Saturday Update on Kindred hearts 17th August


Saturday Update on Kindred hearts 17th August

Neha invites her guests for baby shower. Jhanvi comes there, Neha asks what saree should she wear? Raj brought too many sarees for me. Jhanvi is lost in thoughts but choose one saree for her. Neha thanks her and says you solved my problem, we are lucky to have you in this family. Jhanvi says I am lucky to be part of this family. Neha says you have given a new direction to Adi’s life and also ours too, you have taken so much good care of kids too, we all love you, heart searches for pure souls like you. Jhanvi asks Neha if she can let Nisha do all her rituals in baby shower? she is ill and doctor said she shouldnt have stress, she is so excited about your baby shower, if she gets to know that we didnt make her part of all this then she will feel bad.

Kaki comes there and says for that, you want rituals to happen from Nisha’s evils hands? I wont let it happen, Jhanvi what has happened to you? atleast think about wellness of this house, Nisha is not part of this house, you are family member and will do it, Neha says you have rights on rituals of my baby shower, Jhanvi says but.. Kaki says its about Neha’s happiness only today, if she wants you to do it then do it and we have already decided that Nisha will not be at home when baby shower happens. Jhanvi thinks one side is Nisha’s happiness who is losing her life and otherside is Neha’s happiness who is bringing another life in world, I am stuck now.

Nisha sees decorations going on baby shower, she recalls Neha saying that she doesnt want Nisha in her happiness and her shadow on her baby, how Adi said he will keep Nisha away from baby shower. Nisha thinks that I only feel loneliness and pain in every happiness of this family, they have pained me a lot so now I am going to pain this family so much and Jhanvi will be responsible for it. Nisha sees Jhanvi working and thinks that Jhanvi is helping me a lot to become part of this baby shower, I will help you in making laddos for baby shower. Nisha sees jhanvi making laddos. She says I have headache, can you make lemonade for me? Jhanvi says sure and leaves laddos container to make it. Nisha comes to laddos container and mixes power in it stealthily, she makes them poisonous. Jhanvi doesn’t see it, Nisha takes lemonade and leaves.

Jhanvi starts making laddos without noticing powder Nisha mixed in it.
Neha’s baby shower starts. All are dressed. Neha is brought to decorated swing. Baba is welcoming all guests. All guests are congratulating Neha, one guest brings laddos. Nisha and Jhanvi are there. Neha says I like laddos thats why I asked sister in law.. I mean I asked Jhanvi to make it for me, Jhanvi will you bring them? Nisha says my phone is kitchen, bring that too. Jhanvi goes to bring poisonous laddos. Nisha smirks looking at Neha’s baby bump. Kaki says to Raj that we will start rituals soon so call Adi and ask him to call Nisha. Jhanvi comes to kitchen and sees Nisha’s phone there. Nisha sees her with her phone and smirks. Jhanvi thinks I am sorry Neha but fulfilling wishes of a dying person is more important. Jhanvi switches off her phone and hides Nisha’s phone in cabinet and thinks that I am sorry Adi for hiding her phone but when you will know why I did this then you will understand. Jhanvi takes laddos and comes in function, she strikes with Samar, he says sorry and asks if she needs help? she says no thanks. Adi is in office, he calls Nisha but her phone is switched off. Nisha asks for her phone, Jhanvi says I didnt find it, I will search later, Nisha says okay,

