Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 25 April 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 25 April 2020

Samrat’s residence
The client tell samrat and shock him by saying that his wife doesnt really believe in Indian traditions and is very open. One of the ladies ask for water and aditi gets to it. samrat takes the business card from one of the clients, while tauji sees that the wallet of the client is left open with lots of money, and signals paro to that direction. paro hungily starts eyeing the money and moves towards it. samrat is shocked as he finds that she’s headed towards the money and without alarming the clients, he tries to subdue her, but when she doesnt, he gets to her before she can take the money.

Friday Update on Lies of the heart 24 April 2020

Paro says that she was going there only, but saw the wallet kept, and what if he had forgotten and hence decided on giving it. Samrat is flustered and embarassed, while she has a hard time letting go of all that money. She too asks for their number, while samrat says that he has the number. the clients are highly disturbed but play along nevertheless. aditi takes her aside and asks her to go upstairs to shaurya as he must be needing her. paro asks who shaurya. the clients are surprised. Samrat tries to make it sound funny, while asking her to go to shaurya.

But just then, shashi comes down after running behind shaurya, and all are shocked to find her makeup, and cant escape a smile too. tauji thinks that now he would be able to entertain them to another level after all. samrat is shocked. shaurya asks samrat why wasnt he allowed down. Samrat says that he is very naughty. the ladies ask him about the lady. shashi tries to introduce herself but he shuts her saying that she is the nanny, and she complies mistaking it to be Daadi, and is boggled.

mandira blurts out the truth confusing them. samrat however plays along with what asks shashi to take care of the kids. Shaurya runs away from there and stands beind the client, much to the family’s tension. shaurya asks where’s his mother as he wants her. the clients arew confused as they know that paro is urmi. they show him paro, but shaurya tells them that she isnt his mother. The lady takes him to paro, while shaurya is confused, and says that this isnt his mother. All are shocked and wonder what to do. the lady termns shaurya as naughty. But he says that she is in fact stupid, as this isnt his mother. the clients are confused and boggled, while shaurya demands to be taken down. The lady asks samrat whats going on, anmd if this lady isnt his mother, and samrat’s wife. Samrat tries to cover up, but mandira too says that shaurya is right. samrat tries to cover up, but the clients are angered and fuirous at his joke on relationships. samrat asks them calm down and sit. tauji intyervens and tells them not to misunderstand, as samrat had a fight with his wife, and went to her home, and hence he had to present this lady as the wife, just so that he could fulfill their demand of meeting the entire family. Samrat is flabbergasted and speechless, while all are tensed. Tauji plays tghe right card for samrat to be cornered. the clients refuse to see the logic. Samrat says that they were coming with families, and the presence of a wife was essential. The clients ask how could he do this, instead of getting his wife. tauji says that he doesnt consider anything over his business, not even his wife, as if he went to the wife, she would have gotten on his head. samrart doesnt understand whether tauji’s doing any good. tauji says that samrat never gives that weightage to his wife. the clients say that this means he doesnt have any respect for his wife. He says that they are totally misconstruing. Amrit says that he was just trying to impress them. This falls badly on the clients, who thinks that they have been befooled, as he lied to them about all this, just so that he could impress them.

The client says that the person who cant respect his wife cant respect anyone else. samrat is shocked. they show their utter lack of disinterest in business with him. samrat asks themnot to do this. tauji says that they shouldnt do this. but the clients say that its noje of their concern, and leave in haste. samrat is apalled while all are tensed, excepting tauji, who thinks that things played exactly the way he wanted them to. samrat’s father comes in sarcastocally marvelling them of their tremendous performance, that got them so insulted. shashi tries to shut him, but samrat vents out his anger at her, for having ruined every effort of his, by not being able to handle even two kids, and then points to her makeup. Samrat’s father asks him to stop shotuing at her, and asks him to realise the importance of urmi in the household, as one day without her, caused so many problems. He tells samrat that urmi is equally responsible for his feats, as he may just claim outside. tauji says that this is true and despite having tried everything, they failed, and hence there is truth to what Rudra says. tauji says that it wont look good to say , but actually the lifeline of this house is urmi. samrat and shashi are shocked and angered, while others agree.

Samrat is cornered from, all ends, asking that he should have brought urmi, so that they wouldnt have been so ashamed. samrat is disturbed and asks therm not to tell anything like this to urmi, threatening them against it. they all disperse, while samrat is furious. shashi leaves asking him to stay calm. He is however super angry and breaks glass ware. He leaves for this room, while tauji applauds paro’s work. she is shocked to find a new bundle of notes in tauji’s hands, which he happily gives to her. She thanks him and says that she wouldnt need customers for a couple of coming days. she leaves. tauji thinks that now he would have his way and urmi, her rightful place in the society.

Samrat’s residence
shashi asks urmi whats she doing. urmi says that she was going through her last cooking book, to try and find something new. shashi gives her the medicine list, and asks her to get her blood pressure meds. urmi hollers at mukti to get them, but shashi says that mukta messes and gets the wrong ones. urmi agrees but to go after samrat comes home and she gives him coffee. tauji comes and asks urmi to give her whats to be got, as it would help with her walking too. shashi asks him to let be, as her own bahu isnt interested in going. urmi says that she never said no. Shashi says that she was planning to go after a couple of hours, and she is feeling nervous right now and wanted the meds. tauji teases her as to whats happening, and if she is planning something new. She ask him to stop teasing, while saying that she shouldnt have expectations from urmi. urmi offers to go right away, and get the meds. shashi leaves. tauji asks urmi to wonder why is she so happy at the prospect of urmi going out of the house, to get her meds. this gets urmi thinking. tauji says that she is definitely upto something. urmi refuses to believe something is wrong. tauji is amused.

