Saturday Update on This is Fate 19th January 2019

Shrishti wonders what’s going on. Preeta inquires what Shrishti is going here, but Shrishti leaves her side. Prithvi comes across Preeta and turns around instantly. He nods at Sherlin from a side. Later he was taking the thaal, when he comes across Sarla. Sarla recognizes his voice.
Preeta and Karan watch Sherlin watch a waiter through the sieve. Preeta says they must unveil their truth. Dadi calls Rishab to come to Sherlin. Sherlin decides to only break her fast with her lover’s hand. She fakes to fell down. Preeta also fell down, while both Rishab and Karan were on her side. Sherlin asks for water which Prithvi brings. Rishab holds Karan back towards Preeta.
Prithvi turns to stare at Preeta then runs. Karan and Preeta chase Prithvi who flee from the house.
Upstairs, Rishab wish Preeta was here in place of Sherlin. There, Sherlin thinks Rishab is looking for Preeta, but now only Sherlin has a right over Rishab. She was boastful about her victory against Preeta’s planning. Kareena comes to take her to break her fast.
Preeta and Karan find the fake moustache. Preeta was worried they would not recognize the man now. Karan suggests about looking into the parking lot.
Kareena brings Rishab-Sherlin and Kritika-Akshay to the center, announcing they are rightful to break the fast before others. Rishab signals Rakhi about not interested but Rakhi nods at him. Sherlin thinks Rishab is such an idiot, while Rishab felt bad for Sherlin as he had still been thinking about Preeta. Everyone clap at the fast break.
Sarla tells Shrishti she is tension free for Preeta now. She believe they will keep her really happy, as it’s a nice family. Rakhi breaks her fast now. Sameer and Shrishti indulge in an argument. Sameer says Shrishti likes him. Shrishti calls him cute, and he really likes her. Rakhi finds them together and wonders if something’s going on between them.
Preeta and Karan were shocked to see Prithvi in the car. They weren’t suspicious. Karan goes to look the other side. Prithvi tells Preeta he brought a bangle for her a gift, her Dadi sent him here. Preeta was reluctant to accept the gift.

Karan was curt watching Prithvi and Preeta together. Preeta wonders why he apologized to disturb her. Karan comes to Preeta and says he didn’t find Sherlin’s lover boy but hers. Shrishti asks Preeta why she accepted the bangle when she was to break the relation.
Upstairs, Rakhi watches Sarla and asks what she had to speak to her about. She takes her downstairs.
Shrishti tells Karan she knows already that they are in love with each other. She had seen them together and even told Sarla about it. Sarla is here to speak about their proposal to Rakhi. Karan and Preeta were both shocked to hear this. Shrishti qualifies she only helped them, and what was her mistake when she had seen them on bed together. Preeta and Karan blame each other, Preeta then runs behind Shrishti. Shrishti sends


