Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 6 June 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 6 June 2020

Urmi too wishes her a happy birthday, and then sushma gets shy and happily cuts the cake, while her husband, urmi and shaurya sing her the birthday song. sushma allows them to take the cake too. urmi smiles, shaurya is happy.

On the road
The detective that samrat had once hired to find out urmi’s whereabouts, calls samrat to tell him, that he came to get his son admitted to a school, and found urmi getting shaurya admitted there too. he identifies the name of the school as Beautiful Flower primary School. samrat gets into a rage hearing this. Urmi meanwhile finalises the admission forms, and starts going through it. samrat, in his car eyes them going out, in the auto, and begins to follow them. He finds out where urmi has been held captive.

Samrat thinks that this is where urmi stays these days, and thinks that he would find out how much she wants to run, as now he too is having fun chasing her, and he is proud that he turned such an egoist being with him. He thinks that he would destroy everything that she sets up. He smiles evilly.

Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband get to their usual bickering, when urmi comes in with a birthday gift, containing an idol of Gods and Goddesses. She relutantly accepts it, reprimanding urmi for buying stuff, when she already is low on money and her bill is amounting. Shaurya asks her to keep it, as its her birthday. Sushma accepts. She agrees to make tea for urmi. She finds that the sugar is low and enquires them where the sugar went. He tries to tell them that she must have forgotten, but sushma says that she is sure that urmi must have stoeln it, and goes to check her bag. shaurya stops her way saying that urmi isnt a thief, and asks her not to call her so. Susham gets angry. her husband tells the truth. Sushma is surprised and asks why. Her husband tells how he forgot and sushma goes inside the kitchen and takes the cake out. She starts reprimanding urmi for trying to mainupulate them into liking her. She throws the cake in the dustbin and all are shocked. She asks urmi not to try and get close to her, and that she is a debtor and should remain so, and not try to get closer to both of them.

Scene 2:
Location: In a restaurant
Aditi and Amrit meet, oblivious of the fact that samratalso has come there, who too doesnt notice their presence. they discuss as to how aditi wont be able to keep her pregnancy a secret for long, and how very soon she would have to move out and move in with him. amrit assures her that he has already made all plans. As the bill arrives, before aditi can pay, amrit takes it, saying that he has money. Aditi asks how did she get the money. Amrit remembers having stolen kanchan’s phone and distracts aditi, with his new business proposal, of opening a Dhaba with a new partner who is making the investment. She asks about the partner, and he distracts her yet again, thinking that she is the cash prize that he is talking of. amrit keeps sweet talking with her, about his plans for the baby. Aditi finds samrat and wonders what they shall do now. amrit is shit scared too. As samrat gets up and begins to come inside the cabin, he notices aditi and she is tensed that he saw her. He asks whats she doing here, and she says that she came to meet a friend. amrit ducks under the table. He asks where her friend is, and she says that she would come in sometime. samrat sits down saying that they shall leave together then, despite aditi trying to convince him that she shall be able to come home alone. Aditi says that the person shall take sometime to come. samrat asks her to call and find out. Aditi is visibly at discomfort. Just then, the waietr is about to come back to their table, when he is boggled to find aditi sitting with some other guy, as he saw her with amrit sometime back. Aditi gets up to go, and adds that she doesnt want to meet her as she has been very late as it is. Samrat agrees. they both leave. amrit gets out, and makes an excuse to the waiter, that his money fell down, and the waiter is baffled. amrit is irritated at samrat.

Annu’s residence
Asha’s mother comes in to again manipulate asha to her ways. Gaurav overhears asha’s mother instigating asha to start to manipulate things acoording to her will, having sired the heir to this family, and now that gaurav salary has come with a hike and promotion, and not allow him to spend money on his family instead of her. She asks asha to starts planning and plotting. He is furious. he comes in reprimanding asha’s mother trying to teach asha wrong things, and that she has probably overstayed her welcome and that now she should go and manage her own house. She starts fuming. asha also agrees with gaurav and her mother keeps getting frustrated.

Samrat’s and sushma’s residence
samrat compliments aditi, as she serves everyone her new icecream preparation. Just then, he gets Mr. Sharma’s call, who tells samrat that the work that he had wanted couldnt be done. rudra asks whats the matter. samrat frustratedly starts saying that he has been facing losses continuously over and over again and doesnt know how much more he can do all alone. Shashi starts commenting that if samrat can divert his mind from urmi, then he would focus on his job. samrat asks her to clarify and she instantly takes a u-turn. He taunts diwaker too, for enjoying and being happy, that samrat is in trouble, and is least bothered about family affairs. He says that since he is a fmily member, he should show his interest. Diwaker gives a befitting reply that whenever he does, samrat tells him not to interfere hence he remained quiet this time around. samrat asks what kind of a big brother is this, and he is behaving as if he agrees to everything he says. diwaker asks him to explain it then. samrat asks him to co0me to their office and leave his job tomorrow, as thats final and thats whats needed. He leaves. diwaker is tensed as he looks at kanchan, who is tensed too.

