Saturday Update on Begusarai

Saturday Update on Begusarai

Poonam is in Haveli when Lakhan comes there to meet her. Poonam feels pleased when Laakhan hands her a college form and asks her to fill them up that he will submit it, he leaves, Poonam smiles. Later that day, Bhusham tastes the dish Phulan is making, Lakhan greets Phulan. Phulan pray that God give him some brain and ask Lakhan to come that he have to talk to him. Bhushan gets tensed. Bhushan’s wife Rekha comes and greets Badi Amma and Choti Amma (Majosi). Badi Amma taunts her on her jewelry. Rekha offer to massage her feet, Badi Amma says they don’t take work from guests.

Later, Phulan takes Lakhan along with him at port, one man is getting beaten up there, Phulan ask Lakhan about violence? Lakhan ask what he mean? Phulan says they use violence only to protect themselves, to protect their pride, to protect their land, property and women, like they are beating the man so that he realize that he can’t deceive him, people here call them king, he is the king because he rule over their hearts, he is with them in their good and bad times but if king starts using violence to make his people upset then it’s not good. Phulan shows Lakhan the couple and orders him to apologize to the woman from whom he had snatched the earrings to give Poonam and asks him to give her respect. Lakhan is embarrassed as he is compels to apologise to the lady he hurt and try to says something. Phulan Thakur tell Lakhan that if it is about his ( Lakhan ) personal life then he can decide for himself but if it about Begusarai then only Phulan Thakur can take decision and ask him to apologize. But Lakhan decides to follow the orders as it is the matter of ‘Begusarai’ that is ruled by Lakhan and nods. He comes to the couple saying he did a mistake and tell them to accept his sorry. Phulan gives the couple money but the man refuses saying no need for it. Phulan tell the man that if they can use the respect that his ( the man) give to them then they can bow to them and can apologize too, he ask Lakhan to come back home.

Later, as the entire family gets ready for their meal made by Phulan, Lakhan recalls how Phulan asked him to apologize, Rekha ask Lakhan if Phulan scolded him only or beat him too?. She taunt him that he used to butter him and asks what was need for it, telling him to use his manliness. Badi Amma starts laughing and says Rekha is telling some joke to Lakhan, she ask Rekha to say it aloud so all can enjoy it. Rekha says she didn’t say anything. Badi Amma says good that the servant phone Daroga starts ringing. Phulan angrily looks at him so he breaks his phone, Priyom says he can buy another and asks why he break it? The other servant says it was his phone, not his and all laughs. Badi Amma ( Daadi ) announces that Poonam will now be going to college. Poonam shows Phulan her admission form, Phulan ask which field she want to choose? Priyom says she will answer in week and she want to have B. A honors in English. Badi Amma says she is proud of her as she study very hard and made their name proud otherwise all in this house used guns to get grades. Lakhan recalls how Phulan insulted him, he angrily looks at Phulan. Badi Amma says so it’s decided that Poonam will take admission in B.A. While everybody is happy about this, Lakhan ends their happiness by objecting to this and asks what will she do by studying further? Mitlaish asks what he mean? Lakhan says what will she do by going to college? He asks if she will become governor? Adding that she have to marry and her degree is not necessary for it. He further remind Mitlaish to see his wife Maya that she didn’t attend any college, but she runs the house very well. Phulan ask what he want to say? Lakhan tells his father elder brother that if he can decide anything for Begusarai but this is his personal life. He states that since Poonam is going to marry him, he has the right to stop Poonam from going to the college and he does exactly that as he dont want his would be wife to go to college. Poonam gets tensed, he says husbands decide for their wives in this house and he accept that Poonam is not his wife but she will marry only him and as her husband to be, he dont want her to go to college, he want her to work in house, the more she wanted to study is enough to make her kids learn ABCD in future. He further tell Phulan that he ( Phulan ) is king of Begusarai and whatever he decide will be done. Choti Amma try to convince Lakhan that Poonam is good in studies, its only about 3 years and tell him to let her do B.A. Phulan says everyone in the house have right to take decision of their personal lives and if Poonam’s would be husband doesn’t want her to go to college then she will not go to college, all are sad hearing this. Priyom shockingly looks at Lakhan in disbelief and gets angry with him. Rekha ask Poonam to give her food be her future mother-in-law that it’s spicy but she want to eat, she also ask Poonam to serve Priyom too. Priyom looks at Poonam who is sad and just when Poonam is about to serve him, he says he don’t want it.

