Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee Tv Serials August 24

Saturday Update on Begusarai Zee Tv Serials

August 24 Episode

Poonam comes to Lakhan and says you didnt take medicines till now, Lakhan says you saved my life and i saved your life, we are equal now so stop this drama, he is about to leave but Poonam holds his hand, he stares her, she says till now we are not equal, you saved my life and i am fine but you are still in fever, till i dont make you fine it will not be equal, dont mess with equation, she gives him tablet, he takes it, Humari adhuri kahani plays, Poonam smiles at him, policeman comes there and says we are searching here as SP’s sister is kidnapped and we have warrant to search Haveli, Lakhan says i have warrant to slap you, your inspector didnt tell you to knock before coming in anyone’s room, he throws him out of room.
SP Abhinash(abhi) abhi says i have search warrant, Mitlaish checks it, all come in hall, Badi Amma ask whats all this? Mitlaish says they have lost way, i will tell them, he tears warrant papers infront of abhi and says now its not there anymore, this is Beguarai, Thakurs rule here not police officers, we invite you people in our happiness, this is your first mistake so i am forgiving you, go from here, abhi says i am here to search my sister and will leave after searching her, Lakhan comes there with policeman and says to abhi that you are officer, Mitlaish says did you see what will happen if you try to search here, if policeman had entered my room then he would have died, go from here, abhi doesnt leave, Mitlaish points gun at him, all officers point guns at Mitlaish, Mitlaish’s men also take their positions, abhi says when you dont know about anyone then first find about them first, i have been officer from 4 years, have caught many criminals but i have one record that abhi had to never fire bullet, dont break m record and let me do my work, Mitlaish says record will change now, i can shoot in seconds but i am counting till three then firing will start, he counts 1..2.. Priyom comes there and ask Mitlaish to put down gun, he has warrant, Mitlaish sys you are heir so you should learn what king should do, bring your gun and stand behind me, Abhi says seems like you didnt listen, where is my sister? Phulan comes there and says Mitlaish, Mitlaish says he is same SP who stopped our work, he came here in our Haveli, he is creating problem so i have to finish it, Phulan ask Mitlaish to put down gun, Mitlaish does, Phulan says to Abhi that you can search this Haveli, Bindya smirks.

Police search Haveli but doesnt find anything, Mitlaish says to Abhi that i told you will not find anything, what shall i do with you for disrespecting my family? Rekha goes in store room and throws pot, everyone’s attention is diverted there, Abhi goes to store room, Rekha comesback in hall. Abhi comes in store room and search Roshni(babyji), he finds carton there, he opens it, Roshni is inside, he brings her out and ask are you fine? she cries and hugs him, he says dont worry, your brother is here, lets go, he brings Roshni in hall, all are stunned to see her in Haveli, Guddi gives water to Roshni, Abhi looks at Guddi, she looks at him too, Abhi ask policeman to take Roshni home, she goes, he stared Mitlaish who is embarrassed, Abhi says i stopped your business and you tried to create problems in my personal life, Phulan says we never bring kids in our business matters, Abhi says my sister is found from this house and someone from you have done this work, tell me else i will put everyone in jail, Mitlaish says to Phulan that i told you let me kill him, see he is crossing limits now, Abhi says enough, if you say one more dialogue then i will break my record, the situation in which my sister was here after that.. he points gun at Mitlaish and says whoever has done this, come forward else whole Thakur family will bear punishment, he counts 1.. 2.. Priyom says i had kidnapped your sister, all are shocked.

Priyom says i kidnapped her, Bindya thinks that if he get arrested then i will lose power too, Priyom ask Avi to arrest him, Phulan says he is lying, i did this work, all are shocked, Priyom says papa, Phulan says you and i know truth but at this time i need to save my family so let me go, Priyom says why you, i will go, Phulan says if in chess game a pawn dies then it doesnt matter but king should not die, you are protector of not only this family but of Begusarai, you have to stay here to find who did this, Guddi says my father cant do this, Badi Amma says sometime its not true what we see, everyone knows how much Phulan respect women, Avi thinks and orders to arrest Phulan, Manjeeta points gun at Avi and says dare you touch my Thakur, Phulan ask him to let him go, Manjeeta says i will go instead of you, Phulan says you have saved me alot of times, let me face this time, put gun down, Manjeeta puts gun down, Guddi says to Phulan that i know you cant do this, this inspector is blind, you dont go, she hugs him, Phulan ask her to not worry, he wipes her tears and leaves with police, outside Haveli all are chanting for Phulan, Avi ask them to calm down, he says if you dont calm down then we will have take action against you, Phulan says i will calm them, he addresses people to calm down, if i have not done injustice then God wont let injustice happen to me, let police do their work, he ask Manjeeta to take care of family, he ask Bhushan to not worry, truth will come out, he sit in jeep and leaves with policemen, all family members are sad. READ  NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW Update on Begusarai Zee Tv Serials


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