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EPISODE 125 – 127

Twinkle is making food, Usha says you have put so much salt in it, dont know where your concentration is, your mother should concentrate on life too, anyone can come in her house but if a man comes in her house stealthily then her image will be tarnished, atleast she should think about our respect, Twinkle is hurt listening this, Kunj comes there and sees her sad, Twinkle leaves, Kunj says to Usha that you shouldnt have talked to Twinkle like that, we should not involve in their personal matters, Usha says we have relation with them and we should care, you dont involve in this, Kunj says thats what i am saying, Twinkle will feel bad, Usha says what about me? from the time you have gotten married, you just keep talking about Twinkle and Leela, you dont love me anymore, Kunj says what are you saying, you both are my mothers, i am lucky to have mother like you and mother in law like her, Usha says thats the things, you have forgotten the difference between mother and mother in law, Usha leaves, Kunj is tensed.
Twinkle is talking to Chinki on phone and says i have given my email id and phone no., now i am checking profiles, she ends call, Kunj asks which profiles are you checking? Twinkle thinks that he lies to me and wants to know about everything that i do, i will not tell him my plan, she says i have registered you on a site, on this site you can sell your husband and can get free gift vouchers, Kunj says if i can get a good wife too from there? you always answer me wrong way, both stare each other, Kunj smiles looking at his phone, Twinkle says Maya must have messaged him, Twinkle says you know i met Chinki today, we saw a hot guy there, Kunj says good, Twinkle says i have decied today that.. Kunj gets call and leaves, Twinkle thinks that he is busy on calls with her too, whats happening here, Kunj ends call and comes in room, he says i have some work, he leaves, Twinkle gets angry.
Kunj comes to some place, Twinkle’s father meets him, he says i wanted to talk to you, Kunj asks what? he says you can help me, i want my family back, Kunj says what you did, you think after that i will help you? father says i am ready to bear anything but i want their forgiveness, Kunj says you dont deserve it, father says i know i was wrong but i love my family like i used to, i left my family because i was helpless, i lived in guilt whole life, my business was in loss then i had accident, after i returned, i found Leela shifted to Amritsar then i got to know that Leela got money of my insurance as all thought i died so i thought if i return then police will arrest me for fraud and money will be taken back from Leela too so i left Twinkle and Leela so that Twinkle have nice life, everyone gets a chance to rectify their mistake, he folds his hand and says help me, Kunj says dont fold your hands infront of me, you are elder to me, you are my father in law, you are right, your mistake cant be forgiven but everyone should get a chance to rectify their mistakes, i am not promising you but i will try, about Twinkle, i cant tell her about you being alive, Leela will decide it, father says as you say, Kunj says first Leela has to forgive you, come to Guradvarah tomorrow, father says nothing give more happiness to than the fact that you are my daughter’s husband, Twinkle is lucky to have you, Kunj leaves.

Kunj and Leela comes to Guradvarah, Leela asks whats the matter? Kunj says i thought to come here with you, he sees Maya, Kunj says to Leela that she studies with me in college, he says to Maya that she is Twinkle and my mother, Leela asks why Maya is crying? Kunj says she is married and have problems in marital life, he says to Maya that you can share things with her, she will give you best advice, Leela says everyone have problems, you are not alone, dont give up, Maya says i keep trying but i dont see a way, Leela says you keep trying to make your relation strong, if you need me then call me at any time, i will do anything i can for you, dont thinks you are alone, Maya hugs her and thanks her, she says i didnt know what to do, Kunj supported me too, friends are for this only, if my parents were alive then i wouls have shared things with them, i feel alone, i felt so good to talk with you, Leela says you are not alone, she hugs her and says be happy, Maya thanks her and leaves, Leela says to Kunj that you did good by helping your friend, Leela’s husband comes there, Leela is stunned to see him, Leela asks Kunj what he is doing here? Kunj says to make relation with you again, Leela says you brought me here to make me meet him? she asks her husband why did he come here? Kunj says what you said to maya sometime ago? that we should keep trying to solve things, Leela asys i cant believe you are taking his side, Kunj says i met him yesterday, i could see guilt in his eyes, i want to help you both, you know you will take decision after thinking but i feel you should give chance to him.
Twinkle is in hotel, she meets an uncle Shekhar, they sit to talk, Twinkle thanks him for accepting her request on site, she says i wanted to meet you as this is about my mother’s marriage.
Leela says to her husband that you won my son in law’s heart but you think that i will forgive you and will let you in my Twinkle’s life? i wont let that happen, Kunj says listen to me, he puts Leela’s hand in her husband’s hand, Leela is tensed and looks at her husband, Kunj says we are in sacred place, i know you hate him but we get angry on person who is important for us because there is love behind this hatred, for that love, give him one chance, if you ask your heart then i know your heart want same thing, Leela says i dont want this, i cant forgive him, you dont know anything Kunj, Kunj says you dont love him? atleast dont lie to yourself, remember the time spent with him, you have no feelings for him? dont you want him to be in life again? Leela gets sad.