Poonam feels upset and begins to cry in her room while her mother comes there and is left consoling her daughter wiping her tears. Her mother says she want to study further that’s why she is sad. Poonam hugs her and her mother says that parents make their kids study so that their future is good and if she is going in Thakur family as bride then she will get everything which any girl dream of, adding that her marriage was decided earlier only. A flashback is shows that when Poonam was a teenager, Manjeeta and Bhushan decided that Poonam will marry Lakhan as Lakhan is elder than Priyom so it’s his time first for marriage. Majeeta folds his hands infront of him. Phulan tell Majeeta that he always served them without asking for anything and it’s their good luck that Poonam will be their daughter-in-law, flashback ends. Poonam’s mother tell her daughter that she ( Poonam) know they can’t find any other good match than her, its their life to serve husband and they get slangs in return but it will not happen with her daughter. She remind her daughter to remember one thing that women have to compromise on their dreams for their family, she tell her to accept that this B.A is nothing infront of the relationship with Thakur family so she have to take care of Lakhan, adding that Lakhan will keep her happy. Poonam sadly hugs her mother.

In Haveli, Mikhilesh’ wife is upset about the decision taken by Phulan regarding Poonam’s education. Mitlaish talks to his wife Maya and ask if she is worried about Poonam?. He tells her not to think about it that it’s between husband and wife, they can’t do anything and even Phulan couldn’t say anything, adding that Lakhan was right, Poonam should understand the heart thing of Lakhan. Maya says if she had asked to let her study further, what would have been his decision? Mitlaish asks why is she moving canon on his side. Maya says she don’t want her daughter to have child marriage and she requests her husband to promise her that their children will be allowed to make their own decision to study till they want unlike in the case of Poonam. She tell him to promise her that he will not let anyone else write her daughter future. Mitlaish promise his wife that he will do whatever she want. Maya smiles hearing this. Mitlaish tease her that she smile like a new bride, he comes closer to her and she smiles.

Choti Amma is worried that Badi Amma gives her work, Maya comes there and ask what work? Choti Amma says nothing. While Badi Amma is on terrace, Choti Amma comes there with cigarette, Choti Amma says she don’t like to bring cigarettes for her hiding like this and asks what she get by smoking. Badi Amma says she is enjoying her freedom, giving her an excuse that women spend their whole life serving their father, husband and kids, they can only enjoy in old age and today what happened with Poonam proved that the women can’t decide for themselves and also today, men control them. Badi Amma ask Choti Amma to enjoy freedom and puff cigarette. Choti Amma reluctantly puffs it, she tell Badi Amma that she know she is angry with Phulan that he took Lakhan’s side and Poonam cannot study further now. Badi Amma says this house works on decisions of men. Choti Amma says Phulan did right, if he had goes against Lakhan and allowed Poonam to study further then Poonam would have to listen to taunts of Lakhan and Rekha for her whole life, for 3 years of study and she had to suffer her whole life and that’s why Phulan decided this. She then shows Badi Anna to see Phulan walking in lounge tensed. Choti Amma says Phulan is the king but couldn’t decide for Poonam’s future. Badi Amma says they have to show anger to their own people.

Priyom comes to Poonam’s house, he finds Poonam packing her books and he recalls how in childhood Poonam got beaten up by teacher for not completing her homework and it was actually Priyom who had sell her copies to watch cinema, then how Lakhan beat the teacher only for beating Poonam, flashback ends. Priyom tells Poonam that it’s her habit to not say anything to anyone. Poonam says he have his date with Priya. Priyom tell her that his girlfriend is now Jaya. Poonam is shocked and asks why he changed girlfriend in one month. Priyom says she is worrying about his girlfriends and asks what about herself? Poonam doesn’t answer him and Priyom ask what she is doing with the books? Poonam says she will sell it so that they can buy new mixer. Priyom ask what she is saying? Poonam tell him not to talk about this and Priyom tell her to atleast talk to Lakhan as it’s about her future. Poonam says no one will understand, Lakhan is right too as she will marry him and will handle the house so why study so much? She is going to be the Thakur family daughter-in-law, she will have everything, she will not do any work, she will become fat then he ( Priyom ) will make fun of her, she gets in tears and she turns to see Priyom gone from there.

Lakhan’s mother Rekha on the other hand is extremely happy with her son’s stand, she comes to Lakhan, she gives him tea and tell him not to think much that he did right. She further tells him a illiterate daughter-in-law would listen and will obey them and she encourages his guts that he did a great work for going against Phulan’s orders as nobody could change Phulan’s decision but he made him ( Phulan ) shut up. Lakhan says Phulan robbed the whole Begusarai, it was fine but if he robbed a lady then he was wrong that he had to say sorry to that lady so he told Phulan that he can’t rule over him, he is king here and he made him ( Phulan ) silent but he is not able calm down recalling the incident. Rekha asks why calm down?. She ginger her son to be angry and burn everything. Bhushan comes there and scold his son that he want to be king but he don’t have brain. He tell him that Phulan takes him as his son and he made him say sorry to the woman so that he learn something. Rekah interrupt her husband saying for him only Phulan is right, and tell him that they have brains too, they can see what is wrong, a strong one is right here and weak is wrong and her son is not weak, he proved it, she angrily leaves. Lakhan thinks about this.

