Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 24th

Short Update

Today again it starts with Jigs telling the Walias the lies.. trying to make them believe that Pronita is a cheater. Rano remembers the times with Pronita. Jigs also asks Ranveer -Rashi how they could not recognise  Pronita… She makes Adi remember his moments with Pronita too.. Jigs tells Jai that even the matter with Pritush was what she was telling Pronita to do.. Jigs says sorry to the family and tells them that she is not Bani.. she is Pronita .. who did everything for money.. she had promised Pronita 10 crores… She lies that she gave Pronita 5 crores.. and then Pronita wanted more more … but she had nothing to give her so Pronita blackmailed her that she would tell them everything and put them in jail…She compares Pronita with Meera… says Meera did for property and Pronita did for money… she tells Jai that Pronita wants 20 crores for all the injuries she got from Meera… Jigs cries a lot and somehow convinces the family that Pronita is a fraud… Jai says I will give Pronita money.. whatever she wants… Jigs is happy she convinced everyone… it was all a flashback of Jigs telling Pronita what happened… she is telling Pronita that she is so dumb you haven’t changed in spite of everything that you have suffered in life then how can Jigs change…. you trusted Jigs who even God does not trust in…

Jigs is telling Pronita that she spent 17 years taking care of her.. spent money on you… someone who I wanted to destroy… for 17 years I hugged you but you are not even fit to sit near my shoes.. she says you have no idea what I went thru doing all this and I hope that you learnt something from me… She says when I have many enemies, I make one of them my friend and use him to finish others .. she used her against Meera and had thought that you will kill Meera and go to jail and i would be the witness but you did nothing like that and instead got hurt .. so then I had to change my plan …now even if you tell the family, no one will believe you cause they think Bani is dead.. the kangan you had could have been a proof but you don’t have it.. baba’s diary can be another proof but even that is missing and so is baba… she says Partho was my friend and he helped you on my saying.. Pronita is shocked..

Jigs says that even I changed your face.. Pronita remembers… Jigs says that you believe people easily.. your game here is over .. the family will not even talk to you.. Bani is dead.. you are pronita that family hates.. Pronita tells her that you double crossed me.. but Jigs tells her you should thank me.. I did so much for you.,.. gave you another pretty face.. for a few days at least you got to stay with the family.. with Jai.. meet the kids… I even made Jai give you 20 crores… take this cheque and get loss… you are still beautiful and so go and trap some rich guy and enjoy life and dont come near us as this family incl me hates Pronita… after today only Jigs will rule.. I will make sure that nobody even thinks about you.. Kasam se Bani… she calls security and tells them to throw Pronita out and make sure she does not come near the house.. this is Jai Walia’s order.. Pronita remembers her dream backwards.. she walks off …

Pronita is walking on the road… remembering the past .. Jigs lies.. Jai is drinking.. Adi is with him.. Jai is frustrated.. he says why does it happen with me .. why do people who I trust always betray me.. first it was Pia, then Meera .. I can understand why they did it ..and now Pronita..why did she had to do ..Jigs is listening .. Adi asks if he is angry at Pronita..Jai says why should I be angry at her.. she brought my kids on the right path, saved Ganga, told the truth about Pritush.. everything she did but it was for money.. it is her occupation… but one thing she did wrong .. she reminded me of Bani.. she should not have done that.. Jigs is sad.. she tis thinking to herself…says sorry to Jai and says that I know I am causing a lot of trouble.. but I love you a lot and I hate Bani as much.. if it would have been someone else I would not have done it.. if they think Bani is dead then I won’t change it… Jigs gets ready in all her finery.. she has the house keys and she wishes herself good luck for the future…

Pronita remininsces over what Jai said to her in the previous episodes and is sitting next to Atharva and Krishna grave, she spends the night there. Jai arrives next morning and Pronita hides behind a tree. Jai tells the kids he leaving everything and is moving on to the US forever with wonderful memories of Bani and his kids. Pronita is shocked and says he cannot leave. Pia’s entrance! she’s looking really good. Jigyasa says she will have to check her horoscopes out to see if all her life she is going to be tormented by the three sisters. She is talking about canada to Rano and she bought her specs. Rano is cheesed at Pia for coming, she thinks Pia wants to hich with Jai again. They argue over the fact that they lost in contact with one another, one changed number while the other changed email address.

Pia and Rano hug the Kasamh se title tune plays and theres a flashback of all the good times. She calls her chishmish, Jai isn’t happy that Pia has arrived. Jigyasa says i was scared when u said that i am Jai Walias wife but then Rano, krishna and Vicky only saved her. You deserve all this then pronita says that with meera i fought a mahayudh of 18 days but with u Jigyasa, i am gonna play a yuh of 3 days and i am surely gonna win it, I promise. Pronita goes to Jai, but he is unaffected by her, he says you are nothing to me so i will let u do whatever you want, u want to stay here, you stay, but just dont disturb me as i am very busy. Pia says to Rano, this time i am not gonna let any Pia, Meera or Pronita ruin my Bani’s house, i will fight with pronita and take care of her. Pronita enters Pia’s room, and she touches the picture of pia,bani and rano but Pia stops her from doing so