them to look after Sarla, what if she has already spoken to Rakhi about it.
Rakhi brings Sarla to the room, she apologizes for making her wait. Sarla says there is a good news, but depends on Rakhi’s feelings about it. Rakhi asks her not to be hesitant at all. Sarla says she wish about the proposal of their children, her younger son likes Preeta. Rakhi thinks about Shrishti and Sameer, she says she also got to know right away. Sarla watches Shrishti, Preeta and Karan signal Sarla at the door. Sarla sweats while Shrishti signals her not to continue. Sarla gets nervous, then takes a leave at once. She says every mother would wish her daughter marries in their family. Outside the room, Sarla fumingly signals Shrishti to come along. Rakhi stops Karan. She discuss about Sarla’s hesitation with her, and asks Karan about her thinking. Karan says Preeta isn’t that nice a girl. Rakhi says it’s about Sameer and Shrishti, Shrishti is a nice girl. Karan smirks.
Sarla was angry at Shrishti, it must have been a disgrace to her otherwise. Preeta apologizes Sarla and assures there is nothing between Karan and her. Sarla scolds Shrishti, while Shrishti promises to never touch Dadi’s cough syrup again.
Rakhi asks Karan why he was taken aback. Karan tells Rakhi that Sarla didn’t come for Shrishti and Sameer but about his…. He stops at once, then qualifies it’s his assessment as well that Sameer and Shrishti suit each other. Rakhi was happy that Rishab liked Sherlin, Karan selected Sofia and now Sameer and Shrishti were also paired. Karan was happy that Shrishti would now suffer.
Outside, Shrishti apologizes Preeta and says she even handled the matter in the end. She asks Preeta how Prithvi got the size of her bangles, and compliments them to be heavy. She was sure Prithvi would buy her expensive gifts. Karan comes to tell Shrishti that Rakhi had a misunderstanding that Sarla came for Shrishti and Sameer’s proposal. Shrishti asks if he didn’t correct her. Karan says no. Preeta says definitely someone else also told Rakhi about Sameer and Shrishti; else she wouldn’t have agreed instantly. Preeta asks Shrishti about Sameer. Shrishti says Sameer is such a shorty, he is an idiot and she dislikes him a lot. She goes to Sameer to take his class.
Sameer climbs a stool to look for something over the cupboard. Shrishti comes there fuming and holds his arm. Both fell down.
Rishab and Kareena bring Sherlin aside. They force her to have some juice. Sherlin says she hasn’t eaten anything since morning, and now she feels vomiting because of so much food. Kareena sends Rishab and Sherlin to her room. She was relieved that now they will be husband and wife in their true meaning, she will no more have any tension them. She turns to see Karan and Preeta peek at her and was suspicious.

Shrishti and Sameer get up the floor, both hurt. Sameer was concerned about the bruise on her arm and blows over it. Both recalling the moments with each other. Rakhi comes there, smiles watching them. She comes in and says she is happy about the proposal and apologizes for disturbing their romance. When Rakhi has left, Sameer asks Shrishti which proposal, and was shocked to hear it was theirs.
Karan and Preeta were both upset about missing the chance to get a proof against Sherlin. Karan comments on her bangle Prithvi gifted. Preeta was irked at his distraction. Preeta says Karan is jealous, he has no one special in his life. He boasts of his stardom, and teases and no one must ever have loved Preeta. Preeta says he wants to inquire about her past life? Karan says he isn’t concerned how
boyfriends she had in the past may. Preeta asks if he really doesn’t care. Karan asks her to let him focus on Sherlin and think about an idea. Preeta laughs.
Rakhi calls at Preeta’s home. Janki receives the call and says Sarla is suffering from low blood-pressure. She says Rakhi can speak to her about any matter. Rakhi says she agrees to the proposal Sarla wanted to speak to her about. Janki cheers that it was her idea. After the call, Rakhi thinks what if Karan and Preeta are also paired.
Sameer was shocked to hear the news. He wonders who spread the rumor about their affair. Shrishti says that’s not the concern; what’s important is how to get out of the problem. Sameer says he doesn’t like any of qualities in Shrishti; and they don’t even love each other. Shrishti about taking Preeta’s advice in the matter.
Karan takes Preeta outside. Preeta decides they can’t leave Sherlin, she is fit and fine but is posing to be ill. Karan asks what Sherlin would do at maximum, impress his family. But what they will do will ruin everything. Preeta asks about his plan. Karan says they will go to her house and search around, there must be some picture or gift of her and her boyfriend. He decides to do it tonight. Preeta asks if they would enter Sherlin’s house as a thief. Karan observes her face and asks why she is posing to be a criminal. Preeta was concerned about being caught. Karan says Sherlin is here, and her mom out of station. Preeta shares her guilt for being responsible of Rishab’s engagement with Sherlin. She holds his hand thankfully to help her disclose Sherlin. Karan flirts with Preeta to lighten her mood. Preeta minds, they leave for Sherlin’s house.