Later, when Lakhan leaves the home he finds Priyom waiting for him. Priyom who decides to speak to Lakhan on Poonam’s behalf, to allow her to continue with her education asks Lakhan if he can give him lift? Lakhan says he is going for work. Priyom scold him that he is selfish, reminding him that he is his bestfriend and he can’t give him lift? Lakhan tell him to stop his drama that he will give him lift. Just when Priyom tells him that he wants to discuss an important matter with him, Lakhan gets a call from Mikhilesh, ordering him to meet him immediately. Lakhan assumes that Mikhilesh has a special task for him and tells Priyom that Mitlaish has called him and it must be some important work. Priyom says he wanted to talk to him. He rushes to Mikhilesh, ignoring Priyom’s urgency and says not now.

Lakhan and Priyom comes to the port, Lakhan says the way he put his stance infront of Phulan, Mitlaish must have thought that he have guts so he must have called him to give him some big work, he ask Priyom to keep sitting in jeep, he goes to Mitlaish. Priyom asks God when will he ( Lakhan ) get brains. Lakhan greets Mitlaish. Mitlaish recalls how Lakhan said no for Poonam’s studies and tell Lakhan that it’s Piddi’s birthday after 3 days and he have called him to prepare for it. Mitlaish then tell him that Piddi want to call some dancer from Patna in celebrations and Piddi says her name is Bindya. He tells Lakhan that he have to bring her here and that’s the work. On hearing this, Priyom starts laughing on Lakhan foolishness. Lakhan gets furious as Mikhilesh orders him to bring a dancer named Bindiya from some other place. Mitlaish ask Priyom why is he laughing? Priyom says he have given such an important work to Lakhan that he can’t stop laughing. Mitlaish says he is sending Lakhan as he is not characterless and if he had send him ( Priyom ) then he would have not brought her here. Priyom ask Lakhan to go and do his important work. Piddi ask when will he bring Bindya. Lakhan gets angry on him. Piddi says he will show him her dance video, he plays the video and Priyom watches it. Just then, Bindya entry is shown, she does item number Bareli Ke Bazaar Main for her customers at the bar and the men splurge money on her dance.

While Bindya’s assistant is counting money, the manager comes there. Bindya ask why he gave her 500 rupees less. The manager claims he saw her hiding money in her blouse while dancing so he cut it in her salary. Bindya says people can’t respect her talent and the manager says the money which was splurged by people on stage will be his. Bindya gets angry with him, she takes out a knife and tell him she get mad seeing money. She takes the the money from him and says people splurged on her and not on his stage, if he dance then people will not splurge money but tomatoes on him. She then tell him that she will not work with him. The manager tell her not to say like this and not to be abusive. Bindya then threaten to beat him with shoes so much that his generation will be bald and she pray that his wife run away, adding to her prayer that the manager will die on the roads. On hearing this, the manager runs from there.

Piddi who is the younger brother is in river and Lakhan angrily shoots in water for requesting for a well-renowned dancer named Bindiya, perform at his birthday bash. Piddi asks what he is doing and further ask if he will kill him. Lakhan says he is asking him to run after a dancer. Piddi says she is Bindya and his love. Priyom ask Lakhan what is he doing and taunt him that Piddi is still alive? Piddi scold Priyom that he is forcing him to kill him and tell him that he is his brother. He further remind Priyom that on his birthday, dancers were called too so why not on his birthday. Lakhan says they didn’t wish for any specific dancer and they will not go to Patna for a dancer. Piddi says he is not a fool like him. Priyom says sometime he think what is more dangerous, that bullet from his revolver or the anger in him and asks Lakhan why he take anger out on the wrong person. Lakhan ask what is he saying? Priyom says it was Phulan who asked him to apologise to someone but he sacrificed Poonam’s dreams to satisfy his ego and that he proved himself very low by doing this and asks if he don’t know in which thing lies Poonam’s happiness. Lakhan says her happiness lies in his happiness. Priyom says it doesn’t seem so. Lakhan says he don’t want to talk about Poonam and he don’t like it if someone involve in husband- wife matter even if it is him, referring to Priyom. Priyom is shocked. Lakhan tell Piddi that he is going to Patna to bring that dancer, he leaves. Priyom talk to himself why all stubborn are born in Thakur’s house. Later that day, Piddi is lying on bed and Choti Amma ask how he got fever? Piddi lie that he fell inside the river, hevadd on that the water was hot and he was cold so he got fever. Badi Amma ask if his fever has reached his mind too. Piyom comes there and says he is trying to say that the water was cold so he got hot. Badi Amma says Piddi is like a girl. Priyom says doctors are doing operations to make boys into girls and asks if he should take him there? Badi Amma asks why is he waiting? Piddi says he don’t love him

