Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World August 4

Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

August 4 Episode

The Chadda family enjoys during the sangeet ceremony. Manoj asks his uncle to play some good music. At that time the electricity suddenly goes off. Rishi had written a letter to Indira and had asked her to meet him in the room, which was on the terrace. After Mandira reads the letter, she goes to the room as she wishes to meet Rishi. At that time, a person enters the room. In the dark, Mandira believes him to be Rishi and therefore hugs him. It is later revealed that the person is Sameer. Sameer too believes that it was Indira and takes advantage of the situation. The duo gets intimate with each other. Meanwhile, Rishi helps Indira to repair the electricity fuse. Mandira rejoices as she believes that it would be easier for her to force Rishi into marriage. After Rishi repairs the fuse, Mandira gets shocked to see Sameer sleeping besides her. She is further shocked on realizing that it was Sameer with whom she had got intimate. Mandira, however, rejoices believing that she can marry Sameer, if Rishi rejects her proposal. Mandira lies down in Sameer’s arms and secretly clicks their pictures on her cell phone. Sameer too is shocked when he sees Mandira besides him. He is further shocked on realizing that he had got intimate with Mandira. Mandira accuses him of forcing her to get intimate with him. Sameer panics and leaves. Indira gets furious when she sees Sameer on the terrace. She further gets furious when Sameer proposes marriage to her. Indira throws Sameer out of Sharma Niwas, meanwhile Rishi arrives. Indira informs Sameer about her decision to marry Rishi. Sameer is left shocked while Rishi rejoices.

The Chadda family gives farewell to the bride and her in-laws during the bidaai ceremony. Indira feels sad as she too would be getting married to Rishi on March 9. After the bidaai, when the Chadda family and their guests leave, Kutumb asks the decorator to remove the wedding mandap. The family is surprised when Indira informs them that she has decided to get married. The family is unhappy with Indira’s decision as they are worried how they would manage their household expenses. They are relieved on learning that Indira would stay in Sharma Niwas along with her husband after the marriage in order to help them. Indira, however, does not inform them that she has accepted Rishi’s proposal. Sameer is determined not to allow Rishi and Indira to marry each other. Simi gets shocked when she learns about it. Rishi and Indira go out for their wedding shopping. Rishi chooses a wedding outfit for Indira and praises her after she tries it on. Rishi decides to purchase the outfit for Indira but unfortunately it is too expensive. Indira understands Rishi’s plight and chooses another outfit, which is less expensive. After Indira and Rishi leave, Sameer arrives at the same store and purchases the expensive outfit, which Rishi could not buy for Indira. Indira sees Sameer but does not recognize him as she is at a distance from him.

Kutumb is happy as Indira has decided to marry Rishi, who belongs to a rich family. She prays to God for the happiness of her family members. On the day of Holi, Kutumb is about to apply color to Indira but Indira stops her. Indira had stopped celebrating Holi ever since Inder abandoned them in childhood. Kutumb expresses concern for Indira. Indira, however, does not pay heed to her and tells Kutumb that she has to make arrangements for her sangeet ceremony. Jhumpa gets busy preparing bhang for Holi. Inder wishes to drink the bhang but Jhumpa does not offer it to him. Jhumpa reveals her plan to Inder. She asks him to convince Kutumb to allow him to stay in Sharma Niwas so that they can eventually take over the house after Indira leaves post marriage. Rishi praises Indira when he sees her decked up. He wishes to get married to Indira on the same day and tries to convince her. At that time, Simi arrives in Sharma Niwas. Simi is surprised when Indira welcomes her. Simi informs Rishi that she had come to perform the rituals during his wedding. Rishi doubts Simi’s intentions and asks her to leave. Indira intervenes and says that she wanted to Simi in private. She requests Rishi to leave. After Rishi leaves, Indira tries to convince Simi to accept Rishi’s decision of getting married. Simi gets furious when Indira threatens her that she may lose Rishi, if she tried to go against his wish. Indira also invites Simi for the pre-wedding functions.