Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World

Choti says but Phulan has not taken decision, Badi says time will not wait for him, its time to decide who should be king of begusarai, Mitlaish, Lakhan or Priyom.
Maya comes to Mitlaish, she ask are you in love with that dancer Bindya? Mitlaish says give me my belt, she say answer me, Mitlaish ask is Lakhan alive or dead? think before you ask, Mitlaish is going to be king of Begusarai, Lakhan went against me, if i love Bindya then i would have killed Lakhan and nobody would have guts to question me, he ask to bring belt, she brings it, she says if you dont have relation then why did you stop her, she danced once so she should leave now, Mitlaish says you should only know that i love you and my kids alot, i dont know why i need to even say this, i may go to other girls but i will comeback to you, only you will have my name’s Sindoor and dont force me to raise my hand, he ask her to give him a kiss, kids come come there, he says you both keep running behind mother, he ask Pinto are you miffed with me that i fought with Lakhan, he says ok i will bring ice-cream for you, Pinto tells his flavor, Mitlaish ask Soni what will you eat, she says strawberry, he says lets go, he says i love you to Maya.

Poonam says to najma that these guns and fight on small things, i am afraid of Lakhan’s anger, what happened today, i have happiness of one thing that i got to know that Lakhan cares for me, i feel safe with him, i told about Bindya to him, i told him that she questioned my friendship with Priyom but he trusted me, he didnt ask one question, maa always say that i am lucky to to marry Lakhan, today i feel she is right, Najma says i dont like him, he is angry man but he became hero today, i am his fan and till people like Lakhan are there, there is no problem for girls in Begusarai, Priyom comes there, Najma says but Lakhan cant save girls from him, Poonam turns to find Priyom in his balcony, she recalls Bindya’s words, Priyom angrily looks at her.

Najma says to Poonam that Lakhan trusted you and was with you today, i liked that, Priyom comes there, Najma ask why he is looking at you like this, Poonam says dont know, Priyom comes on their terrace, he says to Poonam that you say that you understand me and cant get what i am trying to say, Najma says you both talk, i will leave, Priyom says i dont wanna talk to her, but Najma i want to talk to you, stop here, he says today i will tell you story, listen carefully, i will ask question too, he says story is about a simple girl and Casanova boy but he always helped girl, always come in her needy time, used to solve her problem, used to save her from teacher, make her husband understand to let her go to college, used to set her mood but that girl always used to scold him and that boy used to listen her silently but one day, that girl hided her heart thing and told it to someone else, tell me is this right or wrong? now tell me what that guy should do, Poonam tries to answer, Priyom says i am not talking to you, Poonam says think that Najma is telling you answer, she says i told Lakhan as he was asking me, Priyom says i wasking you too, Poonam says you are my best friend but he is my would be husband, there is difference in both, i know i should tell everything to my friend but i should not hide anything from husband and what that Bindya said.. the much i was hurt, you would have got hurt too so i didnt tell you, Priyom says i am hurt that you didnt tell me, Poonam says Lakhan is my husband, Priyom says he maybe but i am your friend when your relation with him was not decided, my friendship should not be affected, Poonam says someone is jealous, Priyom says i didnt like it and i am miffed with you, you girls changes colors suddenly, before marriage you give importance to friend then after marriage you just keep revolving around husband, Poonam sys girls have to change after marriage, Priyom says i cant come to meet you after marriage, our friendship will change? i cant live like this, my friendship will remain same but if you change then i will be bad with you, i will break our friendship, he is about to leave, Lakhan comes there, Priyom says to Lakhan that i am very much happy with your marriage with Poonam but this marriage should not effect yours and mine friendship or Poonam-mine friendship, Priyom says whatever happened, my friend is sad because of it, you cant make her smile, but today show love and make her smile for a change, this is my request, he leaves, Najma leaves too, Lakhan comes to Poonam,, he ask her to come.

