Saturday Update on Deception 30 May 2020


Saturday Update on Deception 30 May 2020

Naren asks if she trust him. Pooja says she trust him. Rahul says bhabhi ji might be taking out anger on him. Pooja asks where is Angraj. Naren recalls hitting on Angraj’s head with Satish’s help and tells that Danish will keep eye on him. Angraj gains conscious and sees pearl necklace on his neck. He shouts and asks who is here? Naren and Pooja sit for marriage. Naren asks Pandit ji to get their marriage done fast. Pooja asks how did this happen? Naren says someone else was with me in this fight. He tells Pooja and a fb is shown. Satish sees Naren changing place with Angraj. Naren tells Satish about Angraj. He tells that Satish and Danish helped him. Danish tapped his phone and knew Angraj’s plan. He says they have taken him out from the grave. Angraj is on his way and thinks to reach Vyas Mansion.

 Pandit ji asking Naren and Pooja to take the rounds. Naren and Pooja take the rounds while everyone shower flower petals on them. Rahul says Angraj got bhabhi, and hopes his madness lessens. They exchange garlands. Naren fills sindoor on Pooja’s maang. Dada ji says Naren and Pooja are tied for births now. Mora Piya plays….Angraj is on the way and calls Rahul, but the call is not connected. Suddenly Songs are played in his car. He gets shocked and thinks what is happening. Danish is following Angraj and playing the songs. Naren tells Rahul that Pooja has changed her husband, but she is still your bhabhi and asks him to touch her feet. Rahul hugs Naren. Pooja says if you are done, then let’s move on.

Angraj comes to the house and knocks on the door. He comes inside the house, but everyone is already left. Satish asks Danish to come to his house and says Angraj can attack you again. Danish says I can’t leave Naren and have to do as he said. Angraj comes to Pooja and Naren’s room. Pooja asks where did you go on our first night? Angraj is shocked. Pooja says we got married 2 hours back. Angraj is shocked. He lifts her ghunghat and is shocked. Rahul and Surbhi are happy and thinks Pooja got thrice. Neelima says how did she marry without any drama and is looking happy. Rahul says you don’t know face reading and tells that she is in shock. Surbhi says yes. Angraj is shocked to see hairs on Pooja’s face as she stands like a ghost. Naren is hiding and tells that he has possessed Pooja and will reside in her body permanently. He says neither you can separate us, nor save yourself from me. Pooja and Naren scare him and he faints.

Satish comes to free Dr. Kiran from Angraj’s captivity. She calls him Malik. Satish tells her that Naren is safe and is with Pooja. Naren and Pooja check Angraj and say he has fainted. They take him out of their room. Rahul is there, but didn’t see. Naren and Pooja hide seeing Surbhi there. She sees Angraj and tries to wake him up, but he doesn’t gain consciousness. Surbhi thinks he has taken drugs and leave. Naren tells Pooja that he wants to give return gift to Angraj for burying him. They take him to room. Danish asks Naren and Pooja to take rest and says he will keep an eye on him. In the room, Naren and Pooja get romantic. Sapnon me shringar…aaja piya plays……He takes her to bed. Angraj gains consciousness and finds himself in the room. Pooja and Naren get up from bed and romance.

Angraj thinks this is Vyas mansion house and thinks if Naren and Pooja playing game with me. He goes to the burial ground and digs the grave.

Danish coming to Naren and telling about Angraj escape from window. Naren is shocked. Pooja hears them. Naren tells Danish that he knows that Angraj must have went to the grave and says he has to go there before Angraj opens the coffin. Pooja asks him to relax. Angraj checks the box and finds Naren’s dead body. He checks the pulse and says he is dead. He thinks to burn the body. Naren asks Pooja why did she stop him. Pooja tells him that Mama took his mask from Dr. Kiran and covered it on dead body’s face. Satish calls Naren and shows him that Angraj is burning the dead body. He asks Naren to make Angraj believe that body can destroy, but not soul.

