Saturday Update on Begusarai September 8th

Saturday Update on Begusarai

September 8th Episode

Poonam comes to her room and sees that Lakhan is still up. She sleeps on her side of the bed. Lakhan asks how is guddi? she says fine. Lakhan says when did you start lying? Poonam gets up and says what you mean? He says the brothers who loved her sister the most, who would die for her, they are all against her because of dadda ji. And Mitlesh he didn’t even listen to Guddi. If you didn’t stop him he would have slept. The girl who is going through a lot, how can she be fine? Poonam says yes she is not fine. The people closest to you, when they don’t understand you it really hurts. She sleeps, Lakhan sleeps as well. He says in heart the pain guddi is going through you are going through the same. Forgive me.

Bindya says in heart why didn’t priyom ask anything about what happened? If he asks badi amma then it might be figured what is going on in this house. Bindya says are you asleep? He says trying to. Bindya gets up, she says i feel so weird about all this. Guddi met some guy, then badi amma fixed her wedding and then she was going out with gun. i think this is all related. Why don’t you ask her. She is your responsibility. Priyom says for me, why you make fuss out of nothing? I trust whatever guddi said so I am not going to ask anything. Tomorrow is her engagement, I have to do a lot of work and so do you. Good night. Bindya says what kind of brother are you, you vow to protect her but then you sleep.Priyom says Guddi is an open minded girl, its not easy for her to marry someone unknown. But she has ethics. She knows that she has to follow what elders have decided for her. Now let me sleep. He sleeps. Bindya says in heart why would you listen to me. You would only trust poonam. You would be dazed to know what poonam is hiding. Guddi has done something and i will find it out.

The groom and his family arrive. Thakurs welcome them. Maya says to Guddi you look so good. Rakesh will be just staring at you. Poonam and Maya help guddi get ready. Badi amma says blacken her face a little too, she wants to defame the family. Poonam says please dont say that. Badi amma says if she goes with the same face in front of them, what will they say? Poonam says after this wedding you will relive again. For now you can at least smile for us. Guddi smiles. Bindya overhears an wonders what has guddi done?

Rakesh’s dad says your daughter is very lucky for our son. Dadda ji says she is lucky for us as well.
Everyone settles down for the engagement. Poonam brings guddi and makes her sit with Rakesh. pandit ji proceeds the rituals and asks all the men to put on the yellow piece of cloth and tie it with their wives. Pandit ji says after mantra girl and the guy will make each other wear the ring. Lakhan says in heart i think poonam wants to give our relationship another chance. The pooja ends.

Poonam makes Guddi sit on stage. Rakesh’s mom says Guddi why you look upset? Are you happy with this marriage? Badi amma says obviously she is happy. Answer her Guddi, she is being shy. Guddi says yes I am very happy. Bindya says we all are, lets not delay it anymore.
Rakesh says I wont make her wear this ring. Everyone is bewildered.

Dadda ji says what happened Rakesh? He says nothing, put forward the wrong hand. Everyone is heaves a sign of relief and smiles. Guddi extends the left hand and he makes her wear the ring. Guddi makes him too. His dad says dadda ji its stamped now.

At night, Guddi is in temple. she says you took my mom from me, I didn’t say anything. Dada says you are everywhere but i never saw you anywhere. But i always believed and prayed. But why are you punishing me like this? I just loved someone. What did you write in return for me? Betrayal. I tried to die but you didn’t let me. I wanted to kill me but you didn’t let me. I thought I would run away but that didn’t happen either. Still you are not doing anything. From now on I wont even love, i wont come to temple. I am a non-believer from now.
Guddi comes back to her room and sees dolt sitting on her bed. she is abashed. He hugs her. Her says you loved me, were ready to die for me then why you held someone else’s hand after I left. He holds her hand and says what a love. I couldn’t believe your engagement’s news. Now i believe even if i was loyal to you, you would have betrayed me. you don’t deserve my love. I am not regretting what I did. You deserve this. She says you can’t blame me without listening to me. He says I only came here to congratulate you. I am leaving and wont ever come back. Guddi says dolt listen.. He leaves.