Saturday Update on Gangaa Zee Tv Shows 12th Jan 2019


Niru feels bad. I spoke so rudely to Amma ji. I will have to apologize to her first thing as soon as I reach home. Sagar realises why Dadi was crying yesterday. I wont tell papa anything right now though. Madhvi says she was only doing it for my good. You dint behave right with her. Niru nods. His phone’s battery is dead. Pulkit forgot to bring his phone in rush. They do the discharge formalities. Shanta Dadi thinks about their big hearts. They are still concerned about Kanta and how she must be feeling. Kanta is really lucky!

Ganga tells Amma ji that she will go with her. Ganga reminds her of her words. A widow is another widow’s friend. We are friends. I will go wherever you will go. I wont leave you. I lived here with you and I will go to wherever you will go. I wont let you go alone. Amma ji tries to scare her by speaking about hard life of widows in Ashram. Ganga replies that she doesn’t like easy life. I will manage. Bappa used to tell me to be strong and fight always. Nothing will happen to me when you will be with me. Amma ji is at a loss. How do I make you understand? I will have to go alone. You should stay here comfortably. Everyone here loves you so much. Stay here.

Ganga stays put. Amma ji calls her stubborn. Don’t complain later! Ganga agrees. Amma ji gives in. Ganga and Amma ji begin to walk when Jalebi Prasad comes there. Ganga asks him to stay here only. You wont be able to live the life in widow Ashram. You wont be able to manage. Don’t follow me. She keeps him down but he is all sad. She picks him up in his arms. Amma ji asks her if JP will also come along. Ganga says I tried but he isn’t listening. They all start walking. Ganga recalls Babu bringing her to Chaturvedi House and of all the love that she got here from the family members. Amma ji prays for everyone’s safety. Ganga wishes Babu was here. He would have stopped Amma ji. Come and stop Amma ji!

Niru brings Madhvi and everyone home. Maharaj ji is surprised to see the main door is open. He cannot see anyone inside. Niru asks him to call Amma ji. I want to talk to her. Maharaj ji finds Amma ji’s room empty. Niru helps Madhvi lie down. Shanta Dadi brings fruits for her. Madhvi denies. Sagar keeps his mother’s medicines over the letter Ganga had kept. Niru points out that Madhvi has to eat something as she has to take medicines too. Maharaj ji tells everyone that Amma ji and Ganga are not at home. The door was left open. Amma ji never does this. They all start searching the house for both Ganga and Amma ji but don’t find anyone. Maharaj ji checked up at widow Ashram too but they aren’t there as well. Sagar finds JP also missing. He tells his father about the same.

Madhvi cries in her room. She drinks water. The medicines fall down. She picks them up but finds Ganga’s letter.

Madhvi calls out for Niru and Pulkit. Everyone rushes upstairs.

Niru reads the letter that Amma ji has left for them. I blame myself for whatever happened yesterday. Such a wrong thing happened because of my mistake. I forgot the rules of widow life even though I used to instruct Ganga always. I may have done it unintentionally but I am responsible for it. I want to do penitence. I am leaving for Vrindavan. I will spend the rest of my life there in a widow ashram. Don’t worry about me. Sagar notices the other side of the letter. It is written by Babu by Ganga. Amma ji blames herself for Bahu ji’s loss. She made me write this letter. Come home asap. Only you can stop Amma ji. It is good if you come on time or where will you look for us in that big city. There are many Ashram’s there. How will you find us there then? Amma ji will not be able to say no to you. Niru regrets being rude with his mother. I knew she will never hurt anyone yet I dint think! CONTINUE READING SATURDAY-SUNDAY ON GANGAA