Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World August 18

Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee World

August 18 Episode

Maya is serving tea to Phulan and Mitlaish, Guddi comes there and is shocked looking at gate, Lakhan comes in with stuff and family, all are stunned, Poonam comes and stand beside Lakhan, Mitlaish looks at Lakhan angrily, Lakhan comes in hall and drops his bag, Badi Amma looks on, Lakhan greets everyone and says my family has come to live with your family, Phulan smiles and says always be blessed, we welcome you in our house, Badi Amma says kids do mistakes but its our responsibility to correct it and hug them, see my Lakhan has come, Lakhan says i have come but dont try to make me understand as i think i have not done any mistake, neither i am ashamed of anything, Phulan says we will try to see thins from your point of you, this time is not to bicker, come in, Rekha is happy and thinks now my dreams will be fulfilled, Lakhan and Poonam touches Phulan and Badi Amma’s feet, Rekha takes blessing of Badi Amma too, Choti Amma says whole family is together because of her only, Rekha says yes its elders who make family one, may she live long, Poonam looks at Guddi, she leaves angrily, Mitlaish in anger leaves too, Lakhan says to Phulan that you know Manjeeta have thrown Dolt out of house, Phulan says i will talk to Manjeeta, he ask Dolt to go home, Dolt says to Lakhan that if you need anything then call me, he leaves, Phulan ask his servants to take their stuff to room, Bhushan folds his hands and touches Phulan’s feet, Phulan takes Bhushan and says everything works on time, Maya says big room upstair is empty, it will be nice for them, she ask them to come, Lakhan stares at Poonam.

Maya is taking Lakhan and Poonam upstairs, she is taking them to room, Mitlaish ask her to come, she says 2 minutes, he says i am ordering you to come, Poonam says you go, we will go to room ourselves, Maya comes to Mitlaish and ask what? Mitlaish says i dont like to repeat things.
Poonam and Lakhan are going upstairs, Priyom is coming down, he is stunned to see them there, he sadly looks at Poonam, Lakhan stares him, he stand beside Poonam, lifts her in arms, gives a look to Priyom who looks otherside.
Mitlaish sees this and says to Maya that we will have to look this shameful cinema daily now, he leaves. Lakhan starts going upstairs with Poonam in his arms, he looks at Poonam then at Priyom, he crosses Priyom and leaves from there, Priyom is hurt and leaves.

Guddi is on terrace and says how can anyone be so shameful, she cheated us and cameback to live with us, wow, Dolt who is going to his house, finds her on terrace, dont know what will happen to Priyom, he is already sad and if sees Poonam with Lakhan then.. Dolt calls her, she says only it was left, now i cant even breath on roof, Dolt comes on her terrace, he says hi, she says how was you in jail? Dolt says i wanna tell you some poetry, Guddi says i am already in bad mood, dont make it more bad, Dolt says i know you are in bad mood so i have brought a rose for you, he shows it, she is surprised seeing it and stares him, Dolt says when you see me like this, something happens to me, i will tell you when i get to know it, he starts eating rose petals, she says idiot and leaves from there, Dolt says what did i do that she said slang in english to me? when she speaks, it touches heart.
Choti Amma says to Badi Amma that i sent everyone to their rooms, Badi Amma says good job, Phulan says you seem happy, Badi Amma says we have won half war by bringing them under one roof, now we have to join hearts.
Lakhan brings Poonam in room and throws her on bed, she falls but composes herself, she looks at him and ask why are we here? he angrily looks at her, Soni and Pinto comes in room running, they are about to bang into Lakhan, Lakhan looks at them and ask to be careful, they get afraid seeing him and says mom save us, Maya comes there, they hug her, she ask what happened, Pinto says he will kill us, call papa, Maya says Lakhan chachu will not do anything, Soni says he kidnapped us, he is not good, Maya says he is good now, Pinto says he will kill us with gun, Maya says he doesnt have any gun, she ask Lakhan to pacify them, Lakhan says i didnt say anything, go and play, Poonam says Soni, Pinto dont be afraid, he will not say anything, Maya takes kids with her, Poonam says you should have talked to kids nicely, he is about to scold but gets call, he attends call from Tiwari, he goes to take it, Poonam thinks dont know what is brewing in his mind.

