Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World August 4

Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 4 Episode

Bani stops Pia from eating anti stress tablets. She tells Pia that she is useless. Rano tries to talk sense to Pia. Pia tells her that she loves Jai a lot. Jai gets a note in the party which makes him uneasy. Jai and Bani are made to dance. Rashi hopes that Ranvir still loves her. Rano gets a letter asking her to come to the old library. Rano goes to the library and finds some photos. She is stressed. Jai asks her what is wrong. Deb gives him some thing to see. There is a film shown at the party in which Jai is seen with a woman.

Bani tells Pia that the man she destroyed her sister’s life for, he has ditched her. Pia tells her that she will keep on loving Jai no matter what. Bani tells Deb that she does not know how to react. Deb tells her that Jai has left for India. Dadi asks Jai about Bani. Rano asks him to answer her questions. Jai refuses to explain anything. Pia comes and tells everyone that she has come. Rano gets angry at Pia and tells her to go out of the house. Rano breaks down and cries. Ranvir consoles her. Deb promises himself that he will avenge Pallavi’s death. Pallavi’s mother, Maa, tells him to forget the past. Jai calls up Deb and asks him why he is doing all this.

Ashwini Kalsekar’ plays the role of Jigyasa from this episode. Jai asks Deb why he is torturing him so much. Deb shows him a ring and tells him to remember the party in Turkey years back. Deb tells him about Pallavi who was killed by Jai. Rano, Dadi, Ranvir and Aditya too come there. Maa comes there and slaps Jai. She asks him why he killed Pallavi. The police arrest Jai for Pallavi’s murder. Bani too comes there. Jigyasa comes and stops the police. She wants to tell the further story but Jai stops her. Jaigyasa tells the police that the child in Pallavi’s womb was not Jai’s but Deb’s child. Jigyasa recounts how Pallavi was depressed due Deb’s possessiveness. Pallavi’s death was an accident. Bani confronts Deb for using her. Rano and Ranvir apologize to Jai. Deb too apologizes to Jai. But also tells him that he loves Bani.