Saturday Update on King of hearts Zee World June 23

Saturday Update on King of hearts Zee World

June 23 Episode

Payal meets him and says today’s performance was good. Dhruv thanks her.

Satya holds Mahi in his embrace and tells romantic lines. Mahi upsets him romantically. She tells that Kajal likes Satya. Satya says that’s why you was staring him. He says he won’t let Jugal hansraj marry his sister. Mahi says Dhruv is good and asks him not to get late. Satya says marriage is not an easy thing. Mahi says we shall talk to Mamma. Satya says we shall think about Sawant’s baby. Mahi says first Kajal’s relation and then…

Gangu Tai tells Payal that Mahi has chosen Dhruv for Satya. She asks how is he? Payal says he is a nice guy and says she will talk to him. Mahi says I know that Mamma will help us. Payal thinks her plan is successful. Later Dhruv signs the partnership deal and says Raizada and Sen gupta partnership will go long. Payal says I was thinking to turn this professional relationship into personal. She says we brought Kajal’s marriage proposal for you. Satya asks him not to say yes, if he don’t love her. Mahi says this is awkward situation for you, but we were thinking that this is the best match. Dhruv says he has no family and accepts the marriage proposal. Gangu Tai says you are my Jamai Raja from now. Satya thinks why did he agree so soon. Gangu Tai tells Dhruv that Kajal and Sunil are not her own kids, but they love her a lot. Kajal says you loved me so much, even my mum wouldn’t have given me so much love. Satya threatens Dhruv silently asking him not to make his sisters get tears. He jokes that a show should be made on him and his sasu mummy. Payal says sure.

Mahi tells Kajal that she is very happy for her. Gangu Tai says we will do sakarpura…engagement and asks Satya to call Dhruv. Payal says he is an orphan, so we will decide. Dhruv is talking to his girlfriend on phone and she says she won’t let him go tonight. Dhruv says I will come in night and asks her to understand that he is busy now. He asks her to give kiss. They give kiss to each other. Satya sees Dhruv giving mobile kiss, and is doubtful. Dhruv sees Satya and is shocked.

Satya seeing Dhruv with Sunaina. He asks him who is she? Sunaina gets a message and tells Satya that she is Dhruv’s doctor and came to treat him. Dhruv says she is his physiotherapist. Payal tells that they are getting late. Sunaina sits in car. Satya asks her to tell the truth and asks about the message. Sunaina tells that she got message from her patient. Mahi asks Satya why he is doing this and asks him to think about Kajal and Gangu Tai. She gets Kajal’s call and asks them to come. Mahi says we are coming. Mitul asks Kajal, what she will eat? Payal threatens Dhruv silently not to do any mistake. A fb is shown, Payal sends message to Sunaina threatening her not to tell anything to Satya if she wants her mum’s life. Sunaina gets shocked reading it and lies to Satya.
Payal gets her mum kidnapped. Fb ends. Payal tells Dhruv that she keeps such people under her feet like insects.

While everyone is having icecream. Mitul makes icecream falls on Mahi unintentionally. Mahi goes to wash her dress. Dhruv comes and holds her hand. Mahi is shocked to see him and asks you? Dhruv asks her not to worry and says I will clean. He says I did internship in detergent factory and knows how to clear the stain. Satya comes there and asks if everything is fine. Mahi tells that icecream fell on her dress. Dhruv says your stain is gone.

Satya and Mahi are returning back home. Mahi thinks about Dhruv’s behavior and thinks she can’t tell this to Satya. Everyons is busy in the arrangements. Dhruv stares Mahi again. Kajal asks Dhruv which dress to wear. Dhruv imagines Mahi wearing pink dress and asks Kajal to wear it. Kajal gets happy and goes. Satya falls and Mahi holds him. Satya says I fell for good. Dhruv gets jealous and breaks the glass in his hand. He gets a call and goes to attend it. Satya and Mahi looks on. Satya tells Mahi that they have to find about Sunaina. Kajal comes and asks Satya if he can’t see her happiness. She says I supported you when you married Mahi, then why can’t you. Satta asks her not to say such words which she can’t take it back. Kajal says I will not forgive you if you breaks my marriage and goes. Mahi tries talking to her. Mahi tells Satya that they shall follow him. She tells Gangu Tai that she has some work and going with Satya to Market. Payal thinks where they are going?

