modelling assignment.

Lohri celebrations start. Abhi’s daadi greets Sarla and family in. Cousin daadi says she will not get village savouries in Mumbai. Akash shows savouries and says he has arranged everything here. Daadi gets happy. Taiji praises Akash and says that is the reason Abhi made him his marriage.

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