Saturday Update on The Promise Sept 15

Saturday Update on The Promise Sept 15

Bani had flashbacks of her moments spent hugging them and playing with them. She then remembers the horrible moments of her death and drops to her knees in remembered grief. She dreams that the two come running to her and hugs them tightly. Maasi comes behind her and is shocked to see the samadhi minus Bani’s name. She tells Bani that you always railed against Fate that your children were torn from you now Fate has brought you back, close to them. You may not be able to wipe their tears or hug them but at least they will no longer be alone. As they turn to leave Bani feels as though the children are holding her dupatta a but sees that its simply stuck in the marble.

At the Pujari’s home they receive a warm welcome from the Pujari, his wife and a comical helper types called Banwari. Bani thanks the pujari for letting her stay with them but says that she will share all expenses with them. The wife says that you are like our daughter and one does not take money from daughters but Bani says that she too has the responsibility of her daughter and cannot allow them to become burdens. She tells them that if you do not agree we cannot stay here. The pujari says that they will take the money to make her happy but will not touch it, it will be deposited in the temple funds. They leave and Maasi is glad that they are such good decent people. Bani tells her that she needs to find work to meet their expenses as soon as possible.

Bani is looking through newspaper adverts for jobs and the few places she goes to is turned away. One place tells her to come back for the second round of interviews the next day.  She calls and tells Maasi and Maasi is relieved to hear it. She tells her to come home as Ganga is waiting for her. Bani sees her bus departing and runs after it but misses the bus. In doing so she bangs into Daksh. Daksh and she sit and talk and Daksh is upset that they went through so much. He tells her that you left both Mumbai and Meerut with false allegations on you. At least if he was there he would’ve told off the Thakurain. He tells Bani to stay with him but she refuses saying that only the two of them know the truth of their relationship and she does not want people to misunderstand their relationship. She personally doesn’t really care what people think but Ganga should not have to face any mudslinging or hardships. She tells Daksh that even a mighty personage like Lord Ram had to exile his wife because of popular doubt, she too is like Seeta. Daksh tells her that Ganga should be told the truth about her father, but Bani refuses saying that once Ganga knows, Bani will be unable to stem either her questions or her curiosity.. She can see Ganga live a life without her father but not without her father’s faith and trust.

JW is ready and takes out a picture of Krishna and Atharv.( Beautifully enacted by RK). He closes his eyes and runs his fingers across the photo almost as though he is trying to touch his lost kids.  He sees white flowers kept next to his watch and as he’s leaving Meera asks him where he goes everyday at 5am, she’s been noticing this for the past 5 years. JW looking murderous walks up to her and tells her that he has business associates coming at 8pm, to have dinner ready. As he leaves Meera thinks that she’ll have to find out.

Bani comes to the childrens samadhi and with tears in her eyes places white flowers on both their graves and leaves. JW comes with Meera following at a distance. JW’s Secy/PA asks him why he comes everyday and JW tells him that he’s fired. He takes out a card and tells him that this is the card of my competitor and you’ll get a job with him if you tell him you’ve worked for me. He tells him that this is my kids samadhi and I come here coz this is the only place where I feel human again. Meera hears this and leaves teary eyed.

JW goes to the samadhi and is shocked to see white flowers on the two headstones and immediately guesses that only Bani could’ve done this. He remembers the time at the kids school function when Bani(after the first leap) was handed white flowers by the school principal coz they were her favourite flowers. He calls someone and tells him to find out Bani’s whereabouts immediately as he knows she’s back in the city.

Karuna and Jigz are talking and Karuna asks Jigz what if Bani really comes back. Jigz says it would be nothing less than an earthquake and they should not refer to Bani in this house, They se JW storming by and he throws the bunch of flowers in his hand to the ground. Both Jigz and Karuna look perturbed as they realize that for the first time in 5 years JW has not put flowers on the samadhi. Jigz does ask JW but he just ignores her.

Raashi’s daughter Vidya is hiding in JW’s room and comes and hides behind Meera coz she doesn’t want to drink her milk. Raashi comes and tries to catch her but the daughter slips out and in the tussle knocks over Krishna/Atharv’s photo. JW enerts the room to see the smashed picture and looks livid.


JW picking up the broken frame. He looks furious and asks menacingly who has dropped the picture of his children. Meera looks at Raashi’s and Vidya’s frightened faces and takes the blame. She tells JW that while dusting she dropped it. JW yells at her telling her that he’s told her repeatedly to stay away from his things, is she dumb that she’s unable to understand. He tells her and the others to get out. Meera leaves with tears in her eyes and while leaving Raashi tells JW that it was actually  Vidya who dropped the frame and that Meera was yelled at by him for taking the blame. JW still looks upset.

