Saturday Update on Mehek 3rd August 2019

Ajay comes to hotel, Nikki asks why he is late? He says I am not here to do your work, I have illness to cater, nikki asks what illness? Ajay smiles and starts imagining him and Mahek dancing in romantic setting, precap. Niki throws water on Ajay, he comes out of his haze. Pammi asks why he is dancin? Ajay leaves. Pammi asks what happened to him? Nikki says he is going mad. Pammi says someone casted evil eye on him. Nikki says i have to do something about them.

Jeevan asks kanta and karona to atop fighting and reunite Shaurya and Mahek. Kanta says its karona that is taking her drunkard son’s side. He cant just keep insulting her. Harish says karona has anger like her son. Kanta and Karona start fighting and claims to take case to digvijay, harish and jeevan looks on.

tries to talk to Mahek in food truck but Mahek says I wont talk to Shaurya. Mansi says dont know what happened to them. Ajay comes out and sees Mahek, Mahek blushes at him. Mahek video calls Shaurya at sharma house. Mahek says can he see her? Shaurya says you are looking cute, please smile for me. Mahek smiles for him and ajay thinks she is smiling at him. Shaurya sees Mahek smiling at his laptop, he starts kissing laptop greedily. Balwant sees it and says eww our son in law is watching filthy movies.

Shaurya comes to digvijay’s house. They laugh at kanta and karona’s fight. Shaurya says they will bring case to you. Jeevan and harish comes there, jeevan says Kanta and karona will come to fight case against each other but dont listen to them, we dont want Shaurya and Mahek to separate. Digvijay says O have a plan to reunite Shaurya and Mahek. He tells them plan, Shaurya smiles hearing it hiding behind table.

Harish comes to Mahek and says I have done cruelty in past but I am on your side, please stop fight with Shaurya. Mahek says shaurya doesnt respect me, I think he doesnt love me anymore. Harish says please go to coffee with him for me. She says I will go only for you.
Jeevan says to Shaurya that wives are pain but they take you forward in life so you should forgive her. Shaurya says did you see how she acted, i made her princess but she has that cheap ajay in her fate. Jeevan says you have to listen to me. Shaurya says okay I will try for you only. Ajay hears about them meeting.

Mahek and Shaurya are outside sharma house. They start leaving for coffee date, harish and jeevan smiles. Shaurya whispers to Mahek that she has to get information out pf Ajay today. Ajay follows them in disguise. Mahek says to Shaurya that I am going with you only for papa, he bitterly says that I am with you for jeevan only. Shaurya and mahek takes rickshaw and arrives at hotel. Ajay follows then. Mahek comes to table but shaurya doesnt pull out her seat. Ajay comes there, manager asks of he has reservation? Ajay says I want seat near that couple, he gives him money and goes to sit beside Mahek’s table. Mahek sees him and whispers to Shaurya that goat is here, its time to hunt.

Kanta says you do your work, I am leaving, she hints at Karona and leaves. Karona says to Harish that I am going to Anita, Harish says your friend from foreign? Karona says why you are investigating? he says I can come with you to meet them, she says I am going to kitty party, women are powerful now and can go alone where they want, you have no work there so sit here silently, Karona leaves. Ravi asks Jeevan and Harish to keep their wives away from his wife, he doesnt want his innocent wife to change. Harish says what if they went to Digvijay? Jeevan says I will call and ask.