Satya and Mahi follow Dhruv. They get inside the house breaking the door. Satya asks Dhruv with whom he was talking to. Dhruv makes an excuse. Someone comes and gives ring to Dhruv. Payal, Gangu Tai and others come there. Dhruv asks why Satya is doubting on him and says he came to buy ring for Kajal, and asks if he wants to beat him, then just beat him, but don’t doubt daily. Gangu Tai asks Satya why he is doubting on her real Satya, her son and says you are hurting me doubting on him. She asks Satya not to doubt him. Kajal tells Satya that she will not forgive him and says he called us here to give surprise and give this ring. She throws ring on Satya.

Satya feels bad as nobody is trusting him. Mahi comes and asks him to wear googles and tells that Gangu Tai and Kajal are blinded by Dhruv and couldn’t see his truth, they have no reason to doubt him. Satya says from where to get proof against him. Mahi says everything will be fine and asks him to search his real family and divert his attention. Satya says since dad died, there is no address of Dada ji Raj Khurana and someone is taking care of my business. .

Dhruv coming to Mahi’s room and touches her head with lust, while staring her. Mahi gets up. Dhruv escapes. Mahi thinks Satya is sleeping and thinks who touched her then. She thinks about Dhruv and then thinks it is just her misunderstanding. Dhruv hides and smirks. Everyone is enjoying roka ceremony of kajal. Mahi brings sweets. Kajal refuses. Mahi says today is big day for you and we want you to have sweets. Kajal eats sweets. Mahi tells Satya that they have to be happy for others’ happiness. Satya says I have done this all my life. Mahi makes him have sweets. She comes to Kajal. Dhruv touches her waist in bad sense. Mahi is shocked. He tells that he saved her dupatta from falling in mehendi. Mahi is embarrassed and shocked. Later Dhruv asks Mahi to come and dance with
her. Mahi says later. Dhruv touches her again which makes her doubtful. He stares her. Mahi goes to Payal and tells her everything. Payal asks are you sure? Mahi says yes, I can’t tell Satya, else he will get angry. Payal says may be it is a misunderstanding and asks her not to tell anything to Satya. Mahi says may be I am thinking much. Payal thinks Dhruv will expose him. Mahi says lets dance.

Kajal dances with Dhruv. Satya gets a call. Dhruv touches her waist and says your dewar is dancing with you. Mahi is uncomfortable. Satya comes and slaps Dhruv. He says how dare you? Do you think I am blind. Dhruv asks what did I do? Kajal asks him to leave Dhruv and asks have you gone mad? You didn’t think about me once. Gangu Tai slaps Satya hard. Satya is shocked. Dhruv smiles. Gangu Tai asks if he is so jealous that he couldn’t bear and that’s why taking out his anger on Dhruv. She says I told you that it was my mistake, and says Dhruv is innocent. Kajal says truth is that you couldn’t see my happiness and asks him to go away from there, and not to attend her function. Mahi says Kajal is right and says every brother should be with his sister at this time. She says you can’t stay here and have to go. Satya is shocked. She holds his hand and takes him from there. Satya asks Mahi to listen to him. She closes the door on his face.

Later Mahi comes to Satya and tells that she didn’t support him then as they need to protect Kajal else she would have to leave with him also. A fb is shown, Mahi asks Satya to go and find proofs against Dhruv, says we have to stop this marriage. Fb ends. Satya tells Mahi that he will find the proofs and don’t let this marriage happen. Dhruv thinks to take revenge somehow.

