Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 21 March 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 21 March 2020

Urmi’s mother taking Urmi’s niece in her lap and gifting her a bracelet with black stones.

Urmi’s sister in lAwuley moles on Samrat rudeness and says that Samrat will understand only when he will get born like a girl in next life.

Samrat calls Urmi upstairs ans asks her to search for watch. On not finding the watch Urmi insist to go downstairs but Samrat tells her that his work is more important than her parents.

Samrat speaks more rude works and Urmi keeps searching looking for watch with tears in her eyes.

Urmi’s mother leaves with family after waiting for Urmi.

Samrat tells Urmi that it was important to ignore them else they would have came again and again.

Saroj akka urmis mom tell every one how sam was angry with them as kanchan gave birth to baby in temple than to hospital , urmis father says its wrong that sam should not blame saroj for that and even urmis brother says its outrageous to blame anyone for it , where in rashmi comes in tries saying some people not like their name being made public in such a manner.

Urmi is serving break fast to her family and every one wonder about ishaan and when sam comes there his father asks what happened that they had a fight, sam looks at urmi and scolds her for saying this to family and warns family not to talk about ishaan anymore, as they have nothing to do with it and all their bond with ishaan is broke , his father and others try to talk to sam about not breaking bond off just like that.

Urmis father asks his family had they met urmi and how is she doing? rashmi tries to cover up saying they were all busy and sam called up and urmi went off and couldnt meet them, and rashmi tries to take side when her husband blasts her and when saroj hope urmi is fine and not getting bad treatment, urmi father asks had they called before they went and when saroj says no , he defends sams actions.

Sam;s father was telling him not to break relations like that and just then one of male maid places a bowl of curd on his plate, sam blasts him for placing it without asking him and when maid says sorry, sam ends up dumping curd on him and when urmi asks him to stop he asks her to shut up and not to interfere. when his father tells him not to break relations in this manner, sam says relations in his house always breaks like this and walks off while his father keeps screaming if he behaves like this only he will be left all alone in his life,

Urmi is folding clothes in room and rem sams outburst at her mother and then notices sam coming in with a call and sam is all smiles, urmi asks him how come he is so happy and sam tells her about the deal and urmi then tells him that its not her mothers mistake to help kanchan bhabhi have baby at temple and sam gives her death stare look.

Sam says he didnot say anything to her family and he dont like all this drama and says he will get angry and asks her if he is wrong in getting angry and when urmi tries talking to him and he says lets not talk about it and then defends himself and says he wont spoil his mood as he is happy as his work is going good and walks off happily and urmi is glad he had a good start atleast.

Urmi, kanchan and sams mother are sitting together when some lady walks in who turns to be their neighbour and they exchange greetings and the lady runs off to see the gal and then cong and then seeing urmi she asks if she is sams wife and is all total lost in urmi lol, and keeps praising sam and urmi jodi and she shares sweets with them and asks maid to bring something for her to eat urmi was about to make it while the lady asks her to wait and then let urmi go and do with some instructions and urmi notices how uncomfortable her mother in law and kanchan are. and that lady is talking and talking.

On street some women is checking her mobile when some one snatches her bag and she asks for help and many guys runs after him sam is coming out of shop and notices the thief and after kicking him takes the purse and asks whos purse is it and notices the married women who comes calls out bhaiya.

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