Saturday Update on This is Fate 9th February 2019

Shrishti hurries towards police station after Preeta’s call.
Rakhi was happy to see Sherlin dressed up in her bridal dress. Sherlin narrates how she had to look around the market for something suitable. Kratika comes to the room, Sherlin hugs Kratika and brings her the gift. Kratika asks Kareena why Sherlin is showing so much affection to her at once, she never hugged her ever. She was clear to Sherlin that she doesn’t need her gifts, as she can’t buy love through money. She leaves. Kareena was apologetic to Sherlin. Sherlin says she might be in an off mood. Rakhi was happy that Sherlin will be able to take care of her family well.
Prithvi calls another reporter to reach the police station, as Karan Luthra has been arrested. He turns to hit Rishab’s shoulder but Rishab hadn’t

noticed, and moves on by saying sorry. Inside, Karan wonders who placed that drug pack in his pocket, and if it was deliberate or not. He requests to make a call.

Preeta insists on the inspector that Karan is a straight forward person, he is innocent. The inspector was furious over Preeta repeating the same thing again and again. Preeta says they haven’t yet investigated the matter to full, he and his family never took the name of drugs as well. Rishab had reached behind them. Preeta cries placing her head over his chest. The lawyer speaks to the inspector. Preeta blames herself.
The inspector unlocks the lockup for Karan to make a call. Rishab had reached there and slaps Karan hard on face. He says Karan must know what a blunder he made. His career can be ruined if the news of drugs is leaked. He got a chance in one day after such struggle. Preeta requests Rishab to first try and get him out of here. He assures he brought a good lawyer with him, then hugs Karan. After he has gone towards the inspector, Preeta tells Karan not to worry at all. Karan forbids her to cry, but Preeta breaks in blaming herself. Karan tries to cheer her up. The inspector calls him back into the lockup.
The inspector was stubborn and calls Karan a criminal. Rishab comes to question the lawyer about bail. The inspector says he won’t let the bail take place. Rishab deters he will take the bail at any cost today. The inspector tells Rishab only law works here. Rishab argues they didn’t investigate the matter and warns to call the commissioner. The inspector says no one will help him as its drug case; and they have been arrested red handed. Rishab repeats he will do his best to save his brother, as he is innocent. The inspector tells Rishab to call the commissioner right away. Preeta joins them.
Rishab introduces himself to the commissioner. He tells the commissioner about the drug case; the commissioner was ready to give him a consent but not any assistance in bail in drug’s case. Rishab watches Preeta helplessly.
Shrishti reaches the police station in auto, and has an argument with the driver. She goes inside to get the change and stops everyone on the way. Prithvi watches her in the back view mirror of a car and was alert.