Saturday Update on Gangaa 22 December 2018

Sudha angrily walks inside the ashram. She tries to set Ganga’s books on fire. She is paving a way towards her death. She tells Sagar that Ganga will not come with him to his home ever. Pishi Ma asks her what she is saying. Sudha scolds Ganga for taking up this challenge. If you lose this challenge then you will have to take Jal-Samadhi. Everyone will kill you by putting you in water. People too are sure that you will lose. Do you understand it now? You still want to prepare for the competition? I will go and tell Amma ji that you are doing it all just to get back inside the house. Ganga stops her from doing so. Don’t tell anyone if you are worried for me. Sagar too seconds Sudha Bua. You could have come home by apologizing to Dadi. She explains that she is doing all this for Babu’s Bappa’s shrad. Amma ji is sad. You guys cannot support me so it is ok. But I wont give up. I will take part in this competition. Sagar knows how stubborn she is. I am with you. Ganga smiles. Sudha questions him but Sagar knows that Ganga is not going to back down. I will help her. Sudha says you both are doing wrong. You are kids. You cannot see the outcome. I will not let her take part in the competition even if I have to do anything to stop you! All the ladies leave from there. Ganga asks Sagar if he will leave her side midway. He shakes his head.

At night, Bal Mahant feels sleepy while reading some scriptures. Sahyogi paces nearby holding a glass of water so he can shake him out of sleep. People trust you so you got this much donation today. You have to keep that trust alive in them. it is very important to win. Bal Mahant says my mother is coming tomorrow. I want to meet her. Sahyogi replies that he will have to be alive to meet his mother. You have to win to avoid Jal Samadhi. He sits down to test him. Bal Mahant answers his questions but he looks somewhat scared of him. Sahyogi tells him to study hard when he forgets one quote’s meaning. I got you on this position by getting Sadanand ji off his position. It is your time to rule. I will push you in water with my own hands if you make any mistake tomorrow. Bal Mahant fumbles that he will have to win. Sahyogi leaves.

Ganga thinks of how sad Mamta was after that Mahant cursed all the ladies. She thinks of all the incidents after that. Sudha and Pishi Ma cannot sleep thinking of what tomorrow will bring. That girl cannot win from Mahant ji and we cannot stop what will happen to her once she loses to Mahant ji. Ganga asks them why they haven’t slept yet. Pishi Ma replies that they are worried for her but Sudha declines. She asks everyone to help her as they are awake. Tell me some religious stories. You can share knowledge and I will learn it all. Pishi Ma begins to tell her about whatever knowledge she has. Sudha thinks that Ganga will not be able to do anything by this small amount of knowledge. Your opponent is way above you. I cannot let you fall in the well of death till I am alive.

Sahyogi keeps an eye on Bal Mahant as he studies. Another disciple asks him about the competition. Sahyogi remarks that it would be good for them only even if Bal Mahant loses. The donation will multiply. It will become good news when he will take Jal Samadhi. His rapport will increase and it will eventually benefit us only. Keep his mother away from him so he can concentrate. That girl will be definitely preparing with all her might.

At home, Sagar prepares questions for Ganga. Tomorrow is a very big day for her. it will be great if she wins. Barkha tells him not to worry for Ganga. She is intelligent. She will win. She leaves after wishing him goodnight. Sagar is concerned only about Ganga’s life.

In the ashram, Ganga talks to her Bappa. Tomorrow is a very big day for me. Bless me so I can fulfil the promise that I gave to Amma ji.

Sagar too prays that he can help Ganga tomorrow.

Barkha gives a suggestion to Niru over something. Niru comes downstairs wearing another shirt rather than what Madhvi had kept outside for her. Madhvi feels bad. Amma ji has found a solution to throw Barkha out of her house. Madhvi or any woman wont like it if any other woman, be it her own sister, comes closer to her husband. I will use this against Barkha. Amma ji compliments Barkha indirectly while addressing Madhvi. Barkha knows likes and dislikes of Niru already. She also knows about his whereabouts. Niru replies that Madhvi is not interested in it. I don’t mind it as Madhvi stays busy with housework. Niru asks about Sagar. Barkha shares that he was preparing to help Ganga. Niru thinks how to stop Ganga from doing so. Sagar joins them. Niru too offers to come for the competition. I want to see what she does. Sagar tells him against it. She will get nervous. What if she forgets everything? Niru gives his best wishes for her. Amma ji wonders if Sagar is once again on Ganga’s side.

