Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 18 April 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 18 April 2020

Samrat’s mother telling Samrat that Urmi hided from everyone that she met tauji in temple and insulted him.

Samrat gets furious and calls everyone. Samrat asks Urmi to wash tauji’s feet and drink that water.

Urmi insisted that she has not made any mistake but Samrat refuse to listen.

Tauji says when she does not realise her mistake punishment is no.point.

Mandira asks her grandmother why she made complain to Samrat and tells her that she is very bad.

Tauji sees Urmi crying in front of God and thinks that if Urmi is actually right he will look into depth and change hervdays.

Samrat’s residence
samrat, in his inebriated state, talks about how much he missed tauji and that if there’s any person who can completely understand him, its tauji. tauji tells him that he and urmi dont match and look a mismatch couple, and that he should have been there to take a descision for him for his marriage. samrat says that urmi is alright but he always keeps her under his dominance and says that they are a perfect match, and when in the beginning she used to talk much, he used to silence her and now she is completely docile.

Tauji plays along with samrat, for him vent out. tauji asks him blunt that he doesnt look happy. Amrit comes in asking how can he be unhappy when he is around saying that he takes complete care of akash. tauji reprimands him for being here always. Amrit is uncomfortabnle. samrat goes to recive a phone call. Amrit tells that he is here with aditi, and serves Samrat. tauji taunts him to be a Ghar Jamaai, and half woman as this isnt masculine. Amrit takes it jokingly, and says that he is new here, and lives like a son, and says that he would never give tauji a reason to complain. amrit is tensed with tauji’s behaviour, and thinks that tauji wont let him stay here and that he would have to do something.

In the room, urmi tries to put shaurya to sleep, while crying inconsolably herself. He doses off. urmi remembers tha insult samrat did in front of tauji and shaurya, and is emotional.

The next morning, all are bantering, when amrit asks aditi that tauji doesnt like him staying here. While they are talking, mandira comes in asking them to find what shaurya has done in her room. as they reach there, they are shocked to find that shaurya has torn all of mandira’s books, just because she refused to play with him. Kanchan tries to quiten mandira, while urmi scolds shaurya for this and asks him to apologise. but he stands defiant, shocking urmi all the more, when he ill talks back. Shashi however favours shaurya and is disturbed to find urmi mistreating him. urmi asks him to apologise, but he stands defiant. Finally, he goes to mandira, and eyes her stoically aAnd then rushes out. kanchan starts reprimanding him. Shashi asks urmi to let be, and stop thios matter. But urmi says that this kind of behaviour isnt right. Shashi instead starts reprimanding mandira, for not playing when her brother wanted her to. kanchan reprimands shashi that she always favours her grandson, but shashi silences them and asks them to work in the kitchen. urmi is tensed.

In his room, samrat and tauji are discussing bsuiness, when shaurya pretnds to ber very hurt and says that urmi beat him up badly. Samrat instanstly gets angry and rushes out. tauji watches this tensedly.

Urmi silences mandira up, while samrat comes in asking how dare she hit his son. urmi says that she didnt hit him. samrat asks her to stop dramatising. She tells what actually happened, but samrat refuses to see his child’s mistake, and asks how dare she hit him. urmi says that scolding him was right and that he needs punishment too. but samrat jerks off her advise.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Granmny is talking ono the phone, about another propective bride, when gaurav and saroj hear this and are disturbed. Gaurav tells them that he doesnt want to get married as he is fed up of all this. granny tries to advise but he doesnt listen. saroj too tries to talk. but gaurav says that he didnt find any worthygirl. granny says that he would find the right girl, and it would take time. gaurav asks ifb they still have some insults to bear and that he doesnt want to get married and thats final. granny says that she needs` an heir and starts crying. gaurav asks her to stop being emotional and leaves. anu consoles granny and asks her to let be, as gaurav is already upset. but she doesnt comply. saroj too is frustrated. granny says that she wont live in peace till she gets gaurav married to a nice girl. Saroj and annu are tensed.

 Samrat’s residence
Samrat tells urmi that she has become too involved in raising the child, hence forgotten whoise child is she rasing, and that she cant raise her hand on him, and says that she would have to be reminded whose child is she hitting. Shashi too sides with samrat, and instigates her against urmi. urmi is shocked to hear this. kanchan says that urmi isnt at fault. but samrat silences her. He asks shaurya if urmi hit him. He pretnds to be very hurt and says that she did. samrat tells him that now he too would slap his mother. aditi asks samrat to stop, but he shuts her. Samrat’s father says that this is highly wrong and asks him to stop. Samrat silences him too. samrat says that this is his court and he would do and give justice the way he wants to. He asks shaurya to slap, while all are shocked. finally he slaps urmi, filling her with indignation, while all are apalled at urmi’s condition except for shashi. To add insult to torture, samratv taunts her that if its paining very bad, due to his small hands, they can apply lotion on her face and attend to her. Tauji is also shocked to see this. kanchan leaves in disgust. Samrat tells her to remember this from now on, that she is raising samrat’s child. after this, everyone leaves, while leaving urmi, facing tauji and the children. mandira too leaves reprimanding shaurya that he would face much torture later, for lying so much. tauji hears all of this with shock. tauji eyes this all with much introspective.

Samrat’s residence
Tauji comes to urmi, while she is heartbroken, and says that every man as dushasan is always insulting women, and didnt leave even draupadi, and they would undermine every woman who’s under them, and bound by some relation. He tells her that the person who bears the insult is equally as the person who insults. But krishan was there as the carrier of the justice and that indirectly hinting that he can just show her the way, but she would have to fight this war, thats only hers.

Urmi is surprised to hear this. Tauji gives her advise but in an inirect way, that her bearing this torture, is only increasing her adaptability to torture and nothing else. tauji says that the society that respects women also disrespects them on numerous occassions. urmi says that iin the world, either all the women are sad, or bear silently. tauji says that every woman has a Krishna, and asks her to convert her own challenge into a fire, and stop bearing the insults meted out to her. urmi is forced to think on what tauji said.

The next morning, tauji observes shaurya while he is playing and asks tauji to step aside so tht he can play. tauji thinks that shaurya is a true copy of the arrogant samrat. tauji is playing video games on hi tablet, only to distract shaurya and finally winning in it. shaurya demands him to give it to him. But tauji says tht liar children cant play this, and hence he cant play it, and that this is for mandira, who would play and also take it to school. shaurya says that he doesnt lie and hence he is eligible to play. But tauji says that he is lying and he can find out since he is a magician, and finds when children are lying and gets him in his trap. Shaurya is left speechless, as he finds himself guilty in front of tauji.

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