Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World August 4

Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World

August 4 Episode

Bindya and Ghungroo come near Haveli dressed as priests, goons ask them to leave, Bindya says your thakur respect priests and you are talking like this, goon offers them money, Ghungroo takes it, Bindya ask them to take blessing, she makes them inhale smoke, soon all goons of Thakur become unconscious. inside house, Lakhan and dolt attacks Thakur’s men, Bindya comes and opens door, she ask Lakhan to come out, Bhushan ask him to not take step which will lead to problems, Rekha ask him to go and bring Poonam, slap Thakur’s order, Lakhan says i will get my Poonam even if i have to kill my family for this, he is leaving but stops Bindya and Ghungroo, he ask who are you? Bindya removes fake mustache, Lakhan smirks at bindya.
Priyom touches Birla and Manjeeta’s feet, Poonam smiles at him. Badi Amma makes Birla eat sweets, Piddi ask Poonam and Priyom to make each other eat sweets, they are skeptical but then do it, all claps, Poonam smiles, she looks at Priyom and imagines herself alone with him, Priyom holds her hand, and dances with her on song Badmash Dil sune na mera, she comes out of her imagination and blushes, all family members are busy in dancing, Manjeeta gets call from his men he tells Phulan that Lakhan has come out of house, Mitlaish ask Phulan to break this marriage else that mad elephant will be difficult to stop, Phulan says i am not afraid of mad elephants, i very well know how to them, i didnt want bloodshed thats why i house arrested him but he has broken that, now i will answer him, dont tell about him to our ladies, find Lakhan.

At night, Poonam is in her room, she recalls her old times with Priyom, their friendship, she says to Najma life is weird, till yesterday Priyom was with me as friend, he was always there, i dont remember any day in which i didnt mett him, didnt fight with him, i have discussed and sahred every part of my life and now i will share my life with him, i am sure our marriage will be successful, Najma is tensed. otherside Priyom says to Drugha that our marriage will be unsuccessful, i dont know why Poonam said yes for this marriage, she knows me well, she knows i cant be loyal to one girl, she must be trapped in emotional game of anyone, someone must have told her that friends can be good life partners.
Najma says to Poonam that i wanna say something, she ask Poonam arent you afraid? i mean Priyom had so many girlfriends before marriage, Poonam says dont worry, once Priyom said to me that he cant be loyal to one girl thats why he is running away from marriage but he said yes to marriage infront of Phulan, so this means now he is ready for marriage and to change himself, Najma says how will he change his habits so soon?
Priyom gets call from his gf Priya, Drugha ask Sipahi to end call as Priyom cant tlak to other girls now, Priyom takes call and talks to Priya, he says i will meet you in half an house, Drugha says to Priyom that Poonam will feel bad, Priyom says she has forgotten my reality, now i will show it to her again.

Poonam comes on terrace, she finds Priyom there, Priyom says to Drugha that i am going to meet Priya and you have to inform this to Poonam, he leaves, Poonam thinks where he is going? Sipahi says how will we break Poonam’s heart? Poonam calls them, she ask where did Priyom go? Drugha says dont know, we cant read his mind, Poonam says why i feel you are hiding something, tell me, Drugha says he went to meet Priya, Poonam is stunned, Poonam says is Priyom breaking my trust? Najma gets tensed. Lakhan points gun at Bindya and says its all started because of you, Bindya says not because of me but someone else, think that we had some debts, was just clearing that, Lakhan says i dont need women support to fight, Bindya says you dont have other option, whose support will you get? only i am left, if you dont need my support then kill me, Lakhan points gun at her forehead, but then fires in air, Bindya smirks and says you took right decision, i have to accept you are clever, i have entered Haveli and in their hearts too, i will inform you about them, i will get what i want, you will get your Poonam, Lakhan glances at her.

Poonam and Najma leaves home, Najma says to Poonam that talk to Priyom tomorrow, Poonam says no till i dont see him i will not believe anyone else, Najma says what if you see him with Priya? Poonam says then i will ask him why did he say yes to marriage? she leaves, Najma prays for Poonam, Bindya listens all this and smirks. Lakhan gets to know that Poonam is going to meet Priyom at his den, he ask to take guns, Dolt says but Priyom will be there too, Lakhan says what is in fate will happen.
Phulan comes to Bhushan’s house, he says to Bhushan that i didnt want violence but now if Lakhan turns to my daughter in law then i will not leave him, he leaves, Rekha ask Bhushan to stop him, she says what kind of father you are? you always served him but cant ask him your son’s life, she cries, she says listen carefully you will be killer of my son even if Phulan kills him, Bhushan says Lakhan is my son too, i feel for him too but today fate will take decision for Lakhan.

