Saturday Update on The Promise Zee Tv Serials

Saturday Update on The Promise Zee Tv Serials

14 July Episode

The doctor tells Pushkar that Pia does not recall anything about the last year and half. Bani brings Pia to her house. Pia promises to become rich someday. Tarun asks Bani why she got Pia back to her house, so Bani replies that although Pia ruined her home, she is her sister. Tarun tells Bani that he’ll never be able to love any other woman. Rano too scolds Bani for bringing Pia home. Rano asks Bani how she can believe that Pia is not pretending. Bani replies that Jai’s and her love is very strong now and Pia will realise her mistake someday. Pia walks in just then and asks who’s made a mistake.

Ranvir requests Rano not to be formal with him. Bani informs Aditya and Karuna that Pia will be staying with her and that Pia does not recall anything from the last year and a half. Pia asks Bani why she’s wearing a `mangalsutra’ when she’s not even married. Pia removes it from Bani’s neck. Jai’s aunt suggests to Karuna to get Laxmi and Tarun at least engaged. Rano gets irritated with Bani for taking so much care of Pia. The power supply gets cut off, and Pia accidentally reaches Jai’s room. Just then, Rano enters and warns Pia never to come to the room again. Pia sees Bani bump into Tarun and assumes that Bani is in love with him.

Ranvir tells Bani that he cannot be happy without Rashi. Pia has a surprise party to bring Bani and Tarun together. Rano assures Ranvir that their bond would exist only till Rashi’s end, so he was free to go anywhere. Bani informs Tarun that the shop where they’d given the handycam for repair, got burnt. Tarun comforts her. Someone clicks a picture of them. Jai’s aunt sees them and starts to taunt. Pia tells Rano that Tarun and Bani make a lovely couple. Karuna suggests to Tarun that he get engaged to Laxmi soon. Pia demands to know from Pushkar what’s wrong with him. Jai receives the video clipping of Tarun holding Bani’s arm. Jai gets angry that Tarun dared to get so close to his wife