Nisha thinks that Jhanvi is helping my plan so much, its time to pamper Neha. Jhanvi puts laddos tray on table. Nisha says to Kaki that I want to do something before rituals start, all are tensed. Nisha plays music. She starts dancing with Kaki and Jhanvi, they dance on sasural genda phool. Adi tries to call Raj but he doesnt hear phone ringing in function. Kaki makes him dance too. Raj sees Adi calling, he is busy in dancing. Nisha makes him sit with Neha and takes his phone, she switches it off and puts it aside. Kakai whispers to Jhanvi that be ready for pooja and ask caterers to start serving food soon. Jhanvi leaves. Samar says to Kaka that I have meeting, I am leaving. Adi is calling Raj but he is not picking up too. Adi calls Jhanvi, she takes it, he says give phone to Nisha, she sees Nisha in function and says I am preparing for pooja, I dont know where she is, Adi says just go to her and tell her that I got ill so come to my office, make sure she leaves, he cuts call before she can deny. Jhanvi is tensed. She sees Nisha enjoying function and doesnt go to her. Jhanvi brings pooja plate to Nisha and says I have to talk something. Nisha thinks Jhanvi wont ever ask me to leave house. Adi messages Raj that I have asked Jhanvi to send Nisha to my office.
Function is going on, Nisha is missing. Kaki says seems like Nisha left for Adi’s office. Raj says yes Adi messaged me that Jhanvi asked her to leave. Kaki asks priest to bless Jhanvi too so she becomes mother soon, priest blesses her. Kaki says we should start rituals, Nisha is not here so Jhanvi will do it, Jhanvi nods. Jhanvi is about to start pooja but Nisha comes there with pooja plate and says how you people can do rituals without me? all are stunned to see her back. Kaki glares at Jhanvi. Nisha says how can I miss Neha’s baby shower rituals? Baba says you wont do this ritual.

Nisha says I have done all arrangements, pooja plate is complete too, whats the matter baba? Kaki glares at Jhanvi and takes pooja plate from Nisha. Nisha says why you are stopping me? Baba says enough, now be silent. Nisha asks Kaki why she is stopping her? I am her elder sister in law, I have right to do this pooja. Jhanvi says yes Kaki, Nisha is Neha’s sister in law so she will do this ritual. All are shocked to hear her take Nisha’s side. Nisha takes pooja plate and start doing Neha’s aarti. Kaki is miffed with Jhanvi. Nisha does whole pooja while Jhanvi feels guilty looking at Kaki. Nisha says Neha I wish you and your baby remain happy for life, he should get all happiness, I want to fulfill your wish, you wanted to eat laddos which Jhanvi made.

Neha nods. Nisha brings poisonous laddos and says Jhanvi makes Neha eat with your hands the laddos which you made from your hands. Jhanvi makes Neha eat laddos with her hand. Jhanvi takes Nisha aside and says Adi is ill, he wants you in office, Nisha acts shocked and says I am leaving, she leaves. All are glaring at Jhanvi. Raj asks Jhanvi why she took Nisha’s side? Kaki says to Jhanvi that I was stopping Nisha from doing ritual but you stopped me, whats the matter with you? Baba says I could never think that you would go against us, how can you hurt your elders like this? Neha suddenly feels pain in her stomach. Jhanvi asks what happened? Neha says I have pain in stomach, Kaki says take her to hospital fast.


Neha’s operation starts. All family members are in hospital and tensed. Doctor comes to him and says Neha is very critical, we are trying to save, she ate something that brought her to this condition. Kaki says she ate laddos, Doctor says there must be something mixed in laddos that made her have food poison, where did you get them? it made mother and baby both in critical condition. Nisha smirks. Jhanvi gets tensed and says I made laddos but… doctor goes to operation theater. Raj says to Jhanvi that see what your carelessness did. Adi comes there. Raj says Jhanvi because of you my wife and baby are in danger today, what did you get out of all this? Adi says why you are talking to her like this? Kaki says there was something poisonous in laddos. Baba says Neha had food
poison, she and baby are in danger.

Nisha says what I am hearing? this is very wrong in pregnancy. Adi asks what are you doing here? Nisha says I went to office but I got to know that you are here. Raj says ask Jhanvi why she did it? Jhanvi says I didnt do anything, Kaki says so doctors are lying? she yells at her. Nisha thinks that nice, Kaki used to trust her blindly and now yelling at her. Adi says you know Jhanvi, why would she do it? Kaki says she should have been careful with pregnant woman, how can she be this careless? Adi says you can ask her anything but you know Jhanvi can never do this, she makes food for her kids too, she wont do it. Doctor comes there and says we are sorry, we couldnt save baby, all are shocked and pained to hear it.

Nisha is surprised too. Raj is heartbroken and says my baby cant die, this is rubbish, he pleads doctor to save his baby, Adi hugs him, Raj cries. Doctor says we found a bacteria in laddos which made Neha have food poison and baby couldnt bear that and lost life. Kaki cries and says what about our daughter in law? Doctor says she is weak but will be fine in our observation today, he leaves. Kaka shouts Jhanvi what should we believe on now? because of you we cant become grandparents now, we couldnt see our grandchild’s face because of you. Kaki says truth is always bitter and you have done mistake, we have lost a life because of your carelessness.

