Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv

Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv

October 13 Episode

Its night, Lakhan and Mitliash are at riverbank. Swimmers go in river with net, they tell Lakhan that there is no one inside, Lakhan says she drowned here only, search again, Mitlaish says to Lakhan that enough, Lakhan is distraught, Mitlaish says what they will do now? its much time since Guddi drowned, Lakhan says nothing will happen to Guddi, they are finding, swimmer tells Lakhan that some heavy thing has been trapped in net, Lakhan asks to bring it up, swimmers bring dead-body out of water, its covered, they remove cover to find body of man who drowned two days back, Lakhan recalls how his mother came to tell Lakhan that her son is missing, one man says to Lakhan that he knew how to swim then how did he drown? Lakhan asks to call his parents, he says i pray that Guddi is fine, i had to find her.
Lakhan says what would i answer to Poonam? we have to find guddi, Mitlaish says she cant be found, if anything happen to Guddi that it will be difficult to handle to Badi Amma, Lakhan says Guddi knew how to swim, if there is even 1% chance then i will find her, Mitlaish gets calls from inspector, inspector tells Mitlaish that they have found some bodies from water, some are of girls, he asks him to come to check for Guddi, Mitlaish says i am coming, he tells this to Lakhan and says you try to go home while i will go to mortuary,
Mitlaish comes to mortuary, inspector shows him bodies of girls, its not of Guddi’s Mitlaish is distraught and thinks i wish Guddi is not here, he sees last dead-body its not of Guddi, he is relieved and leaves. Mitlaish calls Lakhan and says Guddi is not here, he says i have killed many, i have seen many dead-bodies but this is first time i have learnt about death, this incident have shaken me up, Lakhan says don’t lose hope, you come here, Mitlaish says i will come, he ends call and says once i find Guddi then i will solve this river/dooba mystery too.
maya says to badi amma that all are saying dooba have done this, what is this dooba? badi amma says when a person dies by drowning in water and his/her deadbody is not found for cremation then his/her soul doesnt rest in peace, his soul resides in water and he pulls everyone in water, he or she is always covered with black sheet, i dont know how dooba came in begusarai, maya says what if guddi was pulled by dooba? badi amma says dont say this infront of poonam, she is already blaming herself for guddi’s drowning, we to have find this dooba’s mystery, maya says dont know who will next targe of dooba.

mitlaish is riding car, he thinks that nothing should happen to guddi. dooba comes out of water, he/she covered with black sheet, she comes infront of mitlaish’s car, mitlaish is shocked and applies breaks, he comes out of car to see no one there, he says if no one is present here then who got hit by my car? it must by hallucination, lakhan calls him and asks where is he? mitlaish says i am coming there, he ends call and looks around, he starts driving again and sees someone walking on road in side mirror of car, he is shocked, he stops his car and turns back to see no one road, he is confused and drives away while dooba sees him going.
All are sad at home, Bindya comes to Poonam and says no one has eaten anything since last night, in this condition, its not good to be hungry, i will bring milk for everyone, Poonam says till Guddi doesnt comeback, i wont be able to eat or drink anything, Bindya says why dont you understand, kids are sad too, they havent eaten anything seeing us sad, she asks Maya to atleast think about kids, Maya says Guddi is like Soni and Pinto for me, how can i? Bindya says why you people are not understanding, we are not alone, we have life attached to us, its not our child’s fault, we cant put them at risk, Poonam says but Guddi had put her life on risk for us, i wont eat or drink anything till Lakhan brings Guddi, Bindya says Lakhan has gone to bring her, he will bring her for sure, she hugs Poonam and Maya, Poonam cries.
Lakhan, Manjeeta and Mitlaish are riverside, swimmers says we have tried to find her but she is not anywhere, people are saying that there is dooba in water who pulls everyone in water, Mitlaish scolds him and says when you are not able to find her then you are covering it up by making fake story of this dooba, other man says to Lakhan that from the time Guddi has drowned in water, all are scared that there is dooba is water for sure, Mitlaish shouts to stop it.
Lakhan, Mitlaish and Manjeeta comes back home, Poonam asks where is Guddi? she looks around and doesnt find Guddi with them, she asks where is Guddi? Lakhan is silent and looks at her distraught.

Poonam asks Lakhan where is Guddi? she asks why they are silent? she says to Lakhan that you promised me that you will bring Guddi then why did you not bring her? where is Guddi? she asks family to not cry and says nothing will happen to guddi, i will go and see Guddi, Lakhan says where will you go? Poonam says she must be there, she was standing beside me, someone pulled my foot, Guddi’s foot must have been pulled too, Lakhan says what? your foot was pulled? Poonam says yes, i will go and search her, Lakhan asks her to calm down, Poonam faints, Lakhan lists her and takes her from there, Bindya says whats all this happening? whose evil eye has fallen on this family?

Doctor checks Poonam and says dont cry more else it will effect your child, she says make her eat something, she leaves, Lakhan says to Poonam that dont cry, its not good for child, you have to be strong for our child, Poonam says you are worrying about child who hasnt even come in world but what about Guddi whom i raised like my child? she cries. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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