Twinkle thinks why Kunj is getting ready? he made plan to go out and didnt tell me, she asks where are you going? he says going out on lunch, she says have has stopped eating at home, she asks with whom you are going out? he says with a friend, Twinkle messes up his hairs, Kunj is shocked, she says i know you are going with Maya, it turns out to be her imagination, Kunj strikes with her and asks where are you going? she says i am also going out with a friend, Kunj bangs with again and says cant see you i am standing here? he leaves, twinkle says what kind of husband i have got, he didnt even ask me where i am going.
Twinkle brings Leela to restaurant, Leela asks whom we are meeting? where is he? Twinkle says you will know everything, i am coming in a moment, you sit here, Twinkle leaves.
Twinkle is passing by. Kunj is in same restaurant with Maya and her husband, Twinkle doesnt see them neither Kunj sees her.
Cherry is in same restaurant and calls Anita, he says i have done your work, Anita says the man whom Twinkle wanna make Leela meet will never reach there.
A Man comes to Leela, Leela says you must have been called by Twinkle, Man says you are so beautiful, Leela says what kind of talk is this? you are drunk? Man says its your eyes who have made me drunkard, Leela ask who is he? Man says why you are shy? you can shy away today but not after marriage, Leela ask who sent you here? Man says you daughter wants you to get married to me again, Leela says you cant use my daugther’s name like this, stop blabbering all this, Man says i like you, we can fix marriage date, he holds her hand, Leela gets up and says how dare you touch me? you are saying ill words about my daughter, get out, Kunj comes there and asks Leela what happened? Cherry thinks what Kunj is doing here? he should not see me, cherry leaves from there. Leela tells Kunj that this man is misbehaving with me, Kunj slaps man and ask who is he? Man says her daughter have sent me here to fix marriage with Leela, Kunj is shocked, Twinkle comes there, Leela ask Twinkle if she called this man> Twinkle says i dont know him, i called Shekhar uncle to meet Leela and fix marriage with Leela, she calls Shekhar but he doesnt pick up, Kunj asks her to stop all this if you have shame, he takes Leela from there, Twinkle is sad, Twinkle sees Maya in restaurant and thinks that i was right, Kunj was with Maya.
Kunj says to Twinkle that when will you stop these chidish acts? Twinkle says shekhar is very nice person, i thought to make them friends, Kunj says even Shekhar doesnt know what you are upto, Leela says leaves it, you both should go home, Kunj says i am sorry to shout on her but when will her childish behavior go away? Twinkle says i am sorry Maa but i want someone to take care of you, to love you, Leela says i know you did all this for me but i have daughter like you and son like Kunj, i dont need anyone else, Twinkle says but we are not with you all the time, Leela ask them to go, she asks Kunj to not fight with Kunj on this matter, he nods and leaves, she asks Twinkle to set Kunj’s mood right, he is not happy with your act, Twinkle nods and leaves, Leela says how to tell you Twinkle that i cant think about any other man as your father is alive.
Twinkle asks Kunj to listen to her but Kunj leaves, Twinkle says i should call Roshni(from Jamai Raja), she will help me, she calls Roshni and says i need your help, Kunj is angry on me, she tells her everything, Roshni says Oh God, Twinkle says you and Sid are perfect couple thats why i wanted to take advice from you, Roshni says we have problems too but we try to be with each other, whenever we hide anything from each other then problems crop up, there should be respect and communication in marriage, we should trust our partner, you didnt do anything wrong, i am happy you are thinking about your mother, its modern thought, you did mistake by not telling Kunj, go to him and tell him everything, promise me to not hide anything from Kunj, Twinkle says, Roshni says Kunj will understand you, Twinkle nods, Roshni ends call, Twinkle says i will talk to Kunj and will make him understand.
Twinkle comes to Kunj and says i was thinking about mother only, i thought i will tell her about marriage thing later, Kunj says you still think that you are right, maybe your mother wants something else, Twinkle says she is my mother, she has sacrificed everything for me, i want her to complete her life so that Anita cant insult her again, i want her to get married so that people like RT uncle(Twinkle’s father) should not come in her life, Kunj says why you are bringing RT in all this? Twinkle says RT kept silent when Cherry was talking ill about my mother, i saw him stopping Leela’s way once, Kunj says maybe he wanted to talk something to her, Twinkle says i dont believe you are taking RT’s side, that man has no spine, he is bringing problems in my mother’s life, he left his family when they needed him, he is cheap person, Kunj says enough, he raises his hand and says he is your.. he stops, Twinkle is stunned, Twinkle says you are taking his side? he is man who takes advantage of women, i get it why you have sympathy for him, Twinkle says to Kunj that you are same as that RD uncle(her father), you also take advantage of girls, like you tried to take advantage of me at farm house, Kunj is hurt listening this, she says remember that night Kunj Sarna? Kunj says i remember everything, what happened that night, i remember your every blame, i kept saying to everyone that i didnt do anything but no one listened to me, i havent forgotten that night, now i will tell you something which you will remember, it was not me but Yuvraj who was about to take advantage of you, i left my jacket there, i came there to get it and saw Yuvi with you. Yuvi told me everything about that night in Goa too, Twinkle is shocked, Kunj says i wanted to tell you but he started his kid’s acting then he ranaway, this is truth of that night, i havent forgotten that night, the biggest thing is that you havent forgotten anything too, you have spent so much time with me, i live with you in a room but never touched, never crossed the limit still you think that i can do something like that? if i dont respect women then i would have crossed the limit, you wont trust me in life, there is nothing in this marriage, no trust, no love, nothing, just Tashan, i dont know what this marriage is all about, i dont know how i will bear this marriage for whole life, he leaves, Twinkle cries, Kunj leaves house, Twinkle tries to stop him but he leaves, Twinkle says i am sorry, i am fool to love Yuvi who destroyed my life and i kept blaming you who always protected me, you kept listening to my blames, married me so that no one point fingers at me, you saved my life, you never left me alone but i never trusted you, Leela was right, i cannot get better husband than you, i am sorry Kunj i didnt understand, dont leave me Kunj, please comeback, she cries, Twinkle says i promise i wont do this again, dont leave, comeback, Sajna ve plays.

