Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 9 May 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 9 May 2020

Urmi’s dad tells her it’s their house matter, why drag this matter. But Samrat’s dad supports Urmi. Urmi’s dadi also says Urmi did wrong and Urmi’s dad supports her. Samrat’s mum and Amrit return home. Samrat’s sis asks about Samrat. Samrat’s mum says they didn’t let him go, don’t know what Urmi wrote in complaint. Tauji asks what happened. Amrit says they said clearly, they won’t release Samrat unless Urmi takes her complaint back. Urmi’s dad says she will take her complaint back.

Friday Update on Lies of the heart 8 May 2020

Dadi says she got angry, but she won’t let her husband stay there. She tells Urmi to take her complaint back. Amrit interrupts and says nothing can be done today now. Samrat’s mum again says ill about Urmi, but Samrat’s dad asks her to stop. It’s their son’s mistake. Dadi asks Urmi to go in morning and take complaint back, but Urmi refuses to do that. Tauji becomes happy. Urmi’s dad and Dadi try to convince her, but in vain. Samrat’s mum says she’s so shameless. Urmi’s dad asks her to calm down. She says how she can be calm when her son is in jail. Urmi’s mum speaks and asks her what about what Samrat did to her. Urmi’s dad interrupts and asks her to be quiet. He then tells Samrat’s mum that they will talk to Urmi again tomorrow and she will listen. Urmi’s mum is helpless.

Samrat doesn’t like tea and asks if he can’t get a proper tea. The inspector says, wah, he wants a five star hotel treatment in police station. Other inspector picks up his stick and says he can give him their five star treatment. He will get shut in minutes. They laugh. Samrat gets quiet and starts drinking the tea.

Urmi’s family discusses the matter. Urmi’s siblings and mother are in support of Urmi. Urmi’s brother says Samrat is an animal, what’s the need to get him out of jail. His sis supports him. Dadi asks them be quiet. It’s their house matter and they should solve it inside the house. Urmi’s mum says, Urmi tolerated it for so long, but now he crossed all the limits. Urmi’s dad asks her what she thinks if they don’t release Samrat, then his family will let Urmi be happy there? Urmi’s bhabhi says Urmi did wrong. She could have taken advice from her. If it was her, then she would lock her husband inside a room and beat him up. Urmi’s sis tells Dadi even bhabhi can’t tolerate such abuse, then why is she expecting it from Urmi? Dadi stays quiet.

Urmi is in her room, looking at her marriage photos. She recalls her and Samrat exchanging garlands and smiles. She touches his photo and cries. She asks what did you do Samratji? On which mode our relationship came to? I had seen so many dreams with you. But where you brought me. Her tears fall on the photo. Other hand, Samrat is sitting the jail, holding his head.

Tauji is playing carrom with the kids. Shaurya asks for Urmi. Tauji says she will come later. Samrat’s sis asks her mum to relax now, Urmi’s dad said he’ll talk to her tomorrow. Samrat’s mum says ill about Urmi and that she even made samrat’s dad against him. Shaurya hears it and gets angry. He starts throwing stuff down. He asks Samrat’s mum why she’s saying all that for Urmi. She tells him how Samrat is in jail and he will be beaten there with stick. He will never be able to meet his dad. Tauji asks her what she’s telling kids. She says he needs to know as well how Samrat will be treated. Shaurya cries and runs away.

Urmi is talking with her mum on the phone. She tells Urmi she knows Urmi hurt herself the most by filing complaint against Samrat. She has pressure from everywhere right now. Shaurya comes there crying. Urmi puts phone down and asks Shaurya what happened. Shaurya asks her whether police took away Samrat and whether they will beat him with the stick. He won’t come to meet him ever? He cries asking her to tell him. Urmi hugs him tightly and gets lost into thoughts.

Next morning, Samrat’s mum asks Tauji if he’s feeling good now. He says all thanks to her. Samrat’s dad reads news about Samrat’s arrest for abusing women. All family members read the news and get shocked and angry. Samrat’s mum tells Tauji to talk to Urmi now, she should at least listen now. Some people come to their house and talk about Samrat. They say what world has come upto? Wife is sending her husband to the jail? Samrat’s mum says small fights happen in every home. Urmi comes in the balcony. They see her and say in spite of so much happening, she is still in this house? Their heart is big. Samrat’s mum says she can do anything she wants with her husband, but she’s daughter in law of this house. It’s her right to be here. Urmi’s parents come now. Urmi’s dad says she will go to police station with them today and take her complaint back. Neighbors tell Urmi’s parents what kind of values they gave to her. Samrat’s dad tells them, they came here and they are very thankful, but they can go now. They leave.