Kajal gets ready for marriage. Mahi says I will help you. Kajal refuses to take her help and asks Gangu Tai to tie her necklace lace. Mahi apologizes to Kajal and says you knows well how much Satya loves you. Gangu Tai says if he really loved her then he would not have hurt her. She asks Kajal to get ready for marriage. Satya comes to the hospital and asks about Dr. Sunaina. Nurse says she don’t work here. Satya asks are you sure? She says yes. Satya thinks to find out. He comes to Sunaina’s house and sees someone sleeping on bed. He hides and tries checking for proofs. He gets a diary in which he finds Dhruv and Sunaina’s pics. In one of the pics, Sunaina and Dhruv are wearing garland. Satya thinks to tell everyone.

Sunaina coming home wearing veil on her head. She takes Dhruv inside. Mitul thinks where is she? Dhruv asks who is she? Sunaina lifts her ghunghat and says she is pregnant with his child. Dhruv says whatever he is doing is for money and threatens to kill her and her baby. He asks his goons to take and kill her. Mitul looks for Sunaina and asks Dhruv, if he saw veiled woman. He says no. Satya is tied to the chair and made to sit on the chair. He gains consciousness and tries to free his hands. Gangu Tai brings Kajal to mandap. Everyone looks at her. Mahi is sad.

Kajal sits for marriage. Mahi calls Satya and thinks why he is not picking the call and thinks that he told her to stop the marriage somehow. Somebody comes and pats on her shoulder. Mahi says thank god, you
came…She turns and sees Dhruv standing. Satya tells goons that he is feeling thirsty, and says if I die then you will get jailed for murder and asks them to give him water. They don’t listen to him. Satya shouts asking him to give water. Other goon asks him to get water.

Kajal tells Gangu Tai that Dhruv didn’t come till now. Dhruv tells Mahi that he thought to practice wedding night with her. Mahi asks what nonsense and tells that everyone is waiting for him downstairs for marriage. Dhruv says I am not married. She tries to go, he holds her. Satya laughs and tells that his phone is vibrating and making him laugh. Goons laugh too. Satya holds goon with his legs and asks him to open his rope. He opens it. Satya escapes. Gangu Tai asks women to play dhol. Dhruv tells Mahi that he is real Satya and that means her real husband. Mahi asks him not to touch her and shouts Aayi, Satya. Dhruv asks what you will do…Mahi slaps him. Satya is running and in on the way to home. Pandit ji asks them to call the groom. Kajal asks Gangu Tai to see Dhruv. Mahi tells Dhruv that Satya will kill him. Dhruv says he is ready to die for her. Gangu Tai calls Dhruv and thinks where is he?

Dhruv tries to get closer to Mahi. She pushes him. Payal also senses something is wrong. Satya tries taking lift, but nobody gives him lift. Gangu Tai comes there and calls Dhruv. Dhruv is holding Mahi there. Mahi bites on his hand and runs to gangu Tai. She is shocked. Dhruv catches Mahi and asks Gangu Tai to leave. Payal sees Satya coming and thinks to stop him. Kajal asks Sunil to bring Dhruv and Aayi. Sunil says I will bring them. Payal asks Satya to go from there and says Gangu Tai and Kajal are upset with him. Satya says I can’t explain you now, and will talk later. Sunil looks for Gangu Tai and Dhruv.

Gangu Tai asks Dhruv to leave Mahi and says she is your Bhabhi. Dhruv says I am not your son…you left me there, I got brought you there alone. Gangu Tai is shocked and says Satya said right, you can’t be my son. I won’t let you misbehave with Mahi. Dhruv asks her to leave.

Gangu Tai says you can’t be my blood. He asks her to go and keeps gun on Mahi. Mahi shouts…..Gangu Tai is shocked. While dhol is being played in the hall. Dhruv tries to molest Mahi, Gangu Tai hits on his head with rod. He catches Mahi again and pushes Gangu Tai on floor. He pushes Mahi and she faints. He makes Gangu Tai go out and locks the door. He tries to get closer to Mahi while she is unconscious. Gangu Tai cries and knocks on the door. The door opens. Gangu Tai comes inside and targets gun on him.