Rekha comes in her room and says this room is great, am i seeing some dream? she pinch herself and says first time my son good work, she lies on bed and says its so soft, Bhushan ask her to give thinking break and start showing interest in puja, prayers, Rekha says will i get more than this? he says think about something else then getting worldly things only, Rekha says we have come here with respect and i have 2 daughter in laws and many servants here to work for me, what i ask will come to me, Bhushan ask anymore wish? Rekha says yes, i saw on tv, a lady was coming out from big car, i dream of roaming in that car, i should talk to Badi Amma, she will put her hand in cartons and our work will be done, Bhushan folds hands infront of her.
Poonam is unpacking stuff, she finds Lakhan’s bag on bed, she opens it and takes out his kurta to put in cupboard, Lakhan comes in and dont you dare, she drops kurta in fear, he says how dare you touch my clothes? she looks at him, and says i was just putting it in cupboard, Lakhan comes to her, stares her, takes out lighter, she is stunned seeing it.
Maya is working in kitchen, Rekha comes and says i was searching you, i will eat anything in breakfast, but make enriched pulse and brinjal dish, maya agrees, she ask whats in sweet dish? maya says halwa, Rekha ask her to put almonds and kaju, maya says we put it daily, she ask maya what are you taking? she says ubtan for soni as she gets tan playing under sun, Rekha says she is good like you, she doesnt need it, i will use it, she takes it from her and leaves.

lakhan takes kurta from her, lits lighter and recalls how Poonam confessed that she loved Priyom, lakhan says i have listened that every sin is removed when burned in fire, its right, he set his kurta on fire, Poonam is tensed.
Rekha is putting ubtan on her face and smell some fire, she goes to check Lakhan’s room.
Poonam ask Lakhan to leave kurta, your hand will get burnt, leave it, i will listen to everything you say but throw it away, Lakhan holds her hand and says dont show fake concern, if you cared for me then this situation would have not come, Poonam ask what have i done? Lakhan says you forgot? you have put my share of love in someone else fate, Poonam says that is my past but today you are my husband and i.. he stops her and says see this burnt cloth, this was shirt in past but now its ash, make shirt again from this ash, will you be able to do it? you have burnt my love, how will you return it? Poonam ask him to leave it, he throws it on door, Rekha comes there and is shocked, she says Poonam will you burn down haveli? burn everything, Lakhan says i have lit this fire, Rekha ask why? Lakhan says tell Poonam that if she tries to touch anything of mine then same will happen with it, Rekha says what are you saying? if she message my feet then you will burn my feet too? Lakhan stares, she says bad joke, she ask Poonam to not touch her, Poonam says why not? i am his wife, i have this right, she ask Lakhan why are you doing this? why are you punishing me, Lakhan says you know why, he says to Rekha that you will do all my work from now on, if my food, clothes or anything is touched by Poonam then.. you will do my work, Rekha says why me? Poonam says why her? i am here, i will do it, Rekha says she is right, she should do it, Lakhan intensely stares her and leaves, Poonam goes behind him, Rekha says i thought i will rule over DIL and see he made me servant in a minute, i will do all work now, what kind of son i gave birth to?

Dolt is sitting on bike, one man comes and says wow new bike, Drugha and Sipahi comes there, Dolt shows it off to them and says Lakhan has gifted me it, he promotes car, Sipahi says its great bike, i will ask Priyom to gift it to me too, they leave.
Priyom says to guddi that Lakhan will live here with family, guddi says when Phulan called him, he said no and now he came here, dont know what they want, Priyom says what about Poonam, Guddi ask him to stop thinking about her, i hate seeing her face, from the time she has cheated you, i hate her, Priyom looks at Poonam’s picture sadly, Guddi sees this and thinks why Poonam has comeback? to give more pain to my brother.
Lakhan comes in balcony and punches his hand, Poonam comes behind him and says why are you doing all this? you have come here with some reason, give me any punishment, you promised me that you will not hurt anyone here, Lakhan looks at her angrily, comes to her, touches her face, blows air on her forehead, holds her hand and lovingly looks at her, he pulls and hugs her, she closes her eyes and thinks that maybe Lakhan wants to start a new life too, Lakhan moves to see Priyom standing in his balcony and looking at them, he smirks at him, Priyom is sad, Poonam breaks hug and looks at Lakhan, she then finds Priyom standing in balcony too, Lakhan holds Poonam’s hand tightly and pulls her closer, Poonam says its hurting me, Priyom gets angry.