Urmi comes down. Urmi’s dad tells her if she realizes what they have to hear because of her. Samrat’s sis tells her that he spent a night in jail already. Isn’t she feeling bad at all? She asks her to get him back. Urmi’s dad gestures her mum to speak up too. Her mum tells her she understands her problem, but she also thinks they should get him back now. Urmi’s dad tells her mum not to look at Urmi’s problem, look at Samrat’s problem. He has been in jail since yesterday. All of them pressurize Urmi. Samrat’s dad interrupts and says they won’t pressurize her. Whatever she wants to do, they will be with her. Samrat’s mum tells him he’s enemy of his son. She looks at Urmi, but she’s still quiet. She then falls in her feet. Urmi asks her what she’s doing. She says you’re also a mother, don’t you feel mother’s pain? I accept that he made mistake, but I am apologizing. please get him back. How would you feel if someone takes away Shaurya from you? Today a mother is requesting you, not mother-in-law. Please get my son released. Urmi’s dad tells her what’s left now? She made her mother-in-law fall in her feet. What she wants? Urmi stays quiet. Her dad then says if she doesn’t bring Samrat back today, then his and her relationship will be over. He will understand that she’s dead for him. Urmi thinks…

Urmi’s bhabhi is not at home. She comes back. Dadi asks her where she went. She says she went to a baba to get solution for Urmi’s problem. She has gone before too with her mum and baba has solution for everyone. Urmi’s sis asks her whether she didn’t get a solution to fix her brain. Dadi asks her what baba said. She says he gave a solution, but it’s difficult. she will have to be mute one whole day. Dadi says good they will at least won’t have to hear her talking for one day. She asks if her talking bores her? Dadi tells her to do whatever she wants, but for now just hope that Urmi goes to police station and take her complaint back.

Women are protesting outside police station for women’s justice and Urmi’s justice. Urmi arrives there with her family. Media ask her what she intends to do, but she doesn’t answer and goes inside.

The inspector tells Urmi so she got pressurized by others in end to have this monster released from jail. Urmi says she wants to take her complaint back. Samrat’s mum is happy and relieved. Urmi says it’s house matter, it will solve. The inspector says if house matters were solved in house, then police and court work would have gone down by half. He further says it was expected anyway, so he has got papers ready. This is the problem in this country, women come and file a complaint and then take it back by getting pressurized by family. Samrat’s mum says fights happen in every house, that doesn’t mean husband and wife become enemies.

Samrat comes out. His mum and Urmi’s dad ask him if he’s okay. He makes faces. The inspector tells Urmi to sign the papers. She’s in thoughts. Her dad and Samrat’s mum tell her to sign. She looks at Samrat and thinks. In end, she signs the papers. The inspector tells Samrat, he got lucky and got saved this time, but his eyes will be on him. If he repeats this mistake again, then he will be jailed for long. Samrat is ready to leave. The inspector stops him and says he has to sign some mafinama (forgiveness papers) and promise he won’t do this mistake again. Samrat’s mum asks what’s the need for this, he made mistake once, that doesn’t mean he’s that type of guy. Amrit also says he won’t do that again. The inspector says he must sign unless he wants to stay in jail. He tells Urmi she can also slap him a few times if she wishes to. All get surprised.

The inspector tells her she can do whatever she wants before leaving. Nothing will happen. A constable laughs and tells her to slap him bindass. Samrat gets afraid/shocked as Urmi stands up. Urmi says she won’t do anything like that. The inspector says he got saved from wife’s beating, but he cant go without signing the papers and he will have to apologize to her as well in front of everyone. Samrat is getting angry and stares at Urmi.

Samrat’s mum tells him to sign the papers. He’s angry. Tauji then tells him to sign. He signs. The inspector tells him to apologize to Urmi now. Samrat’s mum again interrupts and asks what’s need for it? He signed already. The inspector says, so what? He likes to hear sorry from egoistic people. Samrat stares at the inspector. The inspector tells him to get started. Tauji tells him to say it. After hesitation, he finally says “I am sorry”. The inspector doesn’t like it. He says what is this? I don’t understand English. We live in India, so apologize in Hindi, and that too folding hands. Samrat folds hands at Urmi and quickly says forgive me in Hindi. The inspector says he couldn’t hear it and look at the person whom he’s apologizing. Samrat finally apologizes to Urmi decently. The inspector tells him to say he won’t do such thing again. Samrat says it. The inspector tells him that he can leave now, and don’t forget it’s the same person whom he beat saved him today. Tauji is smiling.

