Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World July 28

Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 28 Episode

Bani gains consciousness. Jai wants to make Bani understand everything. Jai tries to explain it to Bani that he is not at fault. Bani accuses him of always loving Pia. Jai tells Bani that he always loved her and the only reason he did all that as Pia had the CD. Bani understands it all. But later Jai realizes that he has been day dreaming. Jigyasa tells Pia that all their hard work has gone to dust. Deb’s mother is worried for Deb. Pia decides to go to the Police to get Bani arrested. Bani comes to her senses and realizes she is in Walia house.

Everyone is happy that Bani has regained consciousness. Pia and Jigyasa come with the Police to get Bani arrested. The Police tell Jai that they have come to arrest Bani. The police tells that Pia has informed them that Bani is alive. The police ask for searching the house. Bani feels that Jai has called the police, so she goes away. Rano blames Pia for being so bad. Pia blasts at Rano for interfering and slaps her. Pia blackmails Jai with having the custody of his kids. The police warn Pia for giving them false information. Pia asks Krishna about Bani.

The police see Bani running and fire at her. She is shot in the leg. Bani blames Jai and Pia for letting the police fire at her. Jai gets mad at the police. Jai runs to go to Bani but Pia stops him. The police arrest Bani. Pia is very happy. Deb’s mother and sisters decide to help Deb and Durga get together. Bani promises herself that she will avenge herself. Jigyasa, Pia and Karuna visit Bani in the lock up. They warn Bani to forget Walia house. Ranvir, Rano and Jai wonder what to do. Pia tells Jai to forget Bani. Rano tells Pia that she should try to rectify her mistakes. Jai challenges Pia that he will prove Bani is Durga. Deb goes to the police station and proves to the police that it is not Bani but Durga Dasgupta. Bani promises herself sweet revenge.