Poonam says to Lakhan that its hurting her but he doesnt leave her hand, Priyom is angry seeing this and comes to his room, he is in pain, lakhan finds him leaving and pushes Poonam away, he says now you will say why i did this? so listen, i want you and Priyom to bear the pain which i am feeling, i want to burn him like i am burning, he should also realize how it feels when your love is in others arms, this revenge feeling between us is because of him, Poonam says i told you many times that he is my past only, Lakhan says if once mirror is broken then cant be repaired, i want you and Priyom to burn, to feel hurt like me daily and it will be healing of my wounds, Poonam tries to say but he stops her and comes in room, he is hurt too, Poonam cries in balcony, all three are in pain.
Poonam is leaving her room, Badi Amma comes there and says i was finding you, why your eyes are red? everything fine? Poonam nods, she says this is first day as Daughter in law for you in this house so come with me. she brings Poonam to mandir, Poonam does aarti and says to maa that you know Priyom is my past and i want to fulfill this new relationship but Lakhan doesnt believe me, give me strength to bear all this and set everything right, give me strength to make Lakhan believe now this marriage is everything for me, she gives Parsad to Badi Amma, she blesses her and says i hope Lakhan gets some brain too, she ask Poonam to give aarti to everyone and call them on breakfast table.

Guddi is playing with kids when Poonam comes there with Aarti plate, she smiles at Guddi but Guddi cutrly looks at her, kids take aarti and leaves, Poonam offers aarti to guddi, Guddi ask her to stop this drama, Poonam says be in m shoes once then you will know, Guddi says i would die then doing what you did, you did wrong with Priyom and he loved you, Poonam says i am sorry, Guddi ask everything will be fine with that? see Priyom, he has forgotten to even smile, my family gave your love, respect everything and you married Lakhan? and now you cameback to this house again, i have not seen a low level girl like in my life.. Priyom comes there and says Guddi.. he stares at Guddi and says is this way to talk to elders? Guddi says if she does something like elders then i will consider her that, Poonam says Guddi have right to be miffed with me, reason can be anything but i have hurt people o this house and i am ready to listen to her harsh words, Guddi ask her to stop drama, i have not seen betrayer like you.. Priyom raises his hand to slap Guddi, Guddi is shocked and leaves from there, Poonam says to Priyom that you shouldnt have done this with her, she was saying truth, Priyom says we all know why you did all that, anyone can be miffed with you but i wont let anyone disrespect you, Poonam thanks him for trusting her and says i pray no one is hurt because of her anymore, Priyom says you havent hurt anyone, not mine atleast, you have always given me happiness, he finds bruises on her hands and ask how it happened? she says nothing and tries to leave but he stand in her path and looks at her, Priyom says you have still habit of hiding pain, i havent develop habit of seeing you in pain, tell me what happened as friend, dont snatch this right from me, Poonam says there is limit of friendship, there are certain things in husband and wife which cant be told to anyone, let me go, she starts to leave but Priyom puts hand in her way, and stops her, Poonam curtly says didnt you listen? our ways are separate and if you come in my way then i will be pained only, Priyom says i can bear my pain but not yours, he starts leaving when Lakhan comes there, Poonam is frightened to see him there.

Dolt is in street when he finds Guddi coming out of haveli, he says good morning, she says i have bad morning, dont talk to me, Dolt says cinema is displaying romantic film, will you come? Guddi says i like action films, he says they are showing action films too, in english, come with me, Guddi thinks and ask him to get down from jeep, he does, she sit on driver’s seat and says i dont like to see action but like to do it, sit, i will show you biggest action of your life today, he sit beside her and ask if you have driving license? she says this is Begusarai, here license is required to live not for death, you still can back off, he says it will be fun to die with you, he is about to put belt but she stops him, she thinks if not Poonam then his brother, i will have peace giving him some jerks, she drives jeep.
Lakhan comes to Poonam and Priyom, he says to Poonam that i came at wrong time, some private talks were going on, room is empty you both can go and talk there, i will send refreshment, Priyom ask why you are uttering rubbish? Lakhan says when i came you both stopped talking so i thought to send you both in room, did i say anything wrong? you both have relationship in which i cant come inbetween, Priyom thinks if Lakhan knows that Poonam used to love me, he looks at Poonam and recalls how she asked him to let her be and let her solve her problems, Priyom says to Lakhan that you both have relation in which i should not come, he leaves, Lakhan stares at Poonam, she says why you are doing all this? what have i done? Lakhan says you have done all this, you have betrayed me, i will not forget it in my life, he leaves angrily, Phulan and Badi Amma sees this from far, Poonam cries.