Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 14 March 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 14 March 2020

Samrat’s residence
Shashi scolds kanchan for getting delayed in waking up and late preparation of breakfast. urmi stand tensed. She indirectly goes onto scold urmi, by scolding kanchan verbally. urmi hears from the dining table. Shashi finally pretends to have noticed urmi and asks if she woke up finally. urmi starts lending a hand and apologises for being late. But shashi says that she wasnt scolding her, as she is new to the family.

Shashi says that she understands that she is newly married, and sleeps late at night and hence wakes up late too. Urmi says that she woke up early but…and then remembers how samrat had lured her, instead of letting her come down. urmi lies to shashi saying that samrat had a headache, and hence she got late. kanchan comes in and tells her that she is absolutely at no fault and had to hear because of urmi. Shashi gets tensed for samrat, and immediately goes to look for him.

But urmi stops her saying that she has already applied the balm and he is feeling better now. When samrat comes down, shashi gets tensed. She asks samrat about the headache. Samrat, oblivious of urmi’s excuse, says why would he have a headache all of a sudden. Urmi’s lie comes to surface. urmi is embarassed at having been caught red handed lying. Shashi furiously eyes urmi. Shashi gets angryv that she has been scolded by samrat, due to urmi’s lying to him. urmi goes to serve breakfast to samrat.

Later, urmi goes to samrat and tells her about her excuse and then he stood her up in front of everyone. He says that he doesnt care for anyone and what they think. He says that she shouldnt expect this from him. seeing them tensed, shashi comes and asks whats the matter. but samrat ignores her. he asks his father to take care of the hotel, behind him, also taunting how diwaker is not of much use, and tells him that there shouldnt be any problem. His father assures that everything would be okay.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s and samrat’s residence
Meanwhile, still in ishaan’s thoughts, she decides to call him and then cancels and wonders what to say and starts rehearsing. just then ishaan calls her up, and she picks up anxiously. Ishaan calls and asks how is her health. She says that she is okay and he had promised that he would come and with something. he starts smiling and asks what should he bring. she says that she loves red roses. Ishaan says that he would definitely get it for her. She greets him off and gets excited at seeing him.

Ishaan comes and tells him that all bookings and plannings are finalised. Shashi tells that he has got a great friend in ishaan. Ishaan tells urmi that she has to pack to leave tomorrow night. She is tensed at this suddenness. kanchan is excited for urmi. Samrat’s father finds urmi tensed and asks wif she is tensed. urmi denies anything like that. samrat asks her to pakc for both of them, with extra care so that they dont leave anything behind. Urmi complies and goes to shashi to ask for permission, to go to her house to meetv anu and her parents. Shashi says that its on samrat to give permission for that. ishaan says that he is going to meet anu, and they can tag along. urmi says that they can meet and go to meet her parents before leaving too. He asks her to go then. She asks if he wont go. He says that it isnt necessary. she says that it isnt but its good, and requests him. his father also tells him to go, as he hasnt gone since the marriage. samrat says that he has lots of work to finish before going to Goa. She and ishaan insist again. Urmi goes to ask shashi to say so that he goes too. shashi thinks that he wont agree come what may, and hence confidently says to go. samrat takes a U-turn, and decides to go. shashi is confused with this stance, and is angry at urmis’ cleverness, and decides to set her straight.

Samrat’s residence
Anu is getting ready for meeting ishaan. saroj comes and asks her to take it easy and take rest. grahnny says that she isnt meeting prospective suitors, and its just ishaan. She wishes that Buaji’s words come true. Devishanker and his family get tensed when urmi comes in unannounced with samrat and ishaan, thinking that they dont have the house set. They all reprimand urmi and ishaan for not announcing samrat’s visit. samrat asks them to take is easy as he has already been welcome during the marriage. They all sit down. they ask about samrata nd his family. he curtly says that everything is alright. they go to prepare breakfast for samrat and others. Anu comes down excited to see ishaan and samrat. She asks all of them to come inside and talk. ishaan gives her the roses, saying that he fulfilled her demands, and that she’s looking very beautiful. Anu is shy. samrat asks anu if she’s okay. Samrat again tells anu that what she doesnt know, she shouldnt put her hand in it. He says that next time, she wont be abel to accept flowers too. anu is shocked at such terseness. He says that even flowers think to what person they are going. Ishaan is tensed at samrat’s rudeness. the family is surprised too. Anu asks what does it mean. urmi diverst them saying that anu should rest now, and asks her to go inside. Anu asks them to go inside, or else she would get bored. As anu is being taken by urmi, she glances back at ishaan, and wishes that he comes too, as she cant call him directly.

In the room, as urmi gloats about how being in love changes everything, anu says that she does know. Urmi tells about her honeymoon plan, of going to Goa. Anu is surprised. Anu starts crying when urmi tells her that ishaan is also going with them to goa, and from there he would go to London, while urmi is busy on her rant about how exciting this trip is going to be for her. Urmi is shocked and asks why is she crying. She thinks that anu is in pain, and asks if her leg’s hurting. she thinks that it isnt her leg, but her heart thats hurting. She asks anu, after searching the drawers, where is her medicine. Anu thinks that her medicine is outside, and would leave, giving her much pain. urmi goes to ask about it to her mother. anu thinks that even her mother doesnt know what is her pain and how can it be relieved.

