Saturday Update on The Promise Nov 03

Saturday Update on The Promise Nov 03

The police says they are goin to charge ajay but then everyone convinces him not to..

All home and Aditya is chuffed. Pronita says im extremly happy to see how the family members get along. She suggests a party to mark the occasion Aditya immediatly agrees.

Daadi comes and says she knew there was going to be a party she called her friend s beforhand. So everyone goes to get ready for the get toegther.

Vikcy thanks Pronita(aunty). Pronita says its okay. Jai says Pronita always says no thanks or sorry in relationships. Vicky then asks if he call Pronita ‘Choti Ma’ (its pretty sweet) Jai hugs Vicky and Abhilasha hain song tune plays in the background

Vicky charges into the room and then Meera says i will not hassle anyone anymore, but remain my son. Vicky tells her to Shut up.. Meera says i will slap you.. Vicky says what else can you do?

Meera keeps saying she did everything for him.. Vicky says Krishna and Ganga got fake love atleast, i never got anything. You never slapped me when i was on the wrong path but you slapped me when i wanted to play music. Then you have Pronita who made me realise my mistake. I learnt all good things from Pronita. I feel like telling everyone that you tried to kill me but Pronita stopped me.

Vicky then says: I break all ties with you. Vicky tells her to leave as he wants to rest. He closes the door on her and rests his head on the door..

Meeras walking down the stairs when Pronita appears. she says are these tears real? I guess they are when your own rejects you. she says I told JW that blood will call blood, your upbringin went down the drain..

Pronita says 3 days have passed and ive won all these days.. She says you did everything but the truth still won, the day isn’t far where i prove you wrong once and forall.

Pronita says there is aparty tonight to celebrate the unity of the family. she invotes Meera to the party then Jai appears with a (VERY BAD) pic of Vicky/Ganga/Jai. She says The Walia family will be with me soon.. and you will be alone.

Pronita says remember you got the family members to take off the pictures from the wall.. well eventually the family portrait will be on that wall with me! Meera cries on the steps

Jai is asking if everything is on the right track.. Vicky tells him to relax Jai says Ganga is coming home.

Vicky notices carrot sweet dish, Jai says no one will eat it, Jai goes to try it Aditya says you have diabeties, i dnt think so.. so he will try it.. he takes a LARGE bite n jai says you will finish it all!

Then you hear some freaky music and black shoes then you see Baba on the phone saying today is a special day today, Bani beat Meera today and explains how Bani won by havin Vicky on her side, he says dnt worry she doesnt know shes been used in a big game

Aditya warning Jai he cant eat the sweet dish, Jai argues that he wants to see if the taste is right as Ganga is coming home. As Aditya goes to take a bite Jai says are you goin to eat it all..??

Then the daadis arrive shouting ‘BILLO!’  they all play daadiya and Aditya says i will have to tell my mother this is a party!..

Aditya tries to explain the situation and the daadi hits him.. then ADitya says Ganga is coming home, the daadi says.. NANGA?! and cloes her eyes

Vicky asks where choti ma is.. Jai goes to get her.

The wind blows as Pronita gets ready, Jai comes to the room and becomes speechless.. he says you look… then says you look really beautiful. Jai steps fwd and says i want to give somehting to you.. He opens a box and it has something in it.. oh its a necklace..

Jai says i will help you and he does.. Suna suna plays in the background (shes wearing white hes wearing black with a TERRIBLE stripy lookin tie! ) then they go downstairs.

Krishna comes to Vidya and asks why she isnt ready, Vidya says she doesnt feel like it. Vidya says she will meet Ganga later. Krishna asks what the matter is, Vidya says i dnt gel with people, everyone calls her Bhenji etc. Krishna comforts her and says they dont know the real you, they dnt see hte inner beauty, then Krishna says have a makeover.. They then hug.

As Vidya comes down the steps everyone stares.. (shes wearing a teeshirt and jeans!) Raashi says she likes seein her daughter happy.

Ranvir tells Meera that PRonita is really happy. Pronita asks where Ganga is, Adi tells her that hes on her way and that the family have something to tell her.

Aditya says we dnt like change thats why we couldnt accept you as Mrs Walia, but we do thank you for everything you have done and we are sorry.

Pronita says it was her duty to do this as as for her coming to the house she knws its hard for them to accept her but the hand in friendship they have extended thats a large step for her.

Aditya tells Meera to apologise to Pronita for her behaviour. Pronita says i dnt usually like Tahnk you or sorry, but if Meera insists i dnt mind. Aditya forces Meera to say sorry.. Meera says ‘ji’

Pronita tells Meera that the family wants her to aplogise but i dnt want to force you.. Pronita puts on the face and says why isnt she sayin sorry, dnt force her. Meera then says Tahnk you and Sorry.. Daadi says i cant hear say it louder.. and she does.

Pronita says a bad person always get something bad happening to them.. so act good now lol..

Krishna then says i wish Pronita dies as she made her choti ma apologise.

Krishnas friends come and Vidya gets introduced to them.. Krishna leaves them Vidya with her friends and everyone talks to her nicely

Ganga is home and everyone greets her. Jai watches from the distance then they finally hug.. someone calls Ganga and she leaves.

The daadis call Ganga to play daandiya and then a song plays and they have little dance..

The baba is on the phone and says Bani thinks am helping her.. the guy on the phone says i am cumin but baba says there isnt a need then he says okay see you in a bit.