Jhanvi cries and says trust me, I didnt do anything wrong, I made it with my hands, please trust me.. she pleads to everyone but no one hears her, Jhanvi cries and breakdowns.. Adi feels bad and says I trust you Jhanvi, I know you cant even think bad about Neha and her baby, you must have made everything with care. He says to family that why you people think that Jhanvi could do that? someone else might have done that, maybe there was something in ingredients, how can you blame Jhanvi only? Kaki says I just know that we have lost baby, how will we handle Neha? Adi says I know this is very difficult time, Raj says I am sorry but Neha needs you most at this time, Jhanvi cries and runs away from there. Nisha thinks what I wanted is happening, all are against Jhanvi, Adi is on her side today but soon he will be against her too and she will leave Adi’s house and our lives soon.
Jhanvi runs out of hospital crying. Samar comes there and sees her running away. Adi comes there and runs behind Jhanvi without seeing Samar there. Samar looks on.

Jhanvi comes home and locks herself in room and curls up in a corner, she cries and recalls how doctor said baby died because of laddos she made, she yells and cries. She shouts no no no.. what did I do? Neha lost her baby… because of me, she sobs and saysoh God.. Jhanvi recalls how Nisha asked her to make Neha eat with her hands, she says how could I come in Nisha’s trap? how will I tell Neha? what would I say? Adi comes home and looks around for Jhanvi. He hears her crying and comes to her.

He sits infront of her and says what are you doing? Jhanvi says how could I do this? Adi says we will find out who did it. Jhanvi says I know Nisha did all this, nobody could think that except her, only she could hurt Neha and baby, Adi says why didnt you tell this to everyone? Jhanvi says because Neha lost her baby because of my stupidity, you kept telling me that Nisha is lying and using me but I kept following her what she said, I kept believing her, Adi asks what she said to you? Jhanvi says somedays back I saw her coughing up blood, I got scared for her then I got to know about her trying suicide so I saved her then she told me that she is on last stage of cancer and cried for you so I promised that you will spend most time with her and she will gain your love.. Jhanvi says Nisha came to kitchen when I as making laddos, she asked for lemonade, I left laddos to make that.. she says I am so sorry, I should have told you everything but.. Nisha gave me promise of kids, woman that can take life of a baby, she can do anything..

Adi wipes his tears. Jhanvi says I know I shouldnt have hid anything from you but what I could do? she emotionally blackmailed me and trapped me in her talks, you kept telling me that she is lying but i made you spend time with her, I am sorry. Adi says dont apologize, you did that for kids, I fought with you and even then you didnt say anything, its my mistake that I couldnt be with you, I am sorry but its limit now, this woman have crossed all limits, I will bring her truth out, she is so cheap that she killed a baby. Jhanvi says we will bring her truth out with proofs, this family have bear a lot but now they will get their happiness back, Nisha will pay for her deeds. They look determined.

Jhanvi says to kids that you are going to grandma’s house. Survi comes there to pick them up. Kids say love you Jhanvi, kids leave with Survi. Samar comes there and says its good you sent them away, they shouldnt stay in stressed conditions, I know you are not on fault in all this, you cant think bad about anyone, we will start our project when things are settled, Jhanvi says thank you for understanding, she leaves. Samar says atleast she thinks I understand her, this might be first step of our relation.

In morning, Jhanvi tries to help Kaki in mandir but Kaki ignores her. Jhanvi says please trust me. Kaki says why should I? you were acting like you didnt want to be part of baby shower at all. Jhanvi says no I wanted to do all rituals. Kaki says to Jhanvi that we decided Nisha wont be part of baby shower but you made her do rituals, you went against us, you took Nisha’s side that always tried to destroy us? if you cant think for family’s betterment then atleast dont hurt us. Jhanvi says its nothing like that, let me tell what happened… Jhanvi sees Nisha hiding behind pillar and hearing them. She says to Kaki that truth is that I didnt do anything wrong, it was not my mistake. Adi comes there and says I know you are miffed with Jhanvi but you know her, she has always tried to keep family together, I promise to bring out person who did all this, he glares at Nisha.

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