Bindya is doing make-up, Ghungroo ask to do good make up and hide bruises, she says i have left bruises so thakurs can have mercy on me seeing this, Ghungroo sys you are a bitc*, people used to give example of brotherly love of Thakurs and you made them fight, Bindya gets angry on him and says if anybody listens this then they will beat me more, i didnt think about it, one cant love his wife and other cant see anyone infront of his wife, why would i make them fight, i dont want to enter in all this, i just want to earn money and run away, and cant you see that Poonam made them fight, why did she tell our talk to boys, i was angry and said things to Bindya but why she said this to Lakhan, i got beaten up, Ghungroo says its good you got beaten up, she says what? he says if you didnt get beaten up then we would have left Begusarai, Bindya says great, if you think that i made brothers fight then all must be thinking same, i have to make my good impression, she brings out money which she earned in begusarai, she leaves with money.
Lakhan brings Poonam to isolated place, he ask her to stand under water pump(shower), then ask her to open shower, she opens it and moves away, he ask her to stand under it, she is stunned but stands under it, gets drenched and is crying, Lakhan says what you think why i am doing all this? you dont know, if you had put much interest in behavior the much you put in studies then we would not have seen this day, i would have not insulted this much, he recalls how Mitlaish slapped him, he says Mitlaish insulted me infront of everyone, this is punishment for that, Priyom doesnt know how to behave, he just keep smiling and laughing, he is guy but you are a girl, you should understand, i am not doubting your friendship with him, he is my brother, he can think wrong about you, i know you cant give place to anyone in your heart, he says i never questioned your and Priyom’s relation but i will never bear that someone question my love., he recalls how Mitlaish insulted him various time, he sys to Poonam that if anyone say that i cant handle my wife then how will i feel, that cheap dancer dared to say dirty words and i couldnt do anything, she is living in our house and she will dance in our marriage, whats my worth is then, the people who used to be afraid of me yesterday, will now walk beside me, whole Begusarai will talk about me, whose mistake is this? its yours, Poonam’s parents come there, Lakhan says keep standing under water till foolish layer is washed off from your mind.

Poonam is standing underwater pump, Lakhan ask her to keep standing till this thick foolish layer comes off your mind, he says to Manjeeta that if you ad raised your kids nicely then i would not have seen this day, you have not told her anything, she has to spend her whole life with me, i have to make her learn everything, he leaves, Bera says Poonam is getting cold, close the null, Manjeeta holds her from face and says i am father later but servant of thakurs first, Lakhan has started this null and he will close it only, make your daughter understand that our lives belong to Thakurs and if anyone have problem with this then i can cut her head, he ask her to come and serve him food, he leaves, Bera cries seeing Poonam getting cold.
Badi Amma looks at Mitlaish and ask Maya to bring food fast as someone can get angry again ans you will bear the burnt of it, she ask Piddi to go and bring everyone, Piddi ask why you are taking out Mitlaish’s anger on me, Maya brings food, Badi Amma ask Maya to give extra food to Mitlaish, he has done alot of work today, Mitlaish ask her to say straightforwardly what she wants to say, Bindya comes there and greets, all angrily looks at her, Ghungroo ask her to leave, Mitlaish ask why did you come here? cant you see we are eating, Bindya says i am poor, we dont know that one should talk or not while eating, he ask her to come later, Badi Amma says no let her speak, what drama you have Bindya? Bindya says i am feeling pain after getting beaten up, i am sad, i was just joking with Poonam, Maya must joke with her too so i thought i can too but she took it seriously and made me get beaten up, Badi Amma ask did you come to say sorry or to compare yourself with Maya? Bindya says i am being misunderstood, Bindya says i have to come repay for my mistakes, Ghungroo ask what are you doing, Bindya gives her money and says i have to repay, Badi Amma says are you giving bribe to get forgiveness from us? bindya says no no, this house has given me alot but i made brothers fight and hurt Poonam too, i took mistake on myself but cant handle the burden of this money, take it, she thinks that i dont think thakurs will take money of dancer, she will return it, Choti Amma ask you will return money to Thakurs? take this money and leave, you are doing drama, Badi Amma says no, see she is crying, she is doing such a nice work, i cant disappoint her, she says to bindya that our servant have wedding soon, give your money to him with big heart, Bindya is shocked, Mitlaish looks on, Badi Amma says you will be satisfied and he will be happy too, Bindya is tensed, she reluctantly gives money to servant, servant ask will you dance in my marriage? Badi Amma says its your choice, Bindya says i will dance, he smiles and leaves, Badi Amma ask do you wanna say anything else? Ghungroo ask her to not say anything else she will ask your life too that too in free, Badi Amma ask her to go and sleep peacefully, bindya leaves.

Bhushan says to Phulan that it was Lakhan’s mistake, i will take his class, how dare he fight with elder, Phulan says you cannot judge anyone’s mistake with elder younger thing, i feel it was Mitlaish’s mistake, Bhushan says no, Phulan says dont take this side, i know he got angry on Lakhan and fought with him, he couldnt see in my eyes, i can sense everything, i agreed to his condition of letting Bindya stay here because he is elder and i didnt want to show to younger ones that Mitlaish is not respected in family, i am sad for Lakhan, i will come with you, will make Lakhan understand as poison in his heart will destroy family, Bhushan says but you have meeting with minister, Phulan says nothing is bigger than family.