RT is drinking and says to leela I want to repent over my mistake. Leela says you know what twinkle asked me to marry someone. My daughter wants me to marry and have all the happiness that I didn’t have all these years. What should I tell her? That I can’t get married because the father she supposes to be dead is actually alive and stayed away from us because of his weaknesses.

RT says give me a chance to repent. Leela says stop it. Why you drink when you can’t handle yourself. I dont wanna listen anything. You are old enough you have to take care of yourself because there is no one else.

Twinkle says why is kunj’s phone not answering. She drops off on the couch. Kunj comes in and sees her. He says in heart how can I tell you that RT is your dad. I have to talk to maa and tell twinkle. He covers her. He says twinkle get you. Twinkle says Kunj.. He says sleep on the bed. She says i dont know how to apologize but what i did is unforgivable. Please forget what happened. He says its okay, it doesn’t matter. I wont let this get on my nerves. I thought i would give in to this wedding. But you showed me that you dont trust me. Twinkle says i trust you, i shouldn’t have repeated it. He says you did this to hurt. SHe says i am stupid please forgive me. He says problem is with me, i am over sensitive. Twinkle says i am sorry. He covers her with a shawl and says dont apologize again and again. what had to happen has happened. Twinkle says i am really sorry. He leaves.

Next morning, Kunj says to leela we have to tell twinkle truth. What if she gets to know. leela says she shouldn’t know. Kunj says how long will you hide? You should tell her. Leela says you don’t know what you are saying. Kunj says try to understand please. Leela leaves. Kunj follows her. Anita was overhearing. She says what is going in between them? I have to find out.


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