Ganga thinks of her Bappa’s words.

Sagar is all set to leave for the ashram. He hopes Ganga wins or she will be forced to take Jal Samadhi. Amma ji says I never thought you will be on her side. Sagar denies. I am on your side only. You are my Dadi and Ganga is my best friend. Amma ji firmly tells him not to go out of the house at all. Sagar retorts that he will go indeed. She is doing all this for you. She even challenged Mahant ji. She is so worried for everyone at house. It is you who isn’t worried about her at all. You don’t want her to win so you are stopping me. You are very bad! Madhvi scolds him for talking to Dadi like that. Sagar repeats that Ganga loves and is concerned about everyone. I will not apologise. I am right. Madhvi too refuses to let him go. She takes him with her. Sagar’s words haunt Amma ji. She looks at her late husband’s photo. Pardon me. I am not able to do your shrad for the first time but I will do a small puja. Our reputation is ruined in Banaras only because of that girl. I wont let her come back here. Sagar spoke so badly to me. You always used to tell me to be calm and composed but this is unbearable for me. I have taken a vow that she will never come back. I want to see her losing before my eyes. I wish your ego breaks and my Sagar gets away from you. I wish you lose!

Sagar tells his mother that Ganga will be waiting for him. Madhvi tells him to stay in his room only. Sagar thinks that she doesn’t know what will happen to Ganga if she loses. She will die! How do I go now? How can I leave you like this? I will certainly come!

Ganga is waiting for Sagar. He was going to bring answers for me. No problem, he will come. She tries to open the door but it is locked. She calls out for everyone but no one opens the door. Sudha wasn’t to save her life. She is a kid but we understand what’s right and wrong. Ganga keeps asking everyone to open the door. It is very important for me to go.

Madhvi comes to Sagar’s room. She thinks that he slept. I dint like what you did today. She covers him with a duvet and leaves. Sagar gets up right away. Amma ji is going to see Ganga losing. She asks Madhvi to keep an eye on Sagar! Sagar puts cushions on the bed in his place and covers them up with a duvet. He again makes a rope using clothes and climbs off the balcony.

Bal Mahant takes his seat. Everyone is cheering for him. Sagar reaches there just then but he cannot find Ganga there. Even the disciples of Mahant ji are waiting for Ganga. Sahyogi says maybe she left the city after getting scared. We cannot wait for her for long. She will be declared a loser if she does not come. Both the participants will be asked questions. We have a great person here who will help us understand the right answer. All the spectators can help in case no one is able to reach a decision. Bal Mahant is waiting for his mother. Sahyogi spots her. He signals his loyal people who take her away forcefully. Everyone is waiting for Ganga. Sahyogi asks people what they think about it. They say in unison that Mahant ji is the winner. Sahyogi is about to announce the same when Ganga reaches there. How can you declare someone a winner if there was no competition? How can evil win over good? The competition will start now as I am here.

The quizzer announces that there will be 3 rounds. First will be a religious one. Sagar is worried as Ganga has not read any religious book. Ganga too thinks of the same. I will go with my gut feeling.

The quizzer asks them the first question. Why do we close our eyes while praying or greeting someone? He also gives them options to choose from. Ganga looks at her palms. She goes in flashback. Her Bappa has asked her to close her eyes to pray. That is how we concentrate and focus only on God. You can keep your eyes open only if you see God inside your heart. You have to close your eyes to feel him. You have to focus all your attention to him. Your attention will be diverted if you keep your eyes open while praying. Ganga is very happy to realise that God is inside everyone. He makes her close her eyes and hugs her. Close your eyes and talk to God. She asks a cute question to God. Bappa tells her to pray properly now. Flashback ends. Ganga gives her answer. Bappa used to say that God is inside us only. We can find him if we concentrate. We have to close our eyes for the same. Her answer is right. Ganga and Sagar get happy. He even claps for her. She thinks that with her Bappa’s blessings, good will win over evil today!

The next question is – What did Shree Krishna write in Geeta? When will he take birth on Earth? You will have to say the shloka along with the answer.

The next question is – What did Shree Krishna write in Geeta? When will he take birth on Earth? You will have to say the shloka along with the answer.

