Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 4 April 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 4 April 2020

Samrat’s office and annu’s residence
Granny asks urmi to think on what she is saying, and advises urmi not to take it too harshly, and not think about aborting the baby. rashmi irritatedly asks whats the matter, and if its a joke, and after all its god’s blessings and that which she is denying, people crave for it. urmi co0mes to her and says that she can understand her pain, as she cant give birht to the baby in such a condition and mental condition, as the baby would need a good upbringing and healthy environment, and in an atmosphere where her own future is uncertain, how can she bring another soul and take its responsibility when the person who was her lifemate isnt there with him.

Saroj is tensed. Urmi tries to explain it to her too, that her hopes about samrat were wrong, and goes onto tell about all the torrture that he put her through. she asks why should she give birth to this baby and get him also to this uncertain dark future and hence she wants an abortion. granny is tensed. Urmi says that this is right. Granny says that love between a couple is like this. Urmi says that he doesnt consider her as his wife but a servant. They are tensed. Rashmi asks her to stop as now she is overdoing it.

Urmi says that she never told all this now. grannyv says that the child shall act as a bridge, and a husband starts loving his wife after the child, and maybe one day, he would come for the child and love her too much. saroj too says that she is with her, but not for abortion. urmi is distraught. Saroj says that maybe the child sets everything straight. Urmi says that the bridge would be there where there is trust and samrat is incapable of that, as he never m,ade her realise that he is her husband and if he doesnt like something, he gets a sadistic pleasure punishing his wife, and why would he understand the emotion behind the child, and asks whats the guarantee that he wont punish the child and that she cant take the risk. She says that he can only break not make relations, which come in his ego and selfish way. She says that she doesnt want samrat to punish the child, as he cant change ever. they are extremely upset. buaji consoles her while saroj collapses on the bed. Granny still advises to take the baby as a sign, as samrat might realise his mistake and start loving the child, and let the child change samrat. urmi doesnt respond.

Samrat gets Rashmi’s call who tells him that its too late, as the things have gone way far ahead. She tells him that the time is changing, and tells excitedly that there’s a promotion for him, and he should send sweets over and blurts out to him about urmi’s pregnancy. He is shocked to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat’s family are chatting on non important issues, when they get tensed finding samrat coming in. Samrat starts shouting and hollering at everyone in his residence, while they all are confused

at his overexuberant display of enthusiasm and ask him the reason for it. He tells them that urmi is ezxpecting the heir to this family, and asks them to have a wonderful celebration. they are all thrilled. He says that he should go there. samrat asks why should he go there, as he has alreasdy sent the gifts. His father suggests that now they shouldnt delay, and should immediately get urmi back to this house. samrat in his fit, says that he wont go, as she would now have to come herself, with this recent news, as she is nomore left with any other option. Finding samrat’s attitude copndescending, his father is tensed, while his mother favours him. His father comments that he isnt happy for being a father but more for winning over urmi, and asks shashi to think of urmi being a woman herself. he asks her to think what she must be thinking right now.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Training academy
Trisha finds that the same person is wating for her yet again, and asks the reason for having called her here. he says that he called her here, as if he dies outside her academy, then she would be embarassed and disreputed in the society. To her horror, he starts taking off his clothes. She is shocked and asks whats he trying to do. she looks away. He asks her that he called her for this. she finds that he’s wearing the Tshirt with I LOVE YOU, written on it. She is frustrated and starts lecturing him to have crossed his limits.

Scene 4:
Location: Annu’s residence
Urmi tells everyone that she has decided that she doesnt want this baby and hence this news shouldnt reach samrat or his family. rashmi looks away guiltily. saroj asks her to think again before taking this important step. Urmi says that she has thought over this. Rashmi says that the child is samrat’s too and he should have a say. Urmi says that when she sitn with samrat, then the topic dies down, as the child’s responsibility would be on her. they are shocked as they find shagun coming from samrat. Rashmi stands shocked, while urmi is unable to believe this. Urmi says that this means samrat knows everything and wonders who would have told her this. Saroj says that noone from amongst them told this. Rashmi looks away at discomfort but she isnt able to escape gaurav’s eyes, who knows that she must have been behind this. He confronts her if she did this. Rashmi looks up uneasily and says that she did. they are all shocked, as he should know being the father, as its his right. Urmi is shocked.

Later, when shashi and her husband come, rashmi is super excited while urmi stands tensed. Saroj says that she was about to call them. Shashi says that the first right is the father’s to know about the expectancy. She informs them that samrat has kept a grand party for this. Saroj is tensed for urmi.

Annu’s residence
While all are excited for the party, urmi is sad. He says that they have come to invite them all and to take urmi back. he asks gaurav to let go of everything and start afresh. He complies. granny is pleased with his behaviour too. devi too agrees. Shashi and her husband say that they have come to take urmi. Urmi signals to saroj, that she wont go with them. She is tensed. But granny says that this doesnt need any complainec and definitely she would go. all are tensed sensing urmis’ disapproval. She again signals saroj that she wont go. saroj makes up a story that urmi could stay here another night, and sends devi and granny in tension, and says that she would cvo9me to leave urmi tomorrow.

They agree. Devi is upset but doesnt say anything.

after they leave, saroj goes to urmi’s room to find her crying and asks her to have faith on herself, and not lose hope, as there’s god purpose in all this, and asks her not to be disappointed. urmi is distraught and hugs saroj, crying badly, saying that she doesnt want to go there, as she cant make herself believe that samrat can change and the situation would stay the same and that he wont change. She says that she knows how suffocated she felt there, and that he isnt a good man and doesnt want to stay there. she says that he got to know such a huge news, and organised a party, but never even gave her a call, to his own wife and the motyher of his child. She starts crying inconsolably. Devi comes and finds her like this and says that its okay ifg she doesnt want to go, surprising urmi and saroj. He asks them to give him poison, before he is disrespected in the family. saroj is tensed, while urmi is hurt and stunned.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat and others are bantering, while he is in a good mood, as his parents have gone to get urmi. samrat says that this was to happen and she would have to go, as she is pregnant and now she would be rid of her ego. kanchan asks him to think about the newborn and not the ego now. samrat says that a man wins over a woman only when he becomes a father. Samrat gloats in front of everyone that now the child would drag urmi here, and then she would forever be chained in this house, for life. Diwaker and kanchan are tensed to hear this. samrat says that with the child, the woman is rendered uselss and unacceptable by the society as she steps alone outside. Diwaker disagrees with it, kanchan too. He says that a woman is a human, not a thing. Samrat starts taunting him yet again on his slavery of his wife. He tells kanchan too that urmi is now chained for life to him. His parenst hear his stance as they come inside. Samrat begins with the party prep. All join in.

The phone rings, and rashmi asks shashi about the party preps. rashmi says that urmi isnt ready to go at all, shocking shashi, that urmi has said a flat no t5o going back, even after explaining so much. shashi is angry6. rashmi asks what would she say to the gueste who come.

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