The phone rings and sushma’s husband picks it up, but noone speaks from the other end. All are boggled. Shaurya tells them that its must have been a wrong number. the phone again starts ringing, and hearing sushma’s husband’s voice, noone speaks up again. sushma says that the next time she would pick up. When the phone rings yet again, and sushma doesnt hear anyone’s voice, she lashes on the phone and then places the receiver down. Her husband hesitatingly asks if its Ravi, but she asks him not to have misunderstanding, as the person who hasnt looked back in years, wont call now. urmi leaves for the kitchen, disturbed at whats happening. Sushma asks urmi if this was her phone, and she denies. But is concerned if its samrat, but then shoves it away saying that samrat cant call, as he doesnt even know that she lives here. When urmi is about to go to her room, she again finds the phone ringing, at 1 in the night. Samrat places a taunting call to sushma’s residence, which urmi picks up, and she is shocked, when samrat glaots that he did find her finally. He tells her that he would follow till the very end of the world, as he is very adamant, egoist and reckless, and that love isnt for him, but enemity is his forte, as its in his blood. He tells urmi that all of this is just a trailer and that he shall show an entire film wherever she wants to. urmi is shocked.

Samrat’s and sushma’s residence
urmi says he cant do anything right. She asks what did he call her for. He says that she should talk to him nicely. He says that he did find her finally. She says that it isnt a big accomplishment and she would have told herself, had he asked her. he says that people come and go by his will. She asks how can he live in such a big misunderstanding, and asks him to understand that he has become history for her. He asks her to wait, for history to repeat itself, but regretfully he has to say that due to her loitering around in freedom, the old couple would have to suffer. He asks if she would like if something wrong happens to him. She gets concerned, when he starts threatening to do something wrong for the couple. she asks him not to do anything wrong for them, and he cancels the call callously. Urmi is highly tensed.

The next morning, diwaker comes down dressed, with kanchan and samrat thinks that he must be dressed
Diwaker says that he wont resign and he isnt leaving his job. samrat is shocked while all others are tensed. samrat asks why isnt he leaving his job, as he would get double salary. Samrat asks him to let go of that job. diwaker says that he is happy in his job, and doesnt want to switch his job. samrat gets frustrated and says that he wants him to join the family business, as it will flourish then, as he needs a responsible person like him, so that he can trust him. kanchan reminds him of his previous stance about diwaker and how it changed overnight, as he needed him. She asks shashi if he said something like that only. samrat gets frustrated and kanchan keeps venting all that he done wrong for diwaker. samrat shuts her up saying that she shouldnt talk between brothers. shashi too shuts her up. kanchan asks what if samrat changes his mind again tomorrow. samrat tells shashi that she hasnt been able to control her daughters and daughter in laws. Diwaker says that kanchan is right and that he wotn leave his job, as he wants to work with his self respect. He leaves. kanchan goes in her room. samrat starts venting out his frustration. Rudra says that he was right. samrat shuts him asking him to get diwaker to agree by leaving his job. samrat thinks that diwaker would have to come back.

 Sushma’s residence
The next morning, sushma is unable to keep accounts, and starts pointing out their financial crisis. they cbicker yet again. urmi comes to them and says that she wants to talk to them. She says that she is leaving from here today, and that she would look for another place for herself, as her husband knows that she stays here. They are tensed. Sushma says that now she had a talk with her husband, which he hadnt till now. urmi expresses her concern for them, and that her trouble should be with herself only. sushma tries to accuse her of pretense, and urmi vehemently tries to argue that she would pay them back, but its in their best intersts for them to leave. She tries to talk about samrat’s temperament. But sushma waves it all off. finally urmi takes off the gold chain that she has worn saying that they arent able to believe her, hence she shall keep this chain with them, and take it once she has the money to pay them. Sushma gives it back to her wondering if its bronze or anything else, and doesnt let her go, till she pays the money. urmi hopes that samrat doesnt harm them at all.

Samrat’s office
Some goons try and break into samrat’s office, forcibl despite his assistant and security guards trying to stop them. Samrat asks them to go outside, and lets the goons inside his cabin. Once he finds that the door is closed, and secure, he asks the goons why they came here, despite being warned not to. the goons say that they had to meet him, as he wasnt picking their phone, and also stopped sending payment, and the work that he wants needs money. samrat asks why they came here, when he copuld have sent the money. The head says that they need money in advance. the goons say that if he wants his work done, he would have to be timely of his payments. Samrat says that he was in a meeting. They again say that they need advance. Samrat asks if he is running away. When they dont budge, samrat turns around and gives them a wad of notes, and asks them to hurry up with their work. They leave, while samrat asks them not to come here ever again. they ask him to send money regularly. samrat is tensed.

Amrit’s residence
Amrit pretends to be very concernewd and doesnt let her arrange his room, despite her insistence. he says that he would rectify everything and that he doesnt want to keep her tensed, but his luck and destiny isnt with him at all. She asks what happened to the dream project. He says that the landlord for the land where he plans to open his dhaba, wants monmey in the next two days, and he is unable to contact his investor partner, through the phone.

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