Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv August 25

Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

August 25 Episode

Vidith admitting that he’s the master planner of the whatever happened so that she’ll sell the house.He says he knew it well that Indira will follow Indur to stop the deal,and because of Rishi presence he’ll have time to dealwith her.Indira is shocked.Vidith holding Rishi collar says he has no grief for whatever he did with him.He pushes Indira and says let him go with the money.Indira says for money even siblings can turn out like enemies.She adds she should not spend all these money on the studies of Vidith.If she should used those money for herself she’ll never regrets for it.She says she never doubt him and never knows that she’s feeding a snake in disguise of a brother.indira asks Vidith why he did all these in returns of all the love for him.Indira gholds Vidith and he says to let him go.Rishi and Sumer pushes the men who were holding them and begin to fight.Rishi beats Vidith and holding his collar says everyone think whatever happened is because of Indur and the Kutumbh continuous taunts,but they never know behind all these there’s a stinker brother.Vidith pushes away Rishi and removes a knife to stab him.Indira comes in between and he stabs her.Rishi holds Indira who tells Vidith he’s also dead for her.Indur is shocked.Indira says enough to Vidith he ended everything which remained between them by stabbing her.

Vidith is yelling and says he did all these onlybecause of money.He tried a lots to earn money he gambles and tried lots of other ways but in all these he found himself in debt that’s why he wanted her to sell the house.He says very politely to Indira to forgive him but for his safety the other cannot be safe and he raised the knife to stab Indira again when Sumer holds him.Sumer tells him this is a big twist like an old film.The son is smarter than the father.Indira tells Sumer to take Vidith away and Vidith says he knows well she’ll come to release him from the jail.Indira tells him don’t be mistaken if he’s release she’ll kill him.He’s dead for her.Vidith pushes Sumer away takes the suitcase plenty of money and runs away.Indur still calling for Vidith to untie his hand.Sumer runs after him.Vidith takes his car and Sumer follows him in an another one.Rishi runs after them to see them going away.In the meanwhile Indur untied his hands and looks at Indira who’s on the ground but thinks for his money and goes in search of his suitcase of money.Rishi runs towards Indira again and tells her he’s back nothing will happen to her.

He lifts her and put her on a deck chair.Rishi gives her a first aid hesistantly sayinghe’s also afraid of her.Munna Maina Sunaina and Kutrumbh are walkingon the street under the sun.kutumbh is complaining why they left the taxi and Munna says they have no money while sunaina gives a flop idea.A man bumps near Maina who thinks the man was teasing her and she’s happy.Munnasees Sumer in the car and tries to call him.Sumer is still chasing Vidith who leaves the car and takes his suitcase of money and begins to runs.Sumer gets holds of him after following himfor a while and they fight,Vidith runaway leaving the suitcase.Sumer opens it and sees the lots of money in it.Vidith is hiding behind a tree and Rishi toucheshis shoulder.Vidith says you?Vidith says he knows poor Indira sent him.Rishi holds his collar and says to him in a threatening tone Indira did not send him enough of what he has done and allof his blackmailing if again he tried to miff with Indira this time Ricky Diwan will not only hit him with the car but will kill him.He does not want any other Indur Sharma in Indira life.Vidith is shocked.Indira is slowly coming to sense  and she calls for her Mr tenant and Rishi arrives and tells him he goes to buy some snacks for her.They hug each other.Indira feels her wound and asks Rishi if he did allthese he says Yes!! and she feels her dress which Rishi tore and she slaps him several time continuously Indira also applied some dettol on the wound of Rishi.rishi tells Indira he always thought that this will be his last day his only wish before his death was to see Indira, once. Rishi asks Indira if she’s feeling the pain and Indira says yes.Rishi tells Indira he wants to go to SN Delhi.They hug.