Bal Mahant thinks that he read it last night only. Ganga thinks of a past incident with her Bappa. He was sad that Lala has lessened the money that he will be giving in exchange for the grains. She talks about teaching a lesson to them. He makes her sit. God is watching everything. Krishna Ji has said in Geeta that He will take birth whenever sins increase one earth. When it crosses all its limits then He will surely come. Ganga says the answer but is thinking of the shloka. Bal Mahant gets thinking too.

Madhvi is talking to Barkha’s mother. We don’t have a problem to have her with us. But it will be good if she stays in the hostel as it is nearby. Her Mami ji is not so happy. Barkha hugs her sister happily that she is sending her to hostel. I wanted this since always. Its so much fun in hostel but Ma was against it. Thanks for helping me. I will ask Jijz to complete my paper work. She rushes upstairs to pack her bags.

Bal Mahant finally speaks the shloka. People start cheering for him. Sagar is concerned for Ganga. The punidt ji says Bal Mahant ji gets the points here as Ganga could not say the shloka. The competition continues. Ganga requests her Bappa to show her the way. I have to win!

Amma ji is on the way to where the competition is being held when Bal Mahant’s mother stops the car. Bal Mahant is my son. The widow girl who lives in your house has challenged my son for a competition. If he loses then he will have to take Jal Samadhi. Please ask the girl to lose so my son can live. Please stop the girl. Amma ji thinks that she also doesn’t want Ganga to win but if she loses then!

Ganga’s 2 answers have been right while 4 were wrong. She will lose if she gives another wrong answer. She will have to take Jal Samadhi. The next question is – Who is a Guru? The guy gives them options as well. Sagar is sure that Ganga will give the answer this time. Ganga and Bal Mahant ji are expected to say a relatable shloka with the answer. The punidt ji asks Ganga to think very carefully before giving an answer as this is her last chance.

Madhvi comes to check on Sagar but finds pillows in the bed instead. She notices the rope of clothes hanging from the balcony. He has become very stubborn! Amma ji on her way. It will be a problem if she notices him there. Barkha tries to calm her but Madhvi tells her not to speak in between matters that she doesn’t understand. This is my house. I know how things work here.

Sahyogi is irked with Bal Mahant for not giving answer promptly. I told him to study hard but all went in vain. Bal Mahant gives an answer but minus the shloka. Ganga is again thinking of her Bappa and all that he has taught her till date. No given option is right. Guru teaches us how to live our life. My Bappa has taught me the same. He is my father and Guru both. She says the shloka. The people gathered there are impressed by her. Bal Mahant cannot think of any other shloka. Sahyogi thinks of doing something. The girl said the shloka but she dint choose any of the option given by pundit ji.

Sudha is shocked to know that the room is empty. Ganga ran away! I don’t know what would be happening with her. I will go there right away. Mamta too wants to come along. Its all happening because of me only. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her. Pishi Ma prays for Ganga.

Sahyogi calls Ganga’s answer inappropriate as she dint choose the answer from the given options. How can we accept it that her Bappa is the Guru? Sagar mulls over the confusion. Mahant ji cannot recall the shloka while Ganga said the shloka but gave an altogether different answer. Sahyogi reminds pundit ji of the rules that he only had set in the beginning. The participants have to choose one of the options that you give. This girl dint abide by it. She should be disqualified on these grounds. A few other pundits agree with him which worries Sagar. I wont let her take Jal Samadhi. He loudly opposes it. This is wrong. You cannot do this! Mahant ji could not recall the shloka. Ganga gave the complete answer. What’s the harm in thinking of her Bappa as her teacher? He only has taught her everything.

Madhvi is trying Pulkit’s number but it is unreachable. Barkha covers her eyes. She has brought a suit for Madhvi. Madhvi doesn’t wear suits but Barkha wants her to change her looks too. You used to wear them before wedding. Madhvi talks about the differences before and after wedding. A girl has to do a lot of adjustments. Barkha calls them excuses. Wear it at night to surprise Jijz. You have changed yourself completely for your family. Think about yourself at times. Madhvi feels bad for mistaking Barkha. You aren’t going anywhere. You will stay with us. Barkha denies. I have already spoken to jijz. He will bring forms for a few hostels. I have a meeting with a senior doc in the evening. Hope something will be finalized. Madhvi is curious over Niru’s decision.

People talk against Sagar. Sahyogi says Ganga’s friend has broken the rule by talking in her favour. He has broken the rule. Ganga will have to bear the brunt of her mistake. Ganga has lost the competition! She is out of it now. Ganga says I don’t even know this guy. He isn’t my friend. Why will I take his help then?