Later, Samrat comes in and hollers for urmi and asks tauji to stay in his room, as he is coming with great news. He asks shashi to tell urmi to give him coffee the way he likes it. He goes upto his room, while from the balcony, tauji finds shashi’s face agloat with an evil idea, and smirks.

Asha’s residence
When the priest gives a date of four months from now, saroj and granny are tensed. Granny tells him to find a nice and early muhurat. the priest says that then the only date thats left is for tomorrow. Annu offers to select card designs with asha, while the finalise the date. granny isnt pleased, as anu shows her the card designs on the tablet, and asks her to select. asha is visbly uncomfortable with modern gadgets. Granny thinks that anu would ruin everything, and goes to anu and says that card isnt needed, as they would get married tomorrow. They all are shocked. saroj too asks for more time, but granny asks her to start preparations, while she would handle gaurav and devi. Asha’s mother is very happy lustily. Anu congratulates asha, and tells her that gaurav has sent her a teddy bear. asha understands bear out of it, and goes inside tensed. Granny asks anu what did she say. her mother covers up saying that she is very shy and hence went inside. Her mother later tells asha that it was rude what she did, but then asha innocently tells her that gaurav sent beer, and hence he is an alcoholic. Her mother tells her that big societies have such norms and its very normal, and asks her to blend in too. She is shocked.

The mehendi ladies come in for mehendi and demand for some good momney, for this happy news that asha is getting hitched. To shut them, asha’s mother gives them the gift that gaurav gave. As they open the gift, they find a teddy bear and a watch. asha’s mother reprimands asha for having misunderstood the gift. she snatches the gifst from them, saying that she would pay them later, while gloating at the gift. asha’s mother is super happy thinking that their luck has caused them to have such good fortune.

 samrat’s residence
Shashi, with a tray containing green juice of some sort, thinks that now there would a wonderful drama when samrat gets angry. she leaves for samrat’s room. urmi comes and is hogged by the children asking waht she got for them. she says that she went for meds. she asks mandria to give these meds to shashi, while she makes coffeee for samrat. They comply, while she rushes to the kitchen to prepare coffee. she hollers at mukti to give her coffee and sugar. Mukti tells urmi that samrat is drinking vegetable juice prepared by shashi, with much love and affection. urmi is surprised and begins to look at the list of ingredients that shashi has put in it. she is shocked to find jamaal ghota in it. She wonders why this was asked. Mukti says that there was everything in the house, but she still got it from outside. urmi is shocked. ass he rushes to the room, she finds shashi lying to samrat, having given him vegetable juice, while he says that he wants coffee. She lies that urmi made this from him specially, and urmi is shocked. They tease her to take up acting. He says that he would drink the juice, and asks her to leave.

urmi comes in saying, that she is right. shashi asks how come she came so fast. urmi asks fropm where, as she was downstairs only preparing the juice. Shashi is speechless. urmi says that she should have thought, as she is ill all the time, she should have prepared first for shashi and then for samrat. Shashi wonders what she is upto. Urmi says that its never too late and asks shashi to drink this juice as she would make another one for samrat. tauji is amused at urmi’s presence of mind. Shashi says that she canty drink it, as its made with much love for samrat. Shashi is shocked and nervous at how to get out the situation, while urmi tries to emotionally blackmail her that she loves her and is concerned about her health.

samrat too asks her to stop bantering and gulp down the juice. shashi tries to get out of it, but isnt able to with samrat’s stern orders. Finally, samrat gives it to her, and she takes it with trembling hands, while tauji and urmi are much amused. tauji teases her that she should rather drink with a straw. Samrat asks her to finish it completely. Shashi just puts her lips to it, and then puts it down saying that she has had enough. samrat asks her to take it and finish it all, as she has already taken a sip, noone else would take it, and he doesnt like wastage at all. while she trembles, they consider it a sign of weakness. Shashi has no option but to drink the whole juice, while tauji and urmi are amused. Shashi starts experiencing digestive problems.

Samrat’s residence
samrat asks for cofee, and shashi begins to rush out. But urmi says that she shouldnt bother as she would get it herself. While the jamaal ghota begins to work, shashi rushes to leave the room to go to the bathroom. urmi asks shashi that she gets very less time to stay and spend some quality time with samrat and when she has gotten the chance she shouldnt leave it.

Shashi says that she has lots of work downstairs. samrat asks her to sit down with them. She is surprised and wonders what to do now. She tries to get out of it, but samrat sternly tells her to sit, and she has no option but to comply. she then makes another excuse, of having her BP machine. after she leaves, samrat is wondering what went wrong. She has a hard time dealing with her bowels, that have gone for a toss, after the jamaal ghota. as she comes out of the bathroom, she swears to take revenge on urmi, but then finds the need to use the bathroom again. urmi and tauji are amused in samrat’s room.