Saturday Update on Gangaa November 24th

Saturday Update on Gangaa November 24th

Amma ji asks Ganga about money. Where did you get it from? Prabha asks Yash to get her purse. Ganga repeats that she never steals. I worked hard for it. Bappa had told me to make wooden toys. I got money from that only. Everyone is surprised. Niru says one needs to be courageous to do all this. Youu shouldn’t have done it. One uses hammer and nails in wood work. What if you got hurt? Ganga is hiding her hand behind her back. You will talk to us next time if there is any problem. We will help you. Yash is glad that he had damaged the laptop. I don’t have to be scared of Sagar anymore. Amma ji tells Babli to ask Sagar to check if the laptop is working properly or not. Prabha points out that Sagar is not at home since morning.

The tourists give Ganga’s cycle back to Sagar. He thanks them and tries to return their money but they don’t want it. Life is priceless. I am impressed with this girl. she did such a fabulous job. She gave us a lifetime memory. This Indian girl is really great. Sagar affirms. He thanks them and runs back towards home.

No one at home knows where Sagar is. Amma ji says he must be playing with his friends. Sagar enters and is about to run upstairs when Madhvi calls out for him. Sagar drops the cycle behind the plants. He lies that he went to play with his friend. Sorry. Niru advises him not to do things for which he will have to say sorry in future. Amma ji interrupts them. He must be hungry. Sagar asks for Ganga. He runs upstairs. Amma ji is irked that Sagar is back to the same track again. He has again started thinking of Ganga again.

Ganga is trying to study. She is confused about why earth is round but everything is of different shapes. Sagar smiles after hearing her logics. He explains it to her nicely with good examples. She answers him a little
Sagar stares at her. She asks him about it. Should I study somewhere else now? Sagar is about to retort when he recalls what all she has been through to get the laptop in working condition again. He asks about her thumb. She is surprised that he knows about his wound. He replies that he can see everything. Is it paining badly? She takes her hand back. Are you worried about me? It isn’t possible! You don’t worry about anyone which is why you went out without telling anyone anything. You also lied to everyone that you went out to play. You were not at home since early morning. He is surprised that she knew that he lied about playing outside. I know everything about you and when you lie. Tell me where were you? Sagar tells her to go down and look at the plants kept near the stairs. You will understand everything.

Ganga goes downstairs. What is there to see in a flower pot? He must have hidden something. She checks every plant. Sagar watches her from upstairs. Ganga finally finds her cycle amidst the plants. She is all emotional as she holds it. How did it reach him? She looks up at him. He leaves from there and she runs upstairs to ask him about it. You went to those tourists to get it? He nods. This means you worry for me. Sagar says you too sold your favourite thing to repair my laptop. This means you are worried for me. She refuses to keep it. I had sold it. I took money for it. One cannot take the sold thing back. He stops her. What is the worth of this cycle? She says how I can tell its price. M Bappa had made it with so much love. He nods. This is what I am saying. Mumma says some things have no value. This too cannot have a price as it was made with love by your Bappa. Take it. Don’t talk about self respect. You got my laptop repaired and I got this back for you. We are at an equal level now. He goes downstairs. Ganga thinks that she cannot understand Sagar. He fights with me, worries for me, cares for me, helps me in everything. I just don’t understand him. I got thi cycle back. I will go to temple today. MORE UPDATE SOON