Urmi’s residence
Ishaan comes along with urmi, and tries to pacify her, while she is sad that he would be leaving. In the drawing room, saroj comes with sweets, and is told that ishaan is inside. She says that she made as ishaan likes them. Samrat gets tensed. Devishanker asks them to be send to the room, only for ishaan. Gaurav asks saroj to serve sweets to ishaan too, as samrat is also given some of it to taste. granny too asks to be given another delicacy to samrat and some to ishaan too, as he loves them. Samrat is frustrated with the increasing mention of ishaan in the household. Samrat gets into a rage saying that it feels like, he isnt and ishaan is the son in law of this hosue, and he means more to them, than he himself, urmi’s husband. they are shocked and tensed to see his anger and gets disturbed. He says that anyone who sees them would say this, as he has become more than son in law, without even marrying into this house. Devishankar tries to salvage his ego, saying that they attend to him, as his best friend, and they always prioritise him over ishaan any day. granny too says that ishaan comes so much, hence is treated so well. Saroj too says that same, as he is the son in law, and his respect always comes first. samrat asks them to stop their clarifications, as that lightens the topic. He says that he felt like it and said, but doesnt need justifications, as he knows what and why all this is happening. all are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As the servant asks saroj, for the bag to be given to samrat, she is iriitated and asks to be done whatever she feels. As the servant leaves, she is still upset about Goa and urmi’s convincing samrat to go. she says that urmi is very conniving, and that she wont let urmi be successful in her attempts.

As they return, samrat’s father asks about anu, and urmi tells them that she’s better now. Shashi sees them and is fuming. Samrat starst taunting kanchan as usual, when she says that she too wanted to go and see anu. Ishaan lightens the mood, saying that she can talk. but she still goes on rant to talk, and samrat begs her to stop. he asks about shashi, and is told that she’s preparing for their Goa plans. Meanwhile, in her room, shashi locks the bathroom, and tries different positions lying on the bathroom floor, and seeing which best convinces them. She opens the door, and sprinkles water on the floor, and starts shouting to catch their attention. They get tensed hearing her scream, as she p-retends to have fallen down. they all tend to her, while she says that she fell down and broke her legs.

They help her sit on the bed, while she screams out in pain, that she wont survive now. urmi too makes her comfortable on the bed, with pillows. Her husband asks shashi how did she fall. she gets nervous and then makes an excuse and says that she slipped, and is in great pain. Samrat taunts her as to what was she doing inside, dancing. all are tensed, while she continues with the drama. ishaan suspects that its slip disk, and asks to call the doctor. shashi says thats whats happened, and her slip disk has broken. samrat asks her to be quiet as she doesnt even know what slip disk is. samrat geos to call the doctor while ishaan and urmi try to calm her down. ishaan gets anu’s call, and gives it to urmi, thinking that she must have wanted to talk to her. urmi asks hastily if there’s anything urgent, and when she denies, she cancels the call. Anu wonders where’s ishaan and why did she pick the phone. she thinks that he cant leave without meeting her.

The doctor inspects her and says that the kind of pain that she is talking about, it seems that its a slip disk, and asks them for an X-ray, tomorrow, to confirm. shashi gets tensed. samrat says that they can treat her with the proper medication. Shashi says that she wont get the X-ray done. The doctor says that she would need long bed rest, and prescribes some painkillers, and asks them to contact her, if the case worsens.

Shashi asks how would the work be done, as one is in delicate condition, and she herself is bedridden, and the third lady is going for honeymoon. samrat asks her to be quiet first, so that they can think clearly. Shashi again goes on her rant about the condiiton of the house. Urmi and ishaan asks her not to worry, as they would handle everything. Ishaan says that he would stay back, and till he gets better, they too would return. But kanchan says that some work can be done only by the ladies, and he wont be able to do this. Ishaan offers to appoint a nurse. Samrat likes this idea, and goes onto place some calls.

But urmi stops him. urmi tells them that till shashi gets well, they wont go anywhere and would cancel the trip. shashi is happy, that her plan worked, while samrat is tensed. His father asks them not to cancel the trip, as they would find some alternative here. But ishaan too supports urmi’s descision. Samrat reminds them about the nonrefundability of the tickets, and it would be a waste of money, and that he wont be able to tolerate. His father tells them to go, and shashi too says that she would manage anyhow. But urmi is adamant that she wont go anywhere, and would take care of her.

samrat says that her descision to take care of his mother and staying back is good, but he wont let the tickets go to waste, and hence would go with ishaan, so that only urmi’s tickets go to waste. urmi is distraught to hear this and his stance. Samrat’s father is surprised. samrat says that there are so many people to take care of shashi, and still they wamnt the three to stay back. But if urmi feels like this, that nothing would happen without her, and she is the only one who can take care, then she is free to stay back. He says that he and ishaan would go, anbd thats a good descision too. Shashi is very happy with this, and at urmi’s torment.

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