Shaurya and Mahek are in restaurant. Waiter hints at one bottle of wine, its actually apple juice, he says to Shaurya that say hi to Digvijay and leaves. Shaurya whispers to Mahek that start acting. Mahek throws
bottle away and shouts Shaurya to stop drinking, I will leave if you dont stop it. Nikki comes there and hides too. Shaurya grabs her hand and says you can leave, I dont care, I will drink if I want. Ajay thinks Shaurya leave her hand. Shaurya and Mahek shout at each other, manager comes there and ask them to not disturb environment. Mahek says make this drunkard husband leave, I will call NGO women if you try to hurt me, Shaurya says I wont spare you, she says what can you do? Shaurya says really? Shaurya raises hand to slap Mahek but Ajay comes there and holds his hand, he says you cant raise hand on Mahek till Ajay is here, I wont let you touch her, Shaurya says to Mahek so you called your lover too? Mahek says I should have called him, he is nicer than you, you leave drunkard cheap man, Shaurya says fine I am leaving but remember I wont stop or listen to you from now on, stay with your cheap dirty monkey, he leaves. Mahek acts like crying, Ajay consoles her. Nikki sees all this and thinks what is happening? shaurya and Mahek are fighting? and Mahek is lying her head on Ajay’s shoulder? Ajay asks Mahek to come with him, she says what about wine bottles? he takes it and says I will keep them. Kanta and Karona are outside hotel. Shaurya comes out and gives them thumbs up. Kanta says Ajay and Mahek would be coming out too. Mahek and Ajay comes out, Ajay puts hand on her shoulder and says its okay, this is life, dont cry. Kanta says I wont spare, Karona says she is just acting and acting very nicely. Kanta says I know. she sees Nikki spying on them and says from where this witch came here? Call shaurya and tell him that she is spying here. Karona calls Shaurya and says Nikki is here, she is keeping an eye on Ajay and Mahek. Shaurya says you have to distract her, she cant behind Ajay and Mahek, I cant do anything, you have to manage her, Karona says okay, she ends call and tells it to Kanta. Ajay says to Mahek that I will drop you, Mahek says no I will take cab, people will taunt me if they see me with you. Ajay says people would say things but it doesnt matter, I will drop you, Mahek says no I dont want people to taunt me, she thinks why he is not offering to come with me? Mahek calls cab, Ajay says I will go with you,she says what about your car? he says I will take it tomorrow. He sits in cab with Mahek. Nikki thinks where this lover boy is going in cab with her? Cab leaves. Nikki comes to her car. Kanta says we have to stop her from following them. Nikki sits in her car. Kanta says think fast. Karona sees ice cream stall and says I have an idea but its risky, she tells it to Kanta in whisper.
In cab, Mahek is crying. Ajay says my heart cries when you cry, I feel like burning whole city, I will cry if you dont stop. Mahek says I did a big mistake, I rejected you for that person?I did such big mistake, Ajay smiles proudly. The driver of cab is Shaurya, he is disguised as Sardar, Shaurya smirks at Mahek. Ajay says you left Shaurya for me? he dreams again. Mahek acts like sobbing.
Karona talks to ice cream seller. Seller puts his stall infront of Nikki’s car. Nikki doesnt see it and starts driving but hits stall. seller starts crying that she injured me. Nikki comes out and thinks Ajay and Mahek will go far away, she offers him money for destruction.
Mahek and ajay are in cab. Mahek asks driver/Shaurya to stop car, he does. Mahek comes out, she says I did big mistake by marrying that Shaurya, I have done mistake of life by not choosing, I should just die. Ajay says no no no.. he hugs her tightly, Mahek makes face and pulls away, she runs away. Ajay runs behind her and says everything will be fine. Mahek says no. She brings out wine bottle from cab and says Shaurya loves it and not me, what does this have that I dont? I will find out. She drinks wine which is actually apple juice. Shaurya says keep love story going on but give me my fare. Ajay gives money to him and says you seem familiar, Shaurya says many people are smiliar in this world. Mahek acts like drunk and says this is good feeling, come here Ajay. Shaurya says what is happening? Ajay offers more money and says just let what my girlfriend wants tonight happen, just leave us alone. Mahek sits on top of cab. Ajay sits with her on top and asks what are you doing? Mahek asks driver/Shaurya to play a song. Shaurya plays DJ wale babu. Mahek starts dancing, she is about to slip but Ajay handles her and dances with her, Shaurya is smiling inside cab.

at Khanna house, Nikki says Ajay cant see what Shaurya and Mahek are doing but I know this is all for these papers and they will never get it. Nikki calls her man and says I want more security to increase in this house, I want cameras and more guards, she ends call. She takes off mattress from her bed and there is safe beneath it, she hides property papers there and locks it, puts mattress back on it and looks on.