Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 20 June 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 20 June 2020

Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband wait anxiously, for urmi to return. when she does, and sits in a daze, they both impatiently ask her whats the matter. she tells him what the lawyer told. they are shocked, and try to explain to her the implications of leading the life of a divorcee. urmi is adamant that she wont live the life of samrat’s slave, and wont go back to him and to get her son back, if divorce is the way, then so be it. They are tensed.

Annu’s residence
Anu gets ishaani’s number, from tanya, and is super happy and overjoyed. She starts dancing, and asha comes in asking whats the matter. Annu deliberately shocks asha by saying that she got herself a good groom, for her marriage that the family was so interested in. She leaves distraught, while annu is amused and happy.

Samrat’s residence
Samrat finds shaurya sitting gloomy and sad, and asks him not to pretend and do drama. he asks him to stop this acting, and not be like his mother. Shaurya retaliates back saying that he is very bad. samrat says that he is, and that he would turn way worse, if he tries to do anything again like he did on diwali. Samrat tells shaurya that now he would get his mother’s company, only when his mother comes back to live with them, or else he should forever forget about urmi. He asks shaurya to either stay happy or sadly, but the fact is that he has to stay here. Shaurya eyes him scared and tensed. Samrat leaves. Mandira comes in finding him tensed, and when he expresses his desire to go to urmi, She asks him to do something, due to which samrat would himself send him to urmi. Shaurya asks what should he do. she gives him an idea, and he loves it.

Later, as samrat puts out a shirt, and then goes to the bathroom for taking a bath, mandira sprays ink all over it. Samrat comes out and finds mandira and shaurya studying and is happy. but then samrat finds ink stains on his freshly bought shirt, and hollers at mandira and shaurya for doing this. They make excuses and apologise, and then stain two more shirtts, pretending to be ignorant of what they are doing. Samrat throws them out. Outside, they are happy that their plan was a success.

District Office, jhansi
Urmi tries to find a counsel, who files divorce cases, and when she finds the person, she talks about her problem with the advocate. she says that she wants a divorce, and then clarifies the situation going on for the past two months. She says that she wants a divorce for the custody of her child. the lawyer decides to send a notice to Samrat then. urmi tells that she would be able to pay in installments, and that there’s some financial crisis, but she would pay back everything. He agrees, and says that he would get the papers ready. When she mentions the name, Samrat singh Rathore, he is shocked to know this, and says that he wont be able to fight a case against Samrat, as he would use his power and influence.

Urmi tries to say that she is right and that she has a strong case, and they wont lose. He asks her to go for a better lawyer. She says that she cant afford a high priced lawyer. But he refuses to help her, asking her to look for other options. She feels dejected, wondering how to get out of this new problem, and wonders how to get such a huge amount of money, but is determined that she would have shaurya at any cost. She prays to the lord to show her a way. she wonders if there’s no lawyer, who is good, and has affordable fees too. She asks by whose help would she be able to get through it.

Annu’s residence and Ishaan’s Officem New York
Anu is nervous, excited, shy and overwhelmed at the same time, mustering up the courage to talk to Ishaan, hoping if he would remember her. Annu excitedly talks to ishaani, asking if he recognised her, and when he doesnt, she tries to make him remember by saying, that she is Anushka, from jhansi, and then also adds that she is urmi from Jhansi. ishaani has flashbacks of urmi,