Priyom comes to the balcony and finds Poonam on her balcony too as she is cleaning the terrace. He says how much will she take to clean his terrace too. Poonam stares at him, he comes to her and says she show attitude to only him and if she had shown some attitude to her husband then she would have been studying in college. Poonam says she don’t want to go to college now. Priyom tell her not to lie that he know her heart thing. Poonam says now she will not go to college and she will deny it now. Priyom says she can say no to anyone, he acts like her and makes fun of her, he says now he will force Lakhan to let her go to college, then he will see how she can say no to him. Poonam says yes, that she can’t say no to him, and that Priyom can say no because he is a boy and further tell him to live a life of a girl one day then he will understand why they ( girls) can’t say no, adding that if they smile then they are called shameful, if they don’t smile then they are called dull. She says they can see dreams but can’t touch them, they are like river who want to flow but can flow only like tears, money can’t buy happiness and asks if he want to know her pain of breaking dream? She tells him that it’s alot pain but she is scared if she stop seeing dreams now, she leaves while Priyom looks on.

Priyom comes to Lakhan, and tells him he want lift. Lakhan says he is going to Patna. Priyom says he is going that way too and they leave for Patna. Priyom takes Lakhan to a college in order to make him realize what mistake he is doing by stopping Poonam from studying in a college. Lakhan asks if his girlfriend is now from college. Priyom ask him to look around and see girls in college. Lakhan says he is not interested in all this but Priyom insists. Lakhan looks on. Priyom ask him to see faces of these girls, to see how much happy they are here and asks Lakhan to tell him when did he see Poonam this much happy? Lakhan says he told him to not get involved in this matter and reminds him that Phulan is not saying anything in this matter too. Priyom says he is not Phulan, he is his friend, they did mischievous things together, they used to get punished together, then why is he not allowing him today to say his mind? Lakhan ask him to speak. Priyom says he just want to show him something, he stops some girls and starts talking to the girls in the college while Lakhan sits in the jeep staring at him. He ask the girls why do they come to college and what will they do after this?. The girl says they come to college for fun, it’s good to be here, they learn things here and they make friends here, they gossip here alot, they spend time for themselves here and it feels good to be here. Priyom thanks the girls, he ask Lakhan if he understand? Lakhan says girls only come to college to do fun. Priyom later gets serious and explains to Lakhan that Poonam’s happiness lies in this college. Proton asks if only boys have authority to do fun and asks if girls can’t enjoy? He clearly tells him that in college, girls get time to do fun, to enjoy otherwise they have no life in house, they are bounded in house and they have no identity in house but in college they have identity. Phulan said some bitter words to him ( Lakhan ) and he start spitting venom on others, and if Phulan wanted, then he could have forced him to say yes for Poonam’s studies but he didnt and asks if he is happy by giving pain to Phulan and Poonam? if yes then he should not change his decision, but to remember that he will regret this for his whole life. Lakhan leaves from there. One girl ask Priyom if she can give him a lift on her scooty. Priyom sit on her scooty and flirts with her.

Poonam’s friend tells her that they are studying together from class 1 but now she is going to college with her and asks why can’t she talk to Lakhan and why is he so stubborn. Lakhan comes there, he ask Poonam to sit in jeep, Poonam complies and sit and they leave. Poonam’s friend talk to herself saying what a weird relationship they have, he doesn’t say anything and she will not ask anything and wonder how Poonam will spend her life with him?

Bindya meanwhile is in her home making food, she says she is a great dancer on stage and servant in her house. Her assistant tell her that her food is stale and she will throw it away. Bindya says it’s not stale, she smells it and says she will eat it after closing her nose. She tells her assistant that she don’t know how difficult it is to earn money. Seeing how weird her assistant is looking at her, Bindiya meanwhile is once again cursing her ill-fate and is hoping for a rich boy to enter her life. Later the door knocks, she ask her assistant to open it, he says okay that it maybe some manager of the show. Bindya says no that she will go, she prays that if it is some manager then she will give prasad in temple of 1.5 rupees. Her assistant asks why so much less? She says God doesn’t see money but her intention. She opens the door, someone attacks her with stick and she falls unconscious. Priyom arrives at the scene with his two friends and ask them wy they did that and attacked her?. He scold them that women are made to love, to respect, he ask his men to check her. They check her and says she is so beautiful. Priyom says he feel like celebrating his birthday again seeing her and compliment her that she is pretty. Priyom says he is celebrating golden anniversary in girls and how can he let them touch her, he ask them to drape her in sheet, they find her assistant there and ask who he is?

Lakhan on the other hand seems to have gone through a change of heart as Priyom somehow convinces him to allow Poonam to attend college and he takes Poonam to the college. She looks at him in shock. He tells her to get down from the car that they have come here for her admission. Poonam smiles at him hearing this.