Munna calling for Sumer.Munna tells Kutumbh he ‘s gone he did not hear.Kutumbh says let him go and she sits with a bowl lying over there on a cart which begins to  go on its own.Kutumbh yells to save her.Munna runs and holds her,a pedestrian sees kutumbh put a coin in the bowl.Sunaina also whowas running behind Kutumbh holding Seher lifts her hand and an another passer thinks she’s a beggar and gives her also a coin.Munna is mesmerised and thinks this is a way of making money.He tells Kutumbh and Sunaina to mess up their hair and to continue to beg.Maina also was ready to beg but Munna stops his mother in law.Indira and Rishi is in a taxi Indira decides to call Sumer and Rishi is not happy with the idea and tells her,Sumer seems like a thief to him may be he already run away to Delhi.A beggar approaches them at the traffic signal.Indira is in no mood to give the money but Rishi tells her to please go ahead for their sake, as she handles the note she’s shocked to see Sunaina who’s scares and runs towards Munna Kutumbh and Maina.Indira runs after them followed by Rishi.Indira tells them off this was the only things remains.Munna tells her they have no money left.Kutumbh asks the whereabouts of Indur,Indira tells her she does not know.Munna  asks what does she mean?All the Sharmas notice Rishi and Kutumbh says to Indira she got Rishi back that’s why she forgot about her father.Rishi tells them Indira never forgets him he’ll tell them what happened and all goes in flashback.Kutumbh is angry and abuses Rishi again.Kutumbh raises her hand to slap Rishi and Indira holds her hand saying if she does not want to believe,this will not change the truth.Indira tells Kutumbh how she used to love him more than her,Vidith has no place in SN he’ll rotten in jail.

Indira asks them if they want to return back.Kutumbh says he’ll not go anywhere w/o her hubby.The beggars company begins to run after them as they have taken over their business and the Sharmas are compel to run away.Rishi tells Munna it must be his idea,Munna agrees as they have no money left.They take the train to Delhi and arriving home Indira and Rishi see a notice of a builder on the wall of SN.Indira removes it and enters in,They meet Indur who tells them about the deal and show them the paper.Rishi checks the papers and assures Indira they are real and the deal is finalised.Indur gets angry with Rishi as Vidith runs away with his 5 hundreds thousands rupees.Indur tells them they will stay in the house for 15 more days only.Indur tells them who want to stay with him him to come to his side.Everyone go to him and Kutumbh tells Indirato recognise his own family.Who’ll miff with him will not come with him,otherwise they are most welcome.Rishi tells them Indur ran away despite seeing Indira bleedind and lying on the ground.Kutumbh and Munna say the money were more important.Kutumbh thinks about Vidith and says curses Sumer,she says he must be beating him.In meanwhile sumer enters and says he’s aninspector,Indur sees him and gets angry he tells him it is his fault Vidith ran away with his money.Sumer tells them Vidith is successful in running away.Indur asks with his money Sumer says yes!!!Rishi gives a disgusting look to Sumer who leaves to the barsaati.Rishi follows him and they have a little fight as Rishi is asking sumer about the money.Indira stops them and Sumer tells her to open the cupboard and Indira sees the suitcase of money lying there.Sumer tells Indira when he got the money he thinks about her now that she gort back her husband they canleave SN and go to begin life afresh with Rishi.While telling Indira to go away with the money and to think about her future Sumer comes near to Indira Rishi feels bad and is jealous he enters between them and tells Indira Sumer is right.Indira decides to return Kukreja the money and to take back her house.Rishi tells Indira Kukreja,once he deals for a property he’ll never let it go he was in business with Diwan builders and he knows him.Indira as always is adamant and says may be he never met such a girl like herbefore.Indur comes and Rishi hides the suitcase of money.Indur tells Indira that now the house is he’s so he does not want to see Rishi and Indira together as he does not consider them to be married.Rishi and Sumer can stay in the barsaati they need to pay the rent as money is important.Indira tells Rishi and Sumer to leave.Indur tells sorry to Indira and tells her the house is no more her’s .Indira promises by hook or by crook she’ll get the house back.Indur putting his hands in his pockets gives a challenging smile to Indira who shows him her Hitler avatar.Indur leaves and lifting the suitcase of money Indira decides to meet Kukreja soon whatever may happen.