Neelima tells Surbhi and Rahul that Angraj can cheat them when he was not loyal to Naren. Surbhi says Rahul has Tribal head in his captivity and tells that Angraj shall be afraid of them.

Dada ji talks to Harsha about his sons. Harsha says she is ashamed of Hardik’s doing and talks about Harish. Pooja tells Naren that she will go to Angraj and asks him to go to Rahul and Surbhi’s room. Rahul and Surbhi are drinking in their room, when Naren comes there. Surbhi gets scared. Rahul says he is Angraj. Naren asks if he don’t identify him and makes the things in the room move by signing on it. Naren says you both are responsible for my death too and says Angraj has burnt my body, but can’t burn my soul. Danish is moving the things with technology. Surbhi and Rahul apologize to Naren. Naren sits and says I can forgive you both, but I have a condition.
Harish talls to Angraj’s pic and says your Maa went to Haridwar to do shanti puja for his soul. He says your Maa can cry, but how shall I cry. Harsha comes there and says Pooja’s sister had killed Mayank and then her brother had killed Angraj. She says she feels worried for Naren.

Angraj tells that he will go to his Pooja. Pooja comes there and talks in Naren’s voice, tells Angraj that he is fool to burn his body, now he will stay in Pooja’s body. Angraj is shocked. Satish and Dr. Kiran help Pooja there. Surbhi asks Naren to leave them. Naren says he wants Angraj’s surgery file. Rahul goes to bring it from Neelima’s room. Surbhi faints being scared.Angraj says I am your brother, leave me. Naren asks him to stay in Servants’ quarters and kill 100 mosquitoes. Angraj says ok. Naren says if he thinks of Pooja then he will enter him and make him do commit suicide. He asks him to remember that there is no traffic signal for ghosts.

Pooja signs Satish and Dr. kiran. Angraj finds Pooja vanish. Anuj comes to Rachel and asks her to remarry. He says he is sending someone for her for whom she shall make a place in her heart. Rachel refuses to marry. Neelima doesn’t believe on what Rahul says. She comes there. Neelima says ghost. She gives him blue file and asks him to leave them. Naren checks file and says he will come again. He places his foot on the glass piece and then walks away. Neelima sees blood stain and tells Rahul that he might be Naren or Angraj, as blood don’t come out of ghost.

Neelima telling Rahul that ghost don’t have blood and says he might be Angraj or Naren. Angraj is in the Servant’s quarters and hits on mosquitoes. He thinks to open the window so that he can kill the mosquitoes. Naren and Pooja talk about Angraj and Rahul. Neelima and others see blood on Angraj’s foot. Angraj shows them video and tells that he has burnt his body. Naren says Rahul was scared and gave the file. Pooja checks the file and says it is wrong file. Naren is shocked. Rahul tells Neelima that he gave wrong file to Naren’s ghost. He tells that he will go to tribe and get Naren’s finger prints. Surbhi says then we will get everything. Angraj smiles. Naren and Pooja see Rahul going. Angraj tells Neelima and Surbhi that let Naren’s ghost come, he has made the arrangements. Dr. Kiran thinks to delete Naren’s finger prints, but Rahul comes and stops her. He asks tribal man to kill Dr. Kiran once angraj gets Naren’s finger prints. Dr. Kiran thinks she can’t save Naren. Tantrik comes to Vyas Mansion and tells them that he can feel that the soul is here. Angraj says we will do as you say. Tantrik does some puja.

A man is shown who tells that he is coming to meet in 5 hours. Angraj, Rahul, Neelima and Surbhi come to the vault with Tantrik. Tantrik says he did puja and no soul can come here. Angraj keeps his hand on the vault and asks Rahul if the finger prints is processed rightly. Just then the vault opens as the finger prints matches. Angraj smiles. They see the vault empty and gets shocked. Rahul calls security and asks who came here before us. Security guard says Naren came. Angraj says Naren’s ghost must have come. Tantrik says it is impossible. Naren and Pooja keep the treasure in the almari locker. Pooja asks about its password. Naren refuses to tell. Pooja says you have kept my birthday as password and refusing to tell.

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