In the kitchen Meera is thinking of JW’s yelling and is wiping away tears. Raashi and Vidya comes and Vidya apologises for being the cause of Meera getting a scolding from JW. Meera reassures her that by now she’s  forgotten JW’s words. Raashi tells her that she’s getting fed up with Vidya’s increasing naughtiness. Even today she’s been called by her school principal to hear complaints against her and she does not want to go. Vidya says that if you do not go then I will not be allowed into class but Raashi refuses. Meera then offers to accompany Vidya to the Principal’s office. She tells Raashi that after all Vidya is just a child. She makes Vidya drink her milk and they leave from there.


At the school Ganga has come with Bani for admission. Ganga is hopeful of studying there and Bani reassures her that with her marks, admission should not be difficult. She makes Ganga wait outside the Principal’s office as she goes in to meet the Principal. Inside the Principal  tells Bani that they will be proud to have a student like Ganga on their roster but asks Bani why on all of Ganga’s certificates her fathers name is filled in with Bani’s name. Bani tells the Principal that they are separated. The Principal tells her to deposit 7,000rupees as deposit and fees and Bani is shocked to hear the amount as she knows they have no money. She asks the Principal if she can delay the formalities but the Principal tells her that she must hurry coz seats are few. Meera comes in with Vidya and is surprised to see Ganga sitting there. Ganga is happy to see her and tells her that they have shifted to Mumbai and that she too will be studying in this school. Bani comes out looking worried and sees Meera. Meera asks why they left Meerut as everything was there for them. Bani replies that very often we have to go along not with what we want but with what life offers us. Now we’re in Mumbai. Meera is glad that they’ve found each other and introduces the two children to each other. Vidya quite cheerfully tells them that she’s here to get a scolding. Meera and Vidya leave.


JW is sitting in his office in deep thought and Jigz observes him wondering what has got him so rattled. She asks him why he looks so worried and initially JW brushes her off saying that its work pressures. But Jigz refuses to believe him saying that in the past 5 years she has always seen him worry others where business is concerned rather than get worried himself. She reminds him that for all this while she has been his confidante and asks him again what’s up. JW then tells her that Bani is in the city he can feel it. Jigz is shocked  and tells him that Bani left this city 5 years ago but JW is insistent and tells her about the flowers on the children’s samadhi. In the past 5 years no one has come between him and his children, only Bani could’ve done something like this. He’s on his way to getting proof of her whereabouts. Jigz asks him that she will also try to find out but asks him so what if she’s back, even if it is her, it should make no difference to you, JW responds that in his life Bani has been the only person who has changed him twice, once with her love from a stone to a man and again with her betrayal from a man back to a stone. He wants to see her in front of him just once. Jigz is shaken and thinks what shall she do now.

At the pujari’s house Daksh is sitting and chatting with all of them when Bani enters with Ganga who is thrilled to see him They hug and Bani tells Daksh that she wants to have a word with him alone. Maasi goes as well and Bani asks Daksh why he’s here coz she’s asked him not to come there. Daksh says that she knows how fond he is of Ganga and nothing can keep him away from her. She reminds him that Ganga does not know about the identity of her father being JW and that people not knowing the truth of their friendship, will talk. She cannot keep running from place to place with Ganga or keep giving clarifications of their friendship  for fear of another mean person like the thakurain popping up and talking rubbish. Though Ganga is small Bani knows that these harsh words affect her. Daksh then agrees not to come to meet her and tells Banio that she will have to bring Ganga to meet him whenever he wants. Maasi is glad that they have reconciled. Bani then tells them about the high admission fees and Maasi is worried. But Daksh offers the money . Bani refuses at first but Daksh says it will be a loan which she can repay once she gets her job. Maasi convinces Bani to accept the money and Daksh tells her that he will even charge her interest.

Jigz and Karuna come to the area where they think Bani is. Its a shanty town and filled with drunken smelly people. Jigz tells Karuna that the children’s samadhi is close by and Bani must be living somewhere in the vicinity. She sees Daksh and her suspicion that Bani is here in confirmed. She tells Karuna that she will not allow JB to meet at any cost and tells Karuna that they must look for Bani rightaway. But Karuna refuses saying that at this hour of night it will be dangerous to look for Bani in the unsavoury surroundings.  They leave.

Bani is waiting to be interviewed and is called in . The interviewer sees her qualifications but tells her that as she’s not been working in the hotel line for the past 5 years, he cannot offer her the job of a manager, but can offer her the job of a maid.Bani accepts and is offered a 12 hour day with 5000 rupees salary. As Bani goes to the receptionist who’s making out her appointment letter she sees a news flash on telly announcing the JW has bought over the ancestral home of the Randherias. She says that 5 years ago WI was nowhere near the Randherias but ever since then the business rivalry between them seems almost personal. She then asks JW what he’s planning to do with the haveli, whether he will turn it into a hotel. JW says that he’ll simply destroy it. He tells the interviewer that when he makes friends he does so with commitment and when he makes enemies he makes his enemies wish they were not on this earth. The camera shows Daksh handing over the keys and JW tells his person to throw the keys away . If there is to be no home then locks and keys have no meaning.