Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 2 May 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 2 May 2020

Lies of the heart 2 May 2020: Samrat comes home and hollers for urmi. Shashi asks him not to be too angry, in a bid to make him furious all the more, saying that urmi would be angry at her later then. urmi rushes down smilingly and tells him that she would just go and get coffee for him.

Friday Update on Lies of the heart 1 May 2020

Shashi smiles evilly knwoing what to expect next. urmi is about to go, when samrat stops her. She is tensed, while shashi is excited. As he comes to confront her, shashi is happy. He asks her to go up and get his clothes, as they have to go out for dinner. shashi is shocked to see this u-turn. He asks shashi to go and get coffee. shashi is surprised but resignedly agrees. urmi leaves to get his clothes.

Samrat’s residence
Shashi comes up on the roof, to instigate samrat against urmi again, and asks why di he easily let her go. Samrat is super furious at the fact thar urmi has the guts and dared to even forgeo asking him, and not bothering to even inform him, and has joined dance classes. shashi smiles evilly as her plan falls into place. Samrat resolves that he shall see how long urmi doesnt tell her, as the longer she delays it, the more problems she would attract for herself. Shashi smiles evilly while he is in a rage.

The next morning, on the breakfast tabl,e samrat brings up the topic of shaurya’s swimming lessons and asks how is it going and if his instructor is good with him. Shaurya goes on a rant, while samrat asks when should he come to watch shaurya. Urmi is highly uncomfortable. Samrat says that he would come today only then, and see him and others too. He indirects continues to keep urmi tensed. Tauji is tensed. urmi is asked by samrat if she knows any of his friends. She hesitates and says that she does. Shashi smiles evilly. Urmi signals shashi while she asks him to go some other time. Samrat shuts her up. urmi says that he can come when he wants. Samrat says that he would come and that she can continue the classes everyday. she is shocked, while he clarifies that he was talking about shaurya’s swimming classes.

Shashi finds urmi tensed in the kitchen and is amused. Shashi comes to her with a serious face, saying that she doged the bullet today. Urmi says that she doesnt feel its right keeping it away from samrat and tell him soon. shashi thinks that iuf she tells samrat then her punishment would be really less. She instigates urmi to not tell. But urmi is uncomfortable with this descision. when she complies, shashi thinks that now she would play to samrat’s tunes.

Urmi comes to her room and asks about samrat and is told by shaurya that he has gone for a bath. Shaurya goes out taking a toy. urmi is resolved to tell this to samrat, whatever maybe the consequences. Later, while samrat is getting ready, urmi comes to him and says that she wants to tell something to him.


Samrat eyes her sternly, while she is tensed, thinking that she finally buckled under pressure and is about to tell him, about her secret. he casually asks what does she want to talk about. Urmi says that its really important. samrat taunts her against it. Urmi says that she is serious, but he continues to taunt her, taking her lightly. He asks her to say fast. She is about to, when tauji comes and reprimands her not to tell small, petty things to samrat and irritate samrat for the same. tauji says that she is concerned that tauji is eating so muich these days. samrat reprimands her for the same. urmi tries to clarify, but tauji says that she was concerned for his health. samrat instanslt asks him to come along and get a checkup done. Tauji is tensed, buit says that he would go himself. samrat asks him to get a check up done and show the reports. Samrat leaves.

After samrat leaves, tauji asks what was he about to do, and that he heard her talk with shashi. Urmi asks what to do, as she doesnt like hiding things from him. tauji says that if samrat had understood, then this wouldnt have happened, and if he cant agree to this, he doesnt need to be informed. She is asked to take her own descisiomns without fear, as she is a mature, independant lady. urmi understands, and decides to follow his advise.


Annu’s residence
While all make plans for anu to be taken to meet her prospective in-laws, anu goes out the door saying that she has plans with her friends. But granny and saroj make up plans for going out to the new ice cream parlour. granny again emotionally blackmails her in the name of family. Anu says that she would come directly from there. Devi asks her to be there at 5 sharp. As granny finds that she is dressed in top and skirts, she asks her to change into the new suit, but anu says that its a casual meet and not some function. Anu leaves. asha comes and asks if she would go too, and continues with her nonsensical banter as usual. Granny and saroj are frustrated.

Samrat’s office and Urmi’s dance classes.

urmi is dancing with fervour in her dance classes. A new person joins in, who comes late, and identifies himself as manish. the instructor gives him instructions. Manish eyes urmi as she takes her berak, and drinks water. she finds him staring at her, and gets uncomfortable and looks away. Samrat calls up urmi to ask her if the classes are okay, and when she says that they are okay, he asks her to give the phone to shaurya, so that he can talk to him and find out how is he doing. urmi is shocked and perplexed what to do. manish observes urmi. samrat insists. urmi is at a loss for an answer. samrat smiles at urmi’s squirming. he himself says that shaurya must be in the pool and hence wont be able to talk. urmi complies to this but is still tensed. He asks her get back to her work, and cancels the call. Samrat thinks that urmi cant hide anything from him, and that he would enjoy this game all the more. manish asks urmi what happened as she looks tensed, and if there’s any problem. urmi asks him to mind his own business and not medlle his nose in others’ affairs. Manish says that he was just trying to be friendly, and urmi lashes that he should only focus on what he has come here to do, and not make friends.

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