Saturday Update on My Golden Home

Saturday Update on My Golden Home

Vikrams family accepts Abhas proposal, eyeing Thakurs wealth. Thakurs elder daughter Swarn Lata, Swarn Lata comes to her parent house. Lata tells her parents about her husband Samarjeets debt. Thakur decides to send Rs.25 lacs to Samarjeet. Thakur goes to meet his friend Yashodhar who is a money lender. He looks very nervous and eager. Thakur tells him that he has come for an important work. Yashodhar tells Thakur that he cannot give him any money because he is bind to do it. He later on tells him that he can only give him the money on only one condition, that is to mortgage Swarn Bhavan to him. Thakur is shocked and tells him that he feels like pulling off his mouth. Yashodhar tells him to stay calm. He tells him that he just has to give him the papers for Swarn Bhavan. Thakur got furious and leaves. Yashodhar smirks evily and says that he has a real problem now.

Later that day, Abha tells her sister, Lata that she is angry with her as she had told her not to say anything to their father about her marriage. Lata tells her that she only asked him about the person she was going to get married to. Abha tells Lata that their father shouldn’t suspect anything. Abha continues and says that she is still part of her maternal family and not her in-laws unlike Lata.
Abha leaves with a smile and sees her dad. Some people come for a donation and sit with Thakur. They tell Thakur that they just need some money to buy land for a school in their town. Thakur remembers what Yashodhar told him and he gets sad. He tells his assistant to give them 2 lakhs. His assistant looks sad too and says that his wish will happen. The men tells him that they will come in the morning and leaves. Thakur tells them not to worry that he will arrange for the money. Abha arrives. She gives her father his chair. Thakur looks worried and Abha notices this. Abha asks her father what was bothering him. Thakur says nothing that it was just because she is talking. The two of them smile.

Just then, the phone rings and Abha answers it. It is her brother-in-law and she puts him on hold. Abha brings Lata to the phone. She answers and they had a little casual talk on the phone. Her husband is getting his hair done. He tells Lata to talk to Thakur about the money. Lata assures him that the money will be arranged. Thakur overhears the phone conversation between his son-in-law Samarjeet and Lata about their requirement for money and he gets tensed again. Chandra comes down the stairs and everyone goes to eat at the table. While everyone is joking around, Thakur comes around.
Lata tells his father that her husband called and asks about the money. Chandra interrupts and gives Lata food.

Lata is looking at the playhouse which Abha played Ghar Ghar with. Abha arrives. Lata tells Abha that she will have to handle a real Ghar now. Abha asks who she remembers most in her maternal home. Lata asks her why she is asking this question. Abha tells her that she wants to know who she will remember in her maternal home too. Whether if it would be her father, mother, Prakash, or their Swarn – Bhavan?. Lata tells her that after the marriage, the feeling of missing someone from her maternal home will start. Abha then change the topic and says that she will get the sari she will wear in the engagement. Abha leaves.

Chandra is in her room and goes to massage Thakur’s shoulder and ask if he is worried. He says that it is nothing but he was just thinking about Lata. Chandra says that she doesn’t want Abha and Prakash to know that Lata’s husband has asked him for money. Abha accidentally overhears everything at the door while Thakur agrees. Chandra tells her husband that if it is hard to get the money, then they can definitely make Lata understand. Thakur tells her that it cannot happen and that Lata will get the money as he had promised his daughter. He tells Chandra that it doesn’t matter if Yashodhar refuses to give him money he had asked him for. He assures Chandra that his assistant will arrange for something.

Meanwhile, Thakur’s assistant is with Yashodhar making jokes about how Thakur will arrange for the money he had promised the town men. The next day, Thakur tells that no one is ready to give him the money and that without money, Lata will have to stay home and their lives will be ruined. Thakur adds that they have to conduct Abha’s engagement. He further tells his wife that he will have to mortgage Swarn Bhavan for that to happen.

Abha and Lata decide not to let Thakur know that they are aware of the mortgage. Yashodhar suggests Thakur to sell Swarn Bhavan to him, for which Abha and Lata decide not to let Thakur know that they are aware of the mortgage. Yashodhar suggests Thakur to sell Swarn Bhavan to him, for which Thakur slaps him. Yashodhar challenges Thakur that he will have him thrown out of Swarn Bhavan. Thakur tells his family to forget whatever happened and assures that no one can snatch Swarn Bhawan from them.