Rekha says to Lakhan that bear Phulan’s justice now, if someone had teased Mitlaish wife then they would have killed him on road and here just for his son’s promise, that dancer is still in Begusarai, Rekha says to Lakhan that you should have taken my suggestion and you would have been king of Begu, Phulan’s sons are princes and you are their worker’s son only, when property was divided 20 years back, it was equal but their cartons keep filling with money and guns and we are still there, Lakhan ask to stop it, Rekha says i had many hopes with you but you are also their servant, you should have taken my suggestion, Lakhan ask what you suggest to kill Mitlaish? Rekha says no you cant do politics by killing but you have to make them bow down to you, your father didnt understand my talks, Lakhan says say what you want, Rekha says Mitlaish gave permission to Bindya to stay here, now you have to take revenge of your insult by throwing bindya out of Begusarai, Lakhan says but.. Rekha says just listen, she tells him whole plan which is muted, Lakhan smirks, listening it.
Poonam is still standing under cold water, she recalls how Lakhan was obsessed with her from childhood, how he would beat teachers for her.

Poonam recalls Lakhan follows her in school, college etc, how he would beat guys because of Poonam. Bera comes to Manjeeta and says Poonam.. Manjeeta says Lakhan will decide her fate, go and sleep, door knocks, Lakhan and Rekha comes in, Manjeeta ask why did you come, you could have called me, Rekha says i had to come, she ask where is Poonam? Lakhan says i will bring her, he goes, Lakhan comes to Poonam and closes null, Poonam is shivering, he covers her with shawl, he says you bear punishment, now its time for reward.
Bindya says to Ghungroo that old lady took all my money, i was just doing drama but she took my money, she is a thief, she cant comb her hairs but can shoot anyone, we are lost, we are dead, Ghungroo ask her to stop crying, Ghungroo drinks wine and says i will take my money back from that old lady(badi Amma) with interest, my drama had effect on Mitlaish, he will return my money, these Thakur men have big heart, door knocks, she ask who is it? Mitlaish says its me, Bindya is stunned.
Lakhan brings Poonam in house, Rekha says whats all this Lakhan, how can you behave like this with her, leave it, i will tell you whats going to happen, Poonam hugs Bera, Rekha bring Shagun, Bera ask whats all this? Lakhan says i have decided that tomorrow i will bring Baraat, Poonam is hurt and sad, he says tomorrow is mine and Poonam’s marriage, Rekha says congrats Poonam, Lakhan thinks that Mitlaish promied Bindya to stay here till my marriage with Poonam, tomorrow i will marry Poonam and then will throw Bindya out of Begusarai.

Bindya set her hairs and face, Ghungroo opens door, he brings big jewelry box, Bindya is happy seeing it, Bindya thinks that i told Ghungroo that i will get my money back with interest, Ghungroo thinks that it must be diamond necklace, Bindya thinks that i will gift small diamond to Ghungroo too, Mitlaish ask what you guys are thinking, Ghungroo ask whats in box? Bindya says it must be something personal, Mitlaish says its gift for Bindya, Bindya gets happy, Mitlaish gives box to Bindya, Bindya says i dont need any gift, you have given me enough respect, Ghungroo says when some big person gives you anything then take it without thinking, Bindya says ok if you have brought it then make me wear it too, Mitlaish says ok.
Rekha ask Bera to ready bride nicely, Poonam stand up and is feeling dizzy, she looks at Lakhan and leaves from there, Bera says she have not eaten anything, i will check her, Rekha says she will eat when she comes to our house, you sit with me now, Bera sit and says what about Phulan Thakur.. Rekha says i will inform them and will give first invite to them, Rekha says to Manjeeta that now we should talk about dowry, Manjeeta says dowry? she says will you send your daughter without anything, people will ask us what our bride has brought, Manjeeta folds his hands and says whatever you want, you can ask, Rekha says do you think i am greedy? i dont need money, will you give what i ask? he says yes, she says ok give Manjeeta in Poonam’s dowry.

Mitlaish opens box, bindya closes her eyes, she prays that it must be solitary diamond so i dont have to give one piece to Ghungroo, Ghungroo prays that it must 10 small diamonds so i can get one, Mitlaish brings out rose from box, he puts it in Bindya’s hairs, Bindya goes and looks in Mirror, she is angry seeing rose in her hairs, Mitlaish smirks.
Manjeeta says i didnt understand anything, Rekha says you have helped Phulan and Bhushan alot and they have become what they wanted, now give helping hand to Lakhan and make him something, leave Phulan’s work and start working with Lakhan, Bera says both families are one, Rekha says how you see both families one? Phulan thankur have factories, mills etc and what we have? nothing, they have money in cartons, they have all accounts filled with money, Rekha ask Manjeeta why you are angry? what you want that your daughter remains on back, no then serve Lakhan and make their life good, i free you from serving Thakurs and urge you to become father now, so tell me do you agree to leave Phulan’s back and start helping Lakhan? Manjeeta gets up and brings axe, Rekha is shocked. Poonam in room recalls how Lakhan announced their marriage tomorrow, she throws away shawl draped by Lakhan.