Indira and Radhe arriving inKukreja office.Radhe is a bit scared.A man takes them in the office of kukreja directly.The latter is a devotee of sai Baba and he greets them.He gives Indira a dirty look and Indira tells him to look at her face.He asks them to be seated bu Indira refuses and says they are in a hurry they are here in his office to return him the advance money he has given for a property in CC.Ranjeet explains that, this is a deal and in business profitis everything.The market value also is to be considered as the deal is done a week ago.He tells Indira not to worry and flatters himself.Indira tells him to hurry up to back his money and return the property paper.Ranjeet asks 5% interests on the money and Radhe counts it only the money they are returning.Indiratells it is fine she’ll give him the money in 15 days.Ranjeet tells the deal done is 10 millions Rupees so the interest also should be counted on the whole sum.Ranjeet asks for 1 million Rupees,and Indira in her Hitler avatar says she’ll give him this 1 million in 15 days.Ranjeet also agrees when Indira tells him hope he’ll not change his words afterwards.Indur slaps Ishan who was drawing on the wall and tells him to go in his room.On seeing Indira he continues to yell and goes inside.Ishan runs and hug Indira telling her to save their house.Rishi and Sumer are deciding who’ll sleep on the bed.Rishi says who’s elder will take the bed.Sumer tells him how old is he and Rishi also asks the same question.They here some noise and see Indira throwing the belongins of Vidith, She has flashback of him,as she pushes the wheelchair both hold it.Rishi asks what is he doing she says there’s some clutter which need to be removed.Sumer asks why is she doing all these why she does not leave?She tells Sumer her family needs to leave she can’t be foolish notto realise,she knows her family are shameless but she cannot turns like them.Indur in a second will abandon them on the street but she must think about Ishan and Seher.She’ll live for them in this house and will try her level best to get the back the house.Rishi asks if she has any plan?Indira says she’ll think about it.Rishi tells her he has a plan and w/o fooling anyone they will get back the house.He tells together they will create the same magic as onceupon a time.Indira hugs Rishi.Sumer thinks of the God and turns his back.Indira notices him and goes away from Rishi.rishi says he knows kukreja,everything means money for him and this how they will trap him.Sumer asks him Kukreja himself tells you all these.Rishi calling Sumer Chowdhury ka chand and asks him if he heard about Diwan builders and Sumer tells him they rotter and Rishi tells him he was their leader as he’s the second heir of the family but his name is no more on their property paper.Rishi continues about his plan and Indira tells if the plan is the same as last time she’ll have to work her whole life to pay the loan.Rishi says no they will have to sell and another plot or house to Ranjeet and when he will pay them they will give him the same money and take back the property paper of SN and once it happen Kukreja will be unable to throw them out

.Indira asks where will they find such a house or plot and Rishi Delhi is a big city they will find one. Sumer calling Rishi a fooler says his plan is powerful.Sumer says not to worry he’ll find out the property.The next morning the three go on to see a sealedproperty which belongs to a boss and Sumer tells only twice they will show the house to Kukreja and whoever will be presented as the owner will meet him twice only.Both Rishi and Sumer agree on the plan but Indira is not in favour of this plan.She tells it to Rishi and Sumer and they are annoyed.Rishi says it is her family who’s cheating on her if he would have been in his place he would have left them long ago.Indira says she wanrts to stay with them… she’s angry and goes out Sumer tries to follow her but Rishi tells him to stop she’s his wife he knows how to persuade her.He follows her out and tells after some kidding he explains her he cannot bear whenher family cheat her.Indira asks what did hesaw in her to love he says her sincerity and Indiratells him to think what if a sincere person does a fraud,Rishi says he’ll always love her.Indur is in the market and calls his Jhumpa darling to come and throw out his family.He flatters her by differents names of sweets and calls her Bengal TigressAs Jhumpa cut off Ranjeet calls Indur and tells him about Indira visit which rendered him nervous but calming himself he tells Ranjeet to forgive Indira.Ranjeet asks if both father and daughter are not plotting against him.He threatens Indur and the latter says the deal is already fixed no change will occur.