Lakhan and his men are going from jungle, he says to Dolt that Phulan must be finding us so we have to be careful.
Priyom is with Priya on bed, she ask what did you see in Poonam that you are marrying her? have you started loving her? Priyom says i dont love nor i want to marry her. Poonam reaches there. Priya kisses Priyom’s cheek, he feels sad, she says you are with me so feeling bad? Priyom says why would i feel bad? Poonam is my friend, she knows i am like this only, i cant be loyal to one, but dont know why she said yes, so i will do what i kept doing all my life, Priya says then prove it, kiss me, Priyom gets tensed, Poonam is going towards Priyom’s den. Priyom takes Priya in his arms, he is about to kiss her, he recalls how Poonam agreed for marriage, he doesnt kiss Priya and says i am not in good mood, Priya says i will set it, she hugs him and says i love, Poonam comes in and stunned to see all this, Priyom looks at her and is shocked, Poonam comes out and cries, she starts leaving, Priyom comes out and ask her to stop, Poonam is crying, he says listen to me, she says i dont wanna talk, Priyom says i wont let you go, first listen to me, Poonam says what you wanna say? what i saw wasnt enough? Priyom says what should i say, you know it all, i cant be loyal to one girl, i told you, Poonam says yes you told e that you dont wanna marry because you dont want your wife to wait for you when you are with other girl but now you agreed for marriage, you know all girl want is life partner who respect her, who should not hurt her, who should not make her cry, she cries, Lakhan reaches there, he hides behind tree, he points gun at Priyom, Priyom ask Poonam to not cry, i cant see you crying, Poonam says when you hurt me then i will cry only, why did you say yes for marriage when you wanna do all this? why did you hold my hand when you wanna make me cry? i was crying all my life and now you have started hurting me too? she shows him letter, Priyom takes it, Phulan and his men comes there, Lakhan and dolt hides, Lakhan says he with lot of men, it will be dangerous to go ahead, Phulan ask Priyom to take Poonam home, he ask Manjeeta to drop Priya at her house, Phulan leaves, Poonam and Priyom leaves too.

Phulan, Priyom, Poonam comes back home, Phulan says to Priyom that you can meet Poonam all life but till you both dont get married, you both will not go out of house alone, Priyom nods, Poonam leaves, Phulan says to Priyom that Lakhan has run away from custody, we are finding him but till we dont find him, we have to protect Poonam, take care of her, he leaves, Poonam is going to her room, Priyom looks at her, she is crying, she recalls how Najma asked her about Priyom’s flirty nature, Priyom calls Poonam but she leaves. Poonam comes home, Birla ask where did you go at night? i was worried for you so asked Najma, Poonam says sorry, this will not happen again. Priyom comes on terrace, Poonam comes on her terrace too, she looks at Priyom and how he was hugging Priya, he looks at her, she leaves, Priyom comes at her terrace, Poona closes door of her room, he ask her to open it, Poonam ask him to leave, Priyo says i will not leave, Poona cries.

poona is crying in her room, Priyom says poonam open the door i will break it. He hits it, his hand hurts. they both sit with the door in distress.
he comes to his room, he says do we love each other no? why is she hurt then. we are just friends. You two keep one thing in mind, die single but don’t mary anyone. His pals pretend to be sleeping.

bindiya says no one doubts me you shouldn’t have come here. I have impressed the people. we ill be successful in our mission, I will bring you in front of everyone that day. Till then go from here. ghungroo comes, he says whom were you talking to? You are playing a big game. tell me what is it?she throttles him, she says keep your mouth shut or i will cut your tongue. She cuts his throat a little. She says now think how can we abduct that girl.

Badi amma says why is everyone not preparing? Maya says eeverything will be on time. Priyom’s mom comes and smiles. badi amma says have you forgotten to bring the shopkeeper now. Bindiya comes in, badi amma says you should get mehndi too. She says get her new clothes too choti.

Birla says to Poonam get ready the function is about to start. poonam is upset, he door knocks. poonam says go priyom i dont want to talk to you. Its maya’s son, he says why don’t you want to talk to me? She says no i am not mad at you. He says whom are you mad at then? She says the one who made you his armor. He says i wanted to ask something, why can’t boys put on mehndi? She says because it has permanent and one color. girl stick to one color while boys they keep changing. He says i get it now, you are both mad at each other. He says makes them shake hands and leaves. Poonam says leave my hand priyom, he says i wont. If you can take your hand from me, he pulls her and she falls on his chest. Her earring is stuck in his button. He says does it hurt? She says why would you care? He says
i do. She says i am not your gf. he says i dont care about girls but when you are quite i get mad. she says this is how you trick girls. he says i dont not flirting with you. She says i was stuck in the wedding. He says why did you say yes. She says i couldn’t say no. He says why couldn’t you? She says i.. He says tell me what is it? she say priya.. Priya is standing on the door.

Lakhan says to the shopkeepers you are taking these clothes and jewelries to phulan’s home. they say yes. He takes out the pistol and points at his daughter.
poonam says what is she doing here? He says you didn’t invite her? He says her lipstick mark on your cheek is your character certificate. he says this is what you think about me? he breaks the glass and leaves.
Priya says poonam.. poonam says i dont wanna talk. Najma says i brought her, you should listen to her. Priya says he has changed, he didn;t even touch me. I kissed him but he was changed. He said i am not in a good mood. you have won him, you have to understand him. this is what i am here for. I wont meet your priyom ever again. She leaves. Poonam says i hurt him once again. he came here to make me feel better and this is what i did to him. najma says go get him n a better mood. Poonam calls priyom.
Badi amma says the mehndi woman isn’t here. No shopkeeper is here either. And priyom can’t you listen to me? he leaves. poonam calls him again, he sits on his bike. she calls his name. his pal says poonam is calling you. He says i can’t hear and leaves.