Saturday Update on King of Hearts, 7th of September, 2019


Saturday Update on King of Hearts, 7th of September, 2019

Mrs. and Mr. Sharma comes to DD’s house to take Ayesha home. DD says they wanted to take Ayesha today, so she called them. Roshni is shocked. DD calls Ayesha and asks servant to bring her stuff. Roshni asks what is the hurry? Nani Maasi says DD’s decision is right. Ayesha refuses to go and cries asking them not to send her. She gets under the dinning table. Nani Maasi asks her to come out. DD asks the servant to take her out. Ayesha refuses to go, and pleads that she don’t want to go. She hugs Roshni and cries asking her not to send her. Roshni cries. DD tells Roshni that you can meet Ayesha whenever you want to. She sends Ayesha with the fake Sharmas. Mrs. and Mr. Sharma thank DD. Ayesha cries as she is taken away forcibly. Roshni cries asking DD to stop Ayesha.

DD says this is not fair and asks Roshni what happened to you. Ayesha comes back to Roshni and hugs her cryingly. Everyone get emotional and teary eyes. DD tells Roshni that this is too much of melodrama and says this is not required asking her to stop it. Roshni hugs Ayesha and cries. DD and Nani Maasi separate Ayesha and Roshni. Nani Maasi asks Roshni to go to her room. Mrs. and Mr. Sharma take her from there.

Sid comes home and he’s shocked. He asks why she acted in the night and got emotional. He says I am sure Ayesha has left without taking our names and went happily. DD interferes. Sid asks her not to interfere and asks Roshni to give Mr. Sharma’s number. He calls Mr. Sharma and insists to talk to Ayesha. He gets shocked and asks how can you let this happen. He informs everyone that Ayesha ran away from their home and is clueless. Sid says Mr. Kapoor is sitting peacefully as Ayesha is not his daughter. He warns Roshni saying he lost his baby once, and will not lose her again. He says I will bring my daughter home. DD gets angry. Sid says I don’t have time to fulfill Jamai’s duty, and have to do father’s duty now. He says I will bring my daughter at any cost. Roshni tells I didn’t do this intentionally and asks Sid to listen to her. Sid leaves. DD asks Roshni to relax and says Ayesha will be found. Nani Maasi says let Ayesha run away, don’t bother about her. Roshni says did you sleep when I was kidnapped? Ayesha is my responsibility, and I will not be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her.

She goes to Sid and tells that she didn’t betray him. She says she didn’t know when DD called Sharma’s home. Sid asks if she is happy now, after finding good home for Ayesha. Roshni cries. Sid apologizes and tells that he will make everything fine. They get in the lift. Yash comes home and informs Samaira that he got a good candidate for his assistant job. He says she is Krutika. Sam doesn’t hear him as she gets call. She leaves in a hurry.

Simran accuses DD for not doing background check before giving Ayesha in adoption to Sharmas. DD reminds her that this is her home and asks her to go to London. Nani Maasi asks why she is making issue. Simran feels bad about their narrow minded thinking and says I thought you are very progressive. She says we should take care of all street children. She says Ayesha is just a small child and worries about her. She says we were staying in this house for our Sid, Roshni and our grand son, but now we are leaving. She asks her to be in home with peace.

Sid comes from Police station and tells Roshni that Police will search Ayesha. He says I don’t let anything happen to her. Nani Maasi scolds the servant and asks why you didn’t make parathas for me. Servant says I made and kept it here. Nani comes and takes Nani Maasi from there. Servant thinks of keeping parathas on the table and wonders where did it go. She hears some noise from the kitchen shelve and opens it, just then Nani comes and sends her. She says she will make parathas.

Everyone is searching for something in DD’s room. DD says door was locked from inside. Nani Maasi thinks something is fishy, first paratha went missing and then this. Roshni misses Ayesha and looks in the water. Sid comes there with a glass full of juice. He says this is not done, you can’t be hungry. Ayesha would feel bad seeing you hungry. You should get strength to forget her and says I brought juice for you asking her to drink. He sees it half finished and says glass was full when he brought it. He asks am I losing my mind and getting mad? He asks her to drink the remaining. Nani Maasi tells everyone is getting irresponsible and no one kept water in my room. Suddenly electricity goes off, Nani Maasi sees a reflection and thinks someone is there in the house. She comes to

the hall and asks who is here? Someone bites on her hand. Nani Maasi shouts and gathers everyone. She tells someone is behind the curtains. Kesar asks everyone to keep silent and picks up something. Roshni pulls up the curtain and sees Ayesha. She hugs and cries. Sid asks how did you reach here? Ayesha tells she knows the way and told someone so he dropped her here. here. She asks them not to send her anywhere. Nani Maasi says she is troubling everyone and bit me. Ayesha apologizes to her and says everything will be fine now. Mona asks her to forgive her. Nani Maasi asks her to leave her hand. Ayesha says Roshni didn’t have anything, but you had all parathas. Everyone smiles. Ayesha tells I love you so much to Sid and Roshni.

Roshni tells her that she is not her aunty from now, but her mamma, and Sid is her papa. Everyone gives mixed reaction. Ayesha gets happy and hugs them. The head goon give the money his man, and also to fake Mrs. and Mr. Sharma. Mrs. and Mr. Sharma asks why did we bring her here, when we have to send her back there. The goon tells DD won the last game, but now I will start the game. He says small Ayesha have reached there, I will have to make everything get close in my hand. He says DD and her family will rub nose under his feet and laughs.

Nani Maasi tells DD that you can’t do anything so she will leave for Rajkot. Sid comes and asks her not to go anywhere. He says we have decided to legally adopt Ayesha. He says you people don’t like this and don’t want to see her face, so we will take her to Khurana house. He asks Nani to stay with them for sometime so that she can take care of Roshni. Roshni says I have one more solution. She holds DD and says she can’t stay without Ayesha. She says Ayesha is the answer for her prayers and asks her not to give her choice to decide. She says you are my mom and I love you very much. It would be better that I shall go to my room. She says I have the same love, which you have in your heart for me. I love you and hope you understand me. DD gets teary eyes. Roshni tells Sid, we shall go to our house. DD looks on.

Sid tells Ayesha that they are going to their house and packs the stuff. Mona comes and gets emotional seeing her packing stuff. She gives sweets to Roshni. Sid asks her to stop crying and asks when you will come. Mona says soon. Bua Dadi tells we are going to our house and gets happy. She eyes Ayesha angrily and thinks to trouble her. Sid and Roshni are leaving with their family. Nani asks them to go in the morning. Beeji says we had stayed enough days here. Roshni looks for DD and says she didn’t come. She hugs Nani and cries. She is about to go when DD comes and stops her.

DD stops Roshni from leaving and says only she can take care of her. She permits them to adopt Ayesha. Everyone is happy. Roshni gets happy and hugs her. DD says she needs some time to know Ayesha and vice versa, to make relation with her. She keeps a condition and asks them not to leave the house. Sid and Roshni agrees happily. Ayesha calls her Nani and hugs her. DD hesitantly says good and asks her to go to Roshni. She then apologizes to Simran and Raj, and asks them to do dinner. She says you shall go after breakfast in the morning. Raj asks her to order them in DD’s style. DD asks them to have dinner. Raj says this is your style. DD asks Roshni to keep her stuff and come. Roshni takes Ayesha inside. DD looks on.

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