Women are protesting outside police station. They say they will punish Samrat and give justice to Urmi. Samrat and co come out. Women tell Urmi to fight, they are with her. They ask why she released Samrat, he deserves punishment. They tell Urmi to hand him over to them and see what they do. Other men will think twice before beating their wives. A woman comes forward with ink, but Urmi stops her. She says he’s her husband and it’s her right to punish him. She thanks the women for supporting her, but ask them to let them go. He apologized to her and realized his mistake. He won’t do this again. She takes his hand and they leave from there.

At urmi’s house, her bhabhi is working in kitchen and her stupidity causes a huge fire. In the hall, Dadi is worried whether Urmi took her complaint back or no. Urmi’s parents arrive. They inform her everything is fine now. Urmi’s bro says she took this decision because of their pressure. If it was upto him, then he would let Samrat stay in jail his whole life. Bhabhi comes out and tries to tell Urmi’s sis about fire with signs as she’s having a maun vrat (mute) today. No one gets what she’s trying to say. She then brings blanket and throw in on Dadi. No one gets it still. Urmi’s mum smells fire and they rush to kitchen.

At samrat’s house, his mum is feeding him. His dad tells her to serve food to others too. Urmi’s bhabhi says urmi hasn’t ate anything since 2 days. Samrat’s mum says there is no lock in kitchen, she can go and take it herself. Samrat’s sis brings juice to him. Tauji says whatever happened in last few days wasn’t right. He says both were at faults, one little more than the other, and asks them to move on now by correcting their mistakes. That’s how there will be happiness in this house. Samrat tells him to explain it to Urmi, he’s giving her chance despite so much happening lately. If it was someone else on his place, then he would have thrown her out of the house. Samrat’s mum agrees with him. His dad tells him not to forget mistake is his as well and it was started by him only. Had he thought about the outcome, then he wouldn’t have to see this day. Samrat shouts, SHUT UP. Will you stay quiet? You won’t say anything. You have lost right to say in between. You didn’t come to jail to release me. You’ve put a stain on father-son relationship, now don’t say interfere matters. He continues, I definitely made 1 mistake, didn’t beat Urmi enough. He gets up and goes to her, Had I made her paralyzed, she wouldn’t have guts nor condition to go to police station. He stares at her. Most of all family members are shocked.

At urmi’s house, dadi scolds urmi’s bhabhi and why she didn’t tell. She breaks her maun vrat and says that is what she was trying to say, but no one has brain to understand it. She even tried to show it with blanket. All ask why she wasn’t speaking what if something had happened. She says she is doing all this only so nothing like this happens. Dadi tells her not to keep any vrat or anything after today. Anu says they will surely have to do something about her. All leave.

Shaurya seems to be waiting for samrat. He comes and Shaurya gets overjoyed. He asks him if police released him. Samrat gets shocked and looks back at Urmi. He fills Shaurya’s ears against Urmi. The girl tells him, chachu you also beat chachi so badly, that is why this happened to you. He tells her there is no need to speak extra and asks her to go to her room and don’t eat his brain. Shaurya asks him why he’s scolding her, when Urmi got injured, she was crying so much. Samrat asks him to stay quiet and that girl is mad. The girl leaves. Shaurya says, but she’s right. You beat mum, so you got punishment. He shows him finger and says don’t repeat that again. Samrat looks at him surprisingly and asks him to play outside as well. He turns to Urmi and says she’s provoking his son against him only? She says she didn’t need to, whatever he heard in house, he learned it from that only. She’s going away. He grabs her hand and says she’s speaking too much. She reached to police station to punish him. He tells her not to think she will get forgiveness for what she’s done. He will never forget embarrassment that he had to go through. She will get punishment for that for her entire life. She looks into his eyes and tells him not to be misunderstood that she forgave him by taking complaint back. There is no forgiveness for what he’s done. He looks at her angrily.

He grabs her again and says she’s speaking big ‘revolutionary’ words. They argue. she asks him to leave her hands else whole nation will be gossiping about his strength and manliness. She won’t be pressurized everytime and take her complaint back. And this time if he goes inside, then he’ll become capable of writing a book on women-power, and his face won’t be recognizable when he comes out. He releases her and moves his hands back. She stares and leaves. He shouts to listen to him, but she doesnt stop.

In night time, Tauji comes to Urmi saying he’s shocked with Samrat’s behavior and the amount of ego he has. He is not even regretted for what he’s done, and until one doesn’t realize his mistake, it’s not possible to change him. Samrat is getting impossible, he has made himself complicated with his ego. Tauji further says he doesn’t know what they possibly can do. Urmi tells him not to do anything. Sometimes, certain things say a lot without saying anything which their mind hear and understand too. Whatever happened lately has hurt her from inside, she feels like everything is stopped.

She went through so much and did so much to save her relationship, but now her inner voice says, enough now. May be this